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Spider decals from KKCenterHK – review

The other review post! These spider water decals were the other things I requested to try from KKCenterHK, and I’m so happy I picked them πŸ˜€

kkcenterhk spiders1

They are just AWESOME. Look at them! The squishy round 3D-ness of them. I do like spiders. I think they are fascinating animals. However, I do have a policy where if they do not jump on me, I do not jump on them. Fair’s fair! So, no, I’m not one of those people who like to have spiders on me, but these don’t creep me out at all. They’d be perfect for Hallowe’en, too.

kkcenterhk spiders 2

Nails, right πŸ˜€ My pinky and index finger have two coats of Star Kin I Love Cookies and Cream, and then on the middle two fingers I have three thin coats of Star Kin Polished.

kkcenterhk spiders 3

The water decals are easy to use, I flipped back theΒ  plastic cover and cut out the spiders I wanted to use, then one at a time dropped them in a saucer with a little bit of water in it – enough to cover, but not so much I needed to wring out the carpet if I dropped it (it’s a clumsy time for me, ok? Don’t judge me! hehe)Then I found it easiest to just sort of slide the spider so that an edge was sticking out over the backing paper, which I grabbed with tweezers and placed on my nail where I wanted it. Top coat and done, just that easy πŸ™‚

kkcenterhk spiders 4

One of the girls in the facebook polish group I’m part of said they looked badass πŸ˜€ I’ve never had that said before, and I kinda like it πŸ˜€

My coupon code at KKCenterHK is EVERYSENSORY, which will get 10% off πŸ™‚


*decals sent for honest review*

Have a wonderful day


Nail art using eyeballs from KKCenterHK

Yep. Eyeballs πŸ˜€

I was allowed to pick another couple of things to review (yay! Thank you!) and I chose these, and some decals you’ll see very soon. I absolutely adore googly eyes, and these reminded me of them, but green (and the pupil bit doesn’t move around).

kkcenterhk eyes

I made the top of a monster, using Cult Ms. Conduct and put in some rough hairy details with Kleancolor Black. The background green was Color Club Twiggie, with Kleancolor Holo Green on top. I stuck the eyes down into the wet polish, then top coated over them on my right hand. But the top coat made the eyes dull, so I didn’t on this hand πŸ˜€

kkcenterhk eyes 1

I’d recommend using nail glue as the website suggests, I’d hoped the polish would hold them firm, but I lost one after about an hour. It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye. Sigh.

kkcenterhk eyes 2

This was fun! Looking forward to wearing them again, nice to have something silly on nails to laugh at!

kkcenterhk eyes 5

You can check out KKCenterHK’s website here, and I think my code is still valid, EVERYSENSORY which gives 10% off πŸ™‚

Have a great day



Pointy Spikey Nail Stud Review for KKCenterHk

yay! I’ve wanted to try these little guys out for awhile… they just look a bit punk, you know? And while I will put them on for a night out and report back on wear time, I had a great deal of fun with these nail studs sent (free for honest review) by KKCenterHk.

nail studs 1

Black pointy studs! You can find the link here, they come in a pack of 10 in a awesome little pottle.

nail studs

And because I just felt like trying something new… here is one of them, in some very quick and simple (and silly) nail art πŸ˜€

nail studs 2

A rhinoceros! I hope it looks like a rhino to you, I quite like it, but then I know what I was trying to achieve πŸ˜€

nail studs 3

The background is Kolt Golden Chip with a topping of China Glaze Angel Wings, and the rhino was freehanded with a medium brush and black and grey nail polish (Boe Beauty Black Noir and a Star Kin custom grey holo, Judgement Day).

nail studs 4

hehehe makes me laugh. I buy them because they are spiky and funky, then turn it into a rhino horn. It kept twisting a bit off center though, next time I’ll use nail glue. πŸ˜› Pretty fast postage to NZ from KKCenterHk, and if you use the code EVERYSENSORY, you can get 10% off your order πŸ™‚



Have a great day!


KKCenterHK stamping plate and stamper review

Good morning! I have another two products very generously sent to me to review by KKCenterHK : this time a standard type metal stamping plate with some neat images on it…

hkk stamp plate

and a mini plastic stamper and scraper!

hkk stamper set

I liked this plate for the stars and the goat, especially, but I really do enjoy the others, the astrology symbols will come in useful, for sure πŸ˜€

I recently just switched to the sticky silicon stampers, because I really and truly have no real stamping skills, and the silicon ones are much easier, so I had some trepidation over whether I could use this one… I did buff it gently (with a nail buffer) first, because that really does help. And here is the mani…

hkk stamper 3

It worked really well! The polish I used was Color Club Halo Hues Harp on It over Star Kin Ink, and it went fine, the stamper picked everything up nicely, and the details in the stars were nice and clean edged. I also like how the stars are oriented as an easy half border around the nails, lovely!

hkk stamper 2

You can buy this plate here, and the stamper set here, their home page is here,Β  Facebook page is here, and if you use the code EVERYSENSORY you can get 10% offΒ  expires January next year πŸ™‚

The stamper and plate were sent free for review, my opinions are my own, as always πŸ˜€

Have a wonderful day!


Star Stud review from KKcenterHk

Good afternoon!I am back, with the review! I was recently sent a few more products to review from KKcenterHk (still doesn’t roll of the tongue, but they have some lovely stuff), and one of those were these gorgeous silver laser cut stars. They come in this blue foil bag, and there is a decent amount of them!

hkk star 3

They are 8mm, so BIG. The edges do stick out slightly where my nail (and most peoples) curve, but with glue it was pretty strong, and these are special occasion type decorations, and so much fun πŸ˜€

hkk star

The laser etching gives it a pretty holographic effect, so I snapped a blurry shot to try and show this off!

hkk star 2

The nail polishes were some of our Star Kin ones, and it’s nice to have a focal decoration to add the bling to the skittle manis, it’s one of my favourite things to do, quick, easy, effective πŸ˜€

hkk star (2)

I might at some stage experiment with shaping these slightly around a curved object, and see if that helps with the wearability, but I will definitely be wearing these again for a night out.

hkk star

You can buy these studs here, and if you have some time have a look around KKcenterHk’s website, they have an amazing amount of goodies, not just nails either! Wigs, makeup, eyelashes… just lots. They’ve given me a coupon to use, if you put in EVERYSENSORY at the checkout you can get 10% off your order πŸ™‚


Have a great day



KKCenterHK Review – Plastic Stamping Plate

*Press sample!* In case people think I can be bought for nail polish and nail products… er… I’d love to be offended by that πŸ˜€ However, I can assure you that my opinions here will always be genuine, or so help me I’ll stop doing this. πŸ˜€


So, the second of the two items sent to me for review by KKCenterHK (heaps of other stuff on here too, not just nail supplies, but lots of beauty goodies, wigs, some clothing etc), was this plastic stamping plate, retailing for US $8.65 – which can be found at this link here:Β  I found this little round soft plastic circle intriguing because it is a stamper that removes the need for a scraper. One less step? Yeah, o.k, I’m keen to try that!


This was my first attempt with playing with it, and I used the floral/swirly nail tip pattern, dropping the corner slightly to give a diagonal effect. Yeah, I totally misplaced where it was on my nail, but I did like the look, so I kept it and am now pretending that I meant to do it. *cough*


Polishes: two coats of Color Club Abyss, and I stamped using Kleancolor Metallic Fuchsia, and some small pink blingies. At this point, I’d paint the pattern, and stamp-stamp-stamp-stamp on a scrap piece of paper, and when the excess had been removed I’d roll my fingernail over it. This worked, but I made it work better later, and I’ll explain soon πŸ™‚


I really did like this pattern, I’d do it again, for sure. And top coat it! It was quite nice and fresh, I think.

Then for my second one, I chose the scale type pattern, which is a full nail one.


Now, by full nail it’s probably o.k for short nails, it just managed to cover most of my shorter nails, and I certainly don’t have long nails.


And, again, there is some evidence of wonkiness. I am a real beginner to stamping, I’ve wanted to do it for ages, but have no skillz yet, please blame the wonkiness on me, not the plate.


The base colour was Essie Coat Azure, and I stamped with Color Club Blue Heaven, which was lots of subtle until the light hit it, when those holographic rainbows made it look like a real fish πŸ˜€


So, tips and thoughts!

*instead of stamping the stamper onto the paper, swipe it, instead. Just wipe it back and forward on a (not already wiped on) bit of paper until all the excess has gone, it’s really quick and very effective, and the lines are clearer.

*rolling your nail over the stamp rather than the stamp over your nail means you can line it up better…. mostly πŸ˜€

*this is such a brilliant idea. I wish they had a few more patterns, there are quite a few of them on the KKCenterHK site, but not too many different ones. Make more! I do have my eye on the one with the little bird and the dots though, that’s very cute πŸ˜€

Thanks to the good people at KKCenterHK for giving me the chance to play with your products, so much fun.

Have a wonderful day

Ami πŸ™‚

KKCenterHK Review: Hexagonal Silver Nail Studs

*Press sample alert! Press sample alert!* heh (if you are wondering, Press Sample is the new way bloggers are letting people know that they didn’t buy this product, but it should not affect the review given).

I was recently contacted by KKCenterHK, who asked if I would be interested in reviewing a few of their products. I went and had a look at their site and my brains kinda exploded, there is so many things to look at! Argh! And all so interesting! So, well, duh, I said yes please! And they let me choose two products. This was my first choice, these 5mm silver hexagonal nail studs, retailing for US$5 for approx 50 pieces.


For this initial manicure, I used two coats of China Glaze Haunting, then taped off a triangle and put China Glaze Liquid Leather to make an upside down V shape. I just pressed the stud into the sticky polish, and took these photos.


Even though these weren’t attached very securely, they still stayed put very nicely despite the several hand position changes, and I really liked the look! I think they would be far too large for my little finger nail, and my ring fingernail is possibly too curved, but I have plans for the rest, yes I do.


So next, to provide a fair review, is a wear test! For this one I wanted it pretty simple, I have 2 coats of Revlon Royal on all nails, and on my middle fingernails I put on two of the studs. Yep, two studs *wink*


I pressed them down pretty firmly into the polish, then completely slathered them in top coat (Misa Breakneck) to keep them in place. I could have glued them, but my glue has stuck the lid to itself, so my fall back of wet polish + heaps of top coat it will be.


You can see on this angle how the edges of the stud stick out laterally where my nail curves down; I can feel that free edge, but so far it’s not annoying, just something to be cautious of to avoid it getting caught on anything, and pulling off the decoration.


And, can I say, I LOVE this look? I love blue and silver together, and the dimensional quality of this silver and the crispness against the perfect blue of Royal is giving me jawdropitis every time I look at my nails.


I will finish this post tomorrow, with a report of how this lasted, in my day to day life of children, cleaning, cooking, crafts, chickens, and other things which hopefully don’t all start with the letter C.


Postscript! I lost the two studs from my right hand about 2 hours after I put them on, by accidentally scraping them off on a lid. The ones on my left hand stayed on all evening, and I lost one in the morning, and one just now, 24 hours after applying. So, given that I didn’t glue them on, that’s a really good effort I think. I’d definitely recommend these for an evening out look, or something fun and funky for a few hours.

Thanks to KKCenterHK for the chance to play with these pretties, and I’ll be back shortly with a review of the soft stamping plate.

Have a great day

Ami πŸ™‚