LUSH: Charlotte Island Body Tint Review

I have only recently discovered Lush, and with some reservations, I love a whole lot of their products. This one, Charlotte Island, is a light coloured body tint. Their blurb states “Smooth on our light and fruity body tint for a tropical glow all year round.”

Light and fruity is accurate – it is a very light lotion in texture, and the smell is sort of generically tropically fruity.  The colour in the bottle is a bit daunting, that doesn’t look light!

Does it work? Yes, but not straight away. It’s a sort of hybrid between a normal colour developing fake tan, and a body colour. At first it made my skin look moisturised and glowy, and then the colour vanished. Oops I thought… till I looked half an hour later and there was a very light tan. Yay! I used this on my legs for those first skirt/dress wearing experiences of summer, and although I don’t think it made a HUGE difference, it made me feel better! I tried it on my wrist to take a photo of, and it just didn’t develop to any degree I could photograph, but it DID leave a slight stain. Which is strange, as it didn’t leave any marks on my legs. So, to be sure, if you use this product, follow the exfoliate first and rub in really well principles of normal fake tan.

Overall, a lovely product for a night out or special occasion, but not a ‘must have’ in my book, anyway.


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