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Born Pretty Store Review: Halloween Water Decals

Born Pretty Store asked me to review some more items, Halloween themed this time, and of course I said yes. So a couple more reviews coming up soon. I will say right off the bat (pun intended 😀 ), that these took quite some time to arrive – and, (thanks Murphy!), arrived the day AFTER Halloween. Ah well – I know I will be totally set for next years celebration 😀

The first of the items is this sheet of water decals – all in thematic colours (purple, orange, black mostly) and neat images.

BPS halloween decal packet

I kept this one simple, using the middle images, graveyard and tree and bats

BPS halloween decal shadeAnd sunshine photo..

BPS halloween decal

The background is Butter London Two Fingered Salute, with the water decal on top, and top coated.

BPS halloween decal 1

I really liked this effect, and how simple it was to do! Would highly recommend these decals or similar ones for a very easy themed nail art (Born Pretty Store has a whole section on nail art here). You can find these particular decals here, but search there are loads more. I have a code for 10% off your order 🙂

BPS code

Have a great day


Butter London: No More Waity, Katie – Swatches

This is two coats of Butter London No More Waity, Katie over one coat of Kleancolor Concrete Grey, topped with Kleancolor Fast Dry.

The swatches I googled showed that NMWK was in a fairly sheer base, so I chose Concrete Grey to keep that lovely grey base, and it looked really awesome.

Dry time was quick, and it had a good long wear time. I love the Butter London bottles, though I think I’d prefer it if I didn’t have to yoink the false top off to get to the little inner top with the brush in. Anyway the polish itself is very cool, it’s flattering to my skin tone and subtle and funky all at the same time.

Have a great day,

Ami 🙂

Kleancolor Aurora over Butter London Teddy Girl

After the disappointing results with the Essie as base, I thought I would go for a girly pink to put Kleancolor Aurora on.

I put on two coats of Butter London Teddy Girl (thanks again for the polish, Megan!). It was still a touch streaky at two coats, so I added one coat of Kleancolor Love Is In The Air, and then as thin a coat as I could get of Kleancolor Aurora.  I added one coat of Orly Sec ‘n’ Dry, but when that dried a bit I noticed the stars edges were poking out a bit so I put another coat of Sec ‘n’ Dry over any nail with stars on it.

The outcome was a very, very girly glittery pink that reminded me of the dress of a princess barbie doll I had as a kid. Not like this one, but a very similar colour (image from

The dry time on this was loooong. But, again, as per my previous attempt I think the weather here is the culprit… it’s cold, and raining, and very humid. NOTHING is drying. Still, this went non-tacky in about 10 mins (with the quick dry top coats) but remained scrunchable and dentable for an hour afterwards. It did eventually dry though, which is nice! However, the very tips of the stars are still sticking out. That annoys me a touch because if I can feel them, then I know I will peel them. So far I’ve resisted…

I do like this though! It is borderline too girly and pink for me, I almost want to say it doesn’t suit my skin tone but I know that would be a lie. It does. I just.. sort of don’t want it to. So I’ll shut up, and show you this whole hand photo because it also shows a ring I bought off Ebay, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

Its a two finger ring.. and a huge dragon. I collect dragons. And nail polish. And chickens (but I’m getting the numbers of my flock down to something manegable now!) Actually, on a side note, I’m planning some nail art based on my different chickens.. heh heh heh

Have a great day!


Butter London Teddy Girl and Top Coats O’Fun :)

I really like this pink polish – but as I mentioned in the previous post, it did give me lobster fingers. One trick I have for that is adding top coats (or nail art) to break up the starkness of a colour and add visual interest: either the colours soften and make my skin not look as red, or the distraction works 😀

Over the three coats of Butter LondonTeddy Girl and L’Oreal Quick Dry top coat, I put one coat of Cover Band Sticks and Stones  – with an accent nail of Darling Diva Polish – Dreamy over Teddy Girl. This photo is taken inside: the light shows off the holographic effect, but is redder than it looks in real life. (click on any of these photos to see them BIGGGER hehe)

I like this! Sticks and Stones (the black and white glitter) looks great over everything I’ve worn it over so far, and this is no exception. It looks really 60’s mod-like to me. Pink, Black and White – I just need knee high white boots and a swing mini dress to match the polish. And white eyeshadow, black liner, and this exact pink lipstick. I’d look a complete weirdo; it wouldn’t suit me AT ALL, but it would soooo match that polish 😀

However, I love love love LOVE the Dreamy holographic top coat over this. The silver sheen softens the pink and looks amazing in the sunlight. I have taken a lot of photos here to try and capture the holographic effect – which is quite subtle over the pink, but very linear and pretty. This is so delicate and nice looking, and doesn’t make my accent fingers look red (whereas there is still some lobstering on the other fingers).

More photos!

The whole hand photo (and pink dolphin ring, hehe)

And an extreme close up of the Dreamy polish over Teddy Girl:

Thanks again, Megan, for sending Teddy Girl, I’m having a lot of fun with this polish!

Butter London Teddy Girl – Swatches

This was a super cute polish that Megan from Two Lacquered Girls sent me… and I have eyed up this brand for YEARS and never been able to afford it, so I *may* have squealed when she sent it 😀

Butter London – Teddy Girl

This is butter LONDON (which shall henceforth be written normally, but that’s how it’s written on the bottles!) – Teddy Girl. A stark but light pink creme nail polish.

This is three coats, and it needed all three – it was a bit chalky in texture and liked to streak, but the three coats and top coat looked pretty. I found it gave me lobster fingers, but I really like the colour! It’s not soft, even though it’s pastel. This was a bit of a pain to apply, and quite thick, but it dried well regardless and has held up well today, with no chips or tip wear.

Thanks for this polish, Megan! 🙂


Awesomest Nail Mail from Megan :D

And an apology – sorry folks, my computer hasn’t been very well, and I haven’t been able to do more then read my comments via email. But it’s going now, so blog time!

Remember those butterflies I was making for the talented Megan from Two Lacquered Girls? The post was here, and their blog is here (awesome polishes and swatches, plus polish information, well worth a read!). We swapped butterflies for polishes, and this is what she sent!

Oooh! Look!

And the individual items:

First and definitely the most exciting to me, is a franken polish she made in, oh, about 5 seconds flat while we were chatting on Facebook. And WOW.I am looking forward to putting this on – and being me I’ll try everything else first, so I can leave the best till last. 🙂

Look at that beautiful blue, with all that gorgeous glitter!

This is Butter London Teddy Girl, and I’ve heard so much about this brand (and really can’t afford to buy them here) that I’m very excited to try this one, too. 3 free and not tested on animals, very very cool.

Julep Polishes…

And two Julep polishes, Anne and Melissa. Love!

But wait, there’s more!

AND a whole heap of different coloured holographic glitters, oooh I’m going to have fun with these! Just wait! I can’t hehe

All tucked up in a Julep bag, with a sample of Pedi Creme. 😀

You should have seen my happy dance as I was opening all this, it was a sight to behold 😀

Thanks, Megan, these are beyond awesome and I’m looking forward to trying them all out. I have Anne on at the moment, I’ll post those swatches very soon!