Ethique Fig Face Quench Cream Review

This is a face cream, made by Ethique, called Fig Face Quench. Pricewise – its $33 for 60gm plus postage. They often have sales!

I love a lot of Ethique’s products, and I love the ethics behind what they do: healthy products packed full of yummy natural ingredients, plus the team are vehemently anti-animal testing, do a lot of research, and donate to great causes as well. I also love to support New Zealand products – so it’s a win all around, for me! They are also not ‘natural overload’ people – theres a lot of science behind these products. It pays to remember as we go along that ‘natural’ doesn’t always mean ‘good for you’ – Deadly Nightshade is completely natural. Just saying.

So, Fig Face Quench!

This here is the third pottle I’ve used, and I have tried 3 samples prior to that, over the years I’ve been buying from Ethique. I must say, their formula on this has improved dramatically! Way back when.. there was a touch too much zinc I felt, and I found it almost impossible to rub into my face. This, however, is lovely. It still has zinc, which is great, as its supposed too..thats the sunblock ingredient. And because of that, the cream feels like part of it rubs in, and is absorbed,and is lovely, and some of the rest just sits on top of the skin. It is not greasy, or sticky at all however – it leaves a faintly dewy glow and a softness to the skin. I don’t know what the SPF factor would be, I wouldnt rely solely on this for my sunblock, but its a lovely face cream.

The packaging is very simple, quite cute, but it’s obvious the time and care has gone into the product, not the packaging and marketing. I’m all for that!

Recently Ethique have branched out into making mineral makeup (some of which I have bought and will discuss later on, I’m sure). They have sent out notices saying they will no longer be making the bodycare products, and will be focusing on the makeup, which is sad for those of us who really liked the creams and shampoos etc, but good for them to do what they need to do! So, sadly for me, I’ll need to source another face cream in due time. There are much worse things in life to do. 🙂

Check out Ethique’s website here – – there may be time before they switch! (P.S – I think there is today. Really. So if you want it, buy now, or forever… be without! Eek!)

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  1. Oh! I was so excited at the prospect of trying a new face cream, and this one sounds excellent! Too bad they won’t be selling them any more! =(

    I hope it’s not a bad move for the company.


    • I hope not! They are lovely people – and yes, product was great. Thank you for reading, and if you find a good face cream, let me know I’ll be keen to hear! I’ll post, likewise. Have a beautiful day!

  2. Sukin is an Australian brand which may be worth looking into as a substitute?

    • Thanks for the tip, Cory! I’ve tried a couple of Sukin moisturisers and found them far too greasy for my skin, but I’ll scope them out again, see what I find. Have a great day!

  3. We do have 12 left of this product. Half price today until they’re gone. Check out the facebook page for the info! 🙂

    • Anyone reading this, get in quick while the going is good! ($16 plus $8 postage in NZ… awesome bargain).

    • Hi, I know this post was AGES ago but I was an ethique user and I loved them. Still haven’t found anything half as good. Any recommendations for skin care for dry skin? Thanks Pip

      • I miss them too! They still make gorgeous soaps and shampoo bars, but… I miss this moisturiser 😀 Dry skin – mine is sort of all sorts, but my current favourites (limited to cruelty free products) are Skinfood day cream with SPF, there’s a nice Natio Ageless one, again with SPF, and otherwise – and much more expensive but gorgeous – is the Antipodes night cream. Their day cream is nice but their night cream (avocado and pear, I think) is gorgeous, and nice under a thinner SPF day cream for the dry patches. I hope that helps some! Thanks for reading 😀

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