Mint plants to deter houseflies. Really?!

I don’t know if anyone else read it, but there were quite a few websites this summer recommending indoor mint plants to deter houseflies. Now, I hate flies. I get a lot of them. I’m sure it’s not just because my housekeeping skills sometimes leave something to be desired, and at other times are completely non-existant. Ahem.

S0, yay! Bring in mint plants, and no flies will be a-flying? I was VERY keen. So, off to my kindly green-fingered neighbour (hi N! *waves*) to procure a few mint plants from her thriving garden.  Now, a picture is worth a thousand words, so here is a photo of a mint plant. In my kitchen.

Please note the fly on the leaf. Watson, I think we can conclude that the mint plant theory doesn’t work. Sigh. Better go get cleaning up, then. On a side note – what DOES work for me to get rid of the flies? Those electric racquet fly swat things. They are really good! I always smack the flies midair (don’t hit anything solid with the bat, they’re fragile!) and then drop them onto the ground and step on them – sometimes the electricity just stuns them, and I’m all about the quick kill if something has to be killed. And do not try for blowflies – they are too big, and they fry, and that’s just horrendous 😦   Mitre 10 in NZ is about the only place I’ve seen those fly swats.

Have a lovely pest free day!

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