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Orly Pink Brilliance – layered with Daring Digits True Love.

Two coats Orly Pink Brilliance: a frosty metallic, very soft and flattering colour. Although I wouldn’t say this is VERY pink, there is a touch of pink in it!


Whole hand photo…


You do have to be quite careful with how you apply it, or the streaks will get revenge. If you load the brush up with polish and move along quite quickly, in a straight line, you should be alright.


And, like most solid polishes, any lines or imperfections can be disguised with a glitter top coat, if  desired!


One thick, dabbed coat True Love: added the glitz that poor Pink Brilliance was missing on it’s own, though I think I prefer it without the red hearts! Easy enough to pop them back in the bottle though.


Topped off with one coat Misa BREAKneckk, but even with fast dry topcoat this took quite a while to dry, thanks to the thick glitter coat, but was nice and smooth when it was done.


Have a nice day

Ami 🙂

Daring Digits Almandine & Amy’s Nail Howl At The Moon

The final of my polishes from Daring Digits polish; this is Almandine. Unlike the others, which have been glitter topcoats, this is a shimmer, and a pretty unique (to me, anyway!) colour too.

blurry, but it was the only photo I got that showed the subtle shimmer :)

blurry, but it was the only photo I got that showed the subtle shimmer 🙂

What colour is this? I’m not quite sure. Dusty purple brown, with super fine multi-coloured shimmer. This almost looked like a duochrome, but if it is (and it’s not meant to be) it’s pretty subtle.

Daring Digits Almandine

Daring Digits Almandine

This was two coats, they went on smoothly and dried moderately quickly.

photos are all in the shade - no sun to be found!

photos are all in the shade – no sun to be found!

And over that I put one coat of Amy’s Nail Boutique Howl At The Moon.

Amy's Nail Boutique Howl At The Moon - mini

Amy’s Nail Boutique Howl At The Moon – mini

Howl At The Moon is a gorgeous autumn glitter top coat, with small red, yellow and black hexes and what looks like super fine red and black glitters. All the glitter is matte, and the combination works really well together, and is packed in the bottle!


One coat over Almandine


Two coats over Almandine


Whole hand photo – I wore this mani to the first ever Art in the Woolshed exhibition locally, and had a few comments on how it looked like I had splatter painted this myself. No, no, this is easier! 😀


And with proper top coats – Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter Food, topped with a quick dry top coat for shine. It looks bumpy in these photos, but it wasn’t.




Have a colourful, easy day!


OPI I Only Drink Champagne and Daring Digits Spooky

Just a super quick one here! I’ve had these pics floating around in my to-be-posted folder for ages, and keep missing it out. Dunno why. But here, in all it’s ‘glory’, is OPI I Only Drink Champagne.

Which I do NOT. It’s ok, but I prefer a nice wine, beer, or vodka, really. Sadly, I prefer Peppermint tea most of the time. This is an older OPI, one which Mr Husband found for me at a garage sale. It’s pretty in the bottle, but frosty and pretty horrible on me. This is three coats, dry time was pretty quick which was nice. The ding in the polish of my little fingernail was all my fault 😀

Gives me the terrible red hands of doom. Lobster Hands with your Champagne, Ma’am? Sure!

And then I added two layers of Daring Digits Spooky – a hallowe’en themed polish.

Pity the glitter was so sparse, it was quite a nice combination!

I didn’t like it over this polish though. I’ll have a think about a better base for it, and possibly layer it up with another top coat glitter, too. I know I can make it work!

Have a great day

Daring Digits Master Shake and Crackle

A cute polish from Daring Digits, this is Master Shake. It’s a white jelly based polish with teeny purple and gold metallic glitters – and it reminds me of passionfruit yoghurt. Or smoothie, I guess, milkshake could be the name. Passionfruit milkshake. 😀

This is moderately sheer, three coats in these photos.

Pretty even though, not too many streaks to fill, which is nice for a white jelly polish!

Shiny, and dries quickly with no need for a top coat. Smmoooooth.

Then, because I had it, I used CR crackle polish in purple on my accent fingers, diagonally because I prefer that effect. Just to show you all again… this is why crackle polish NEEDS a topcoat. Before…

And after. MUCH better.

This was a nice, simple and fresh looking manicure, and I got a few comments on it, which is nice 🙂

Have a great day

Daring Digits: Mango Square – Swatches and Layering

Daring Digits Mango Square, over Kleancolor Black. One coat of Kleancolor Black, two of Mango Square, no top coat.

Simple, pretty, and effective! I love the matte teeny white squares, and the larger yellow ones. The yellow is almost translucent, very pretty. Zero application issues, it’s a bit more sparse than it looks, so the two coats were needed.


Then, because I have my replacement Essie Matte About You, I used it.

Really loved this effect! It dried quickly (thanks, Essie!) and was pretty smooth to the touch.

And,of course, the whole-hand photo!

Have a great day


Blue for Diabetes Day

So here’s the deal, right? By the time I hear about a ‘day of some import’ happening in the Northern Hemisphere, that day has gone for me. I read this morning about Nov 14 Diabetes Day, and the request for nail bloggers to show a blue mani. So, fair enough, it’s a good reason -but it’s the 15th for me. Ah well, here’s one I created this morning, just for this

This is L.A. Girl Disco Brites polish in Turntable, and its a quite green leaning blue polish. Or blue leaning green. More blue, to my eye. My camera would NOT pick up the green in it, and showed it as turquoise. So this first photo I changed the colour to try and show it close to true colour.

Turntable, colour adjusted to show the green tone in the teal blue more accurately 🙂

This is two coats – it’s quite runny, but covers well in two layers. Self levels well.

And then I added a coat of L.A. Girl Glitter Addict in Animate:I wanted red for blood. Diabetes is a huge disease – called, in the hospital system, the silent killer. It affects all areas of the body, and unstable blood sugar levels  (hence the red for blood) can affect all other  body systems. Some people I met during my nursing student days, especially those with Type 2 diabetes, took it lightly and didn’t try to control their blood sugar. I know it’s hard, but it’s imperative to do so; to eat well and check your levels – especially if you want to live a nice, long, happy healthy life with all your toes attached. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

One coat of Animate, I do like this red glitter!

And one coat of Daring Digits Mango Square – the yellow for the liver, sending healing thoughts to all those livers! And the white for strength and hope – it is a disease that can be controlled. A happy, healthy, long life with all digits attached is achievable. Stay strong, you are WORTH the effort.

Thoughts to all those who have, or are affected by diabetes.

Indie Layering Fun with Daring Digits, Miki, and Amy’s Nail Boutique

I started with a base layer of Miki No 25, a rich buttery yellow which was moderately streaky.

Shown here is three coats to get it even, and it’s super pretty. Ding was my fault, streaks weren’t so much 😀 No base or top coat.

This polish is very glossy and moderately quick drying.

Then I  added one coat of Daring Digits True Love: gold glitter and red matte hearts in a clear base.

This was really packed with glitter – in a really good way. The formula was perfect, not too thick, nor too thin. This was just wiped on like a standard polish, with minimal placement fiddling required. Good heart payoff too, no fishing AT ALL required! Yus!

Then I added one coat of a cool polish called Kitchen Sink, by Amy’s Nail Boutique. Appropriately named, because, as Amy says in the write-up; it’s got every kind of glitter in it except.. the kitchen sink :D.

Normally I run a mile from these types of glitter, but the massive selling point for me is THIS IS IN A MATTE BASE.

Yep, you put this shiny glitter over something, and it mattes everything, leaving the glitter shiny.


Easy to apply, its very thick but not unworkable: I don’t know if normal thinner would work on this, so haven’t experimented.  Dry time is pretty quick, not as quick as a Essie Matte About You, but quicker than Kleancolor Madly Matte.

I really enjoyed playing with these cute polishes, and getting a differently, but not outlandish – and very wearable polish.

Have a great day!

Ami 🙂