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Just a quick Star Kin update…

Over on my other blog, I have a post with some of our new polishes, if anyone was interested 🙂 You can check it out here!

Blue Shift 2

I’ll be back really soon with a review on some pretty, and LARGE star shaped nail studs 😀

Have an awesome day ,


Ozotic Scatter 915

Not feeling very wordy today, but I always have time for a pretty polish: this is Ozotic 915!

Ozotic Scatter 915

in the shade – showing some of the blue shift around the edges 🙂

Photos show two east 2 coats, Misa BREAKneck top coat, and an abstract flower doodle on ring finger (with NPW nail art pen). Originally the flowers weren’t so abstract, but I put the top coat on too soon and it smudged them. Ah well! I also have some small black blingies in the middle of the biggest two ‘flowers’.

Ozotic Scatter Chrome 915

Like all Ozotic polishes that I have ever tried, this has a really nice formula, and is easy to apply.


Although I couldn’t capture many of the  colour shifts, it does change between green/blue/gold, with large scattered irregular shaped holographic shimmer which do their rainbow thing beautifully in the sunlight.


Dries fast, removes easily, lasts a long time before chipping.


I bought this polish from Gracie Lou (from memory!), but you can get this from many other places, including piCture pOlish online.

Have a wonderful day

Ami 🙂

Ozotic 506 and 526 – Wowza.

Here are two gorgeous Ozotic polishes that not only look amazing, but also look even more amazing together. First up, here is Ozotic 526, a stunning holographic black polish. In the shade it’s a lovely inky black colour with silvery appearing shimmer.

Ozotic 526

But in the sun.. check out that shimmer now!

Ozotic 526

I’d say this is a linear holographic polish; the rainbow forms a definite line. However, the particles are larger than the intense holographic polishes out there (eg Layla, Jade) – so you can see every shimmer particle as a rainbow floating in the black. Just stunning.


And the best bit? It’s a true black. Not a dark grey. BLACK.


These photos show two coats, no top coat. Dry time is on the faster side of average, and the formula was nice to deal with, not thick at all, a tiny bit runny but not uncontrollable.


I then taped off a diagonal section, and added two thin coats of Ozotic 506 to the tips, finished with China Glaze Fast Forward. And then proceeded to knock my little finger against the chair when going to get my camera.. hence the three fingered photos. Yeah. Whoops 😀
Ozotic 526 506

Anyway! 506 is a gorgeous multichrome – blue to purple to a bronze colour that I could only photography on an extreme angle.


That extreme angle showing the bronze shift…


Yep, I fixed my little nail up here – I freehanded the tip, and added some dots. Just because. You can see the blue, which seemed to be the dominant colour, but it is changing to the purple on my index fingernail.


And purple, glorious purple.


And a whole hand photo in the shade (which is normally when the purple peeks out)


And another one using flash – so shiny, pretty! Duochrome over holographic… I really liked this! It did seem a bit chippy to me, not majorly so, but it had some chips by the next day. For these perfect party nails though, it’s all worth it, and someone with less soft nails than I have will get a much longer wear time from it.


You can buy Ozotic polish from the pIcture pOlish website here, or check out their lists of international distributors, like Gracie Lou here in NZ 🙂

Have a great day


More Frankens!

Franken from Kleancolor Red Sparkle – I added some colour shifting glitters, gold flakies and white hearts. The red jelly base is so dense that the hearts look red! Two coats, no top coat.


I’m quite happy with this vampy little shade.


Franken from Nail Polish – a pink crelly (Nail Polish is the brand name, I still think that’s cheating!) I added a holiday mix of glitters to this, red, green and gold. Two coats. I actually really liked this one, I was going to rehome it but I don’t know if I want to! Sorry for the terrible photo, I wasn’t having much luck with the lighting 🙂


My Fire Butterflies – this was frankened from Kleancolor Chunky Holo Poppy. I added more colour shifting pigment, some red dot glitters, gold flakies, large black dots and silver holo butterflies. This was pretty, but I had the hardest time trying to get a good base colour for it! Red would probably have worked, but in the end I went with Miki 15 – an awesome orange with gold shimmer. Two coats of Miki – needed a third though! One coat of Fire Butterflies, Misa BREAKneck top coat.


My mad glitter top coat – I just added a massive glitter mix to clear base, and a few others for fun.


Butterflies, matte black dots, what have you. I’ve seen many of these types of toppers for sale, and it was heaps of fun making it myself. Instant gratification 😀


One coat of glitter over BC co 21, China Glaze Fast Forward top coat.


Handmade duochrome: this is a duochrome powder pigment mixed with black pigment, one coat over one coat Kleancolor Black, topped with China Glaze Fast Forward.


It’s not quite opaque enough on it’s own for me, but it may make a nice layering over other colours, will try that later.


Colour shift is green to purple, very pretty – and highly shimmery in the sunlight!


And another photo..


And yet another photo! I couldn’t get over the sparkle of this. Easy to remove, although the black was a little bit stainy on my hands this time around.


Have a great day

Ami 🙂

China Glaze Unpredictable: Swatches and Layering with HITS

This beauty is China Glaze Unpredictable, the third multichrome polish I bought from their recent Bohemian Lustre collection.

China Glaze Unpredictable

It is predominantly blue/green/gold with extra colour shifts too, here are LOADS of photos to show the changes!

Unpredictable: Showing gold in the middle, green shading to blue along the edges. Inside lighting 🙂

These swatches were three easy coats plus Kleancolor Fast Dry top coat:  it’s sheer, but builds nicely, and it’s not streaky. I found it didn’t leave brushstroke marks at all – that shimmer takes care of that.

slightly blurred to show the shimmer!

It dried really fast, and stayed unchipped for a goodly length of time on my nails.

Love those deeper green colour flashes – outside lighting

Showing that gorgeous green on a side angle, inside lighting:

And the whole-hand photo 🙂


Then, because I felt like an extra bit of sparkle, I created two accent nails on each hand with Hits Phenomena Borealis. This is a pretty, gold/green colour shifting glitter in a clear base.

It went on super easily, dried fast, and set like concrete. I topped that all off with Kleancolor Fast Dry top coat.

I actually preferred Unpredictable on it’s own. I like Borealis, but the colour shift in the glitter got completely dominated by the colour shifts in Unpredictable, so I should have just enjoyed the first on it’s own, and fired my inner magpie for the day.

Hehehe, it was still pretty though.

Have a great day!

Ami 🙂

Quick photos of China Glaze Swanky Silk

Good morning! Or afternoon, evening, whenever it is where you are – hope it’s good. That’s what counts. I took a few photos of Swanky Silk, another in the Bohemian Lustre collection from China Glaze. I basically couldn’t resist trying this on, and immediately thought two things. Del! Sister V! Yes, ladies, I think this polish has your name on it. Mine too, as it turns out!

This is two easy coats of Swanky Silk, no top coat.Dry time was nice and quick, and wear time was moderately good as well – eg a full day before any chipping which is good for me and my soft nails.

The accent nail was the pink glitter over Kleancolor Gold Bright, which I couldn’t bring myself to remove after the guest post for Megan of Two Lacquered Girls. I did add a top coat (Orly In A Snap) over the glitter just to see what happens -I  definitely prefer it without top coat.

This polish has a lovely gold to pink shift, it’s nice and neutral and not at ALL boring. I can’t help wondering what it would look like over black, so I’ll try that soon and post photos if it’s worth it!

Have a colourful day

Ami 🙂

Rare & Radiant holographized with Dreamy top coat

So, there I was, staring at my nails with their lovely covering of China Glaze’s Rare & Radiant. And thinking ‘pretttyyyy”… need to put Dreamy by Darling Diva Polish over this, to see what it looks like as a holographic polish. Good plan, 99!

I loved this. This has one thin coat of Dreamy over the 2 coats of Rare & Radiant. It did lose some of the dramatic colour shift, although there was still some shifting – mostly from slightly green tinged gold to a deeper bronze. Really pretty!

A touch more silvery toned now, thanks to Dreamy. Sooo pretty!

Here’s some photo spam…. there’s not a lot more to be said about this polish.

Well, this picture has to be worth a few words, right?!

It does still have that visible deeper colour towards the nail tips when moved.

Silver to gold shift  – that’s a great side effect from the Dreamy over the Rare & Radiant.

And the inside, looking more bronze, photo.

Have a great day


China Glaze Rare & Radiant: Swatches

I’ve wanted this polish for a loooong time. I’ve wanted all it’s dupes – OPI Just Spotted the Lizard, Jessica Iridescent Eye, and all the rest of them (except for Chanel Peridot – I’m an anti-label snob. If it has a designer label on it, I don’t want it. Sad but true). So, I was so excited when I got Rare & Radiant recently!

China Glaze Rare and Radiant

What I didn’t know from all the glorious swatches I’ve drooled over, or even from the bottle, was how MUCH I’d love this polish. I knew it was a duochrome; I knew about the gold/green shift. I didn’t know about the gold/green/blue/bronze shift. I knew it was frosty, I didn’t realise how little the frost/streaks would show on the nail. I knew it was good formula, I didn’t know HOW good.

Oh dear lord. I’ve just put this on, and I love it. I have a super soft spot for duo/multichromes (for interests sake, the colour shifting paint is called ‘harlequin’ in car paint terms) – it’s second only to my love for holographic polishes. I’ve read that Rare & Radiant wasn’t too strong a duochrome. Well, I beg to differ – here are some photos, taken outside on an overcast day.




Blue at the tops – esp on the ring and little fingernails 🙂




These photos have three coats, top coat of Orly In A Snap. It dried fast, and smooth. It is a bit brushstroke-ish, but more in a foil/metallic way than a frost. Just go a bit thicker on the polish, keep the brush straight, don’t overwork it by going back over it with the brush. I’ll play with a top coat for it later, but for now I’m just going to stare at my nails. And smile.

I don’t like to say what anyone should or shouldn’t do, in regards to nail polish. I realise that tastes are different, styles are different, and that this is a good thing. But if any of this appeals in anyway, I’d have to gently hint: GO AND GET THIS POLISH.


Have a great, multi-coloured, better than expected day!


Day 14: Flowers

Day 14 of the 31 Day Nail Polish Challenge – flowers! Whhooo almost half way!

This base polish is OPI Not Like The Movies, from the Katy Perry collection. Three coats, and it dries very fast. I forget how much I like this nail polish, it’s simple, but  a very pretty multichrome flicking grey/silver/green/pink, with silver shimmer. Then I added the silver flowers, which are stickers, and don’t stick. If I find ones that work for nails I’ll be very happy – they are pretty.

Shows some of the green shift 🙂

Have a great day!

China Glaze Prism – Swatches

Short and sweet post, I have places to be!

This is China Glaze Prism, the one that appealed to me the most from their Prismatic collection – multi glittery duochromatic goodness. Oh yes, please.

This goes on like a highly glittery lilac – this is three coats. It needs three, and is very gritty. But also very pretty and blingy.

no topcoat, sunlight

This is with added topcoat, and also here I have added one coat of Darling Diva Polish Dreamy to see if it would make it holographic. It did, but as you can see, the overall glitter hides the finer holographic almost completely. I put a clear nail polish on top of this, and then the top coat, which evened it out somewhat, but it was still not close to being smooth. Just a heads-up for those who like super smooth nails 🙂


Close up – pretty much the only way you could see any holographic. Ah well, worth a shot!

Then, it changes colour. On the extreme angle, and in the right kind of light – it goes silver. An almost ice blue silver. Very nice!

It peeled off very fast though, within half an hour. I was adjusting the kids car seats however, that tends to do a lot of my nail polish in!

And here are two photos, showing the two colours next to each other, so hopefully you can see the shift! Its moderately strong in real life 🙂

Thanks for reading, have a great day!

Ami  🙂