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Movember nail studs from Born Pretty Store – review

Another review from Born Pretty Store – this time I chose some gorgeous little nail studs – rhinestones and all – which I thought would be perfect for Movember πŸ˜€ And they ARE, see?!

BPS movember 1

They are little faces, with black pupils πŸ˜€ I think they are hilarious.

BPS Movember 2

Pretty, but utterly entertaining.

BPS movember shade

The other nails have a navy blue and mid blue plastic wrap mani (painted first with navy , then splodged the lighter on top with a scrunched up piece of plastic wrap). And I really loved that effect too, in fact I want to try it again soon, I have IDEAS. The little studs are held on with nail glue, and should last for a fun night out. They do stick out from the curve of the nail, but are ideal for an evening or temporary bit of fun and super easy nail art. Highly recommend!

BPS movember

You can get these ones here, and my coupon code is below, for 10% off.

BPS code

Have a great day!


Born Pretty Store Review: Halloween Water Decals

Born Pretty Store asked me to review some more items, Halloween themed this time, and of course I said yes. So a couple more reviews coming up soon. I will say right off the bat (pun intended πŸ˜€ ), that these took quite some time to arrive – and, (thanks Murphy!), arrived the day AFTER Halloween. Ah well – I know I will be totally set for next years celebration πŸ˜€

The first of the items is this sheet of water decals – all in thematic colours (purple, orange, black mostly) and neat images.

BPS halloween decal packet

I kept this one simple, using the middle images, graveyard and tree and bats

BPS halloween decal shadeAnd sunshine photo..

BPS halloween decal

The background is Butter London Two Fingered Salute, with the water decal on top, and top coated.

BPS halloween decal 1

I really liked this effect, and how simple it was to do! Would highly recommend these decals or similar ones for a very easy themed nail art (Born Pretty Store has a whole section on nail art here). You can find these particular decals here, but search there are loads more. I have a code for 10% off your order πŸ™‚

BPS code

Have a great day


Born Pretty Store Review: Stamping Plate QA93

Last of the items to review from Born Pretty Store was this stamping plate (which can be found here). I loved the stars and the swirly pattern, but was curious as to the size of the patterns, as some I have previously tried from Born Pretty Store have been on the smaller side.Β  Here is the plate, with the removable blue plastic on it… and as you can see, these are not small!

bps stamping plate

The first one I tried was, of course, the stars. I used A England Excalibur (the first version) as the stamping polish, and stamped a variety of stars over Dance Legend Anthem.

bps stamping 2

They turned out beautiful – I’m no expert stamper, even though I am improving, but these were lovely and clear and easy to use.

bps stamping 1

Next I tried something very different for me – the plaid pattern!

bps stamping stripes

Over a nude shimmery polish I stamped the plaid in black (a stamping polish I made, but any one coat black will work), then used jelly polishes in orange and red to add some colour over the stamping. I didn’t like the effect much, so I added shimmer. And still didn’t much like it, but I have to say, the lines stamped really well, and any crookedness is just my inability to do anything straight πŸ˜€

bps stamping stripes 1

And then finally, I used the swirly brocade like pattern

bps stamping swirls 1

This was, again, with black, over another of my polishes. I loved this effect – simple, yet rich.

bps stamping swirlsAnd to show the size, this is the stamp on my thumbs – which aren’tΒ  long, but they are wide, and this stamp covered it easily.

bps stamping thumb

I am very impressed with this stamping plate! πŸ˜€ This was sent free for honest review, and can be found (among many others, at Born Pretty Store ). Feel free to use my discount code if you like, found along the right side task bar thereΒ  – for a 10% discount.

Have a great day


Born Pretty Store Review: French tip sticker – zig zag

Another gorgeous free for review product from Born Pretty Store, this is a simple yet fun sticker that acts as a stencil. The one I got is a zig zag. The first design I tried was this:

bps stickers

Which was an attempt to use it as a french tip stencil. It didn’t work out that well for me, especially in the combination of polishes I used, so I tried again.

That one didn’t work either, again because of user error – the polishes I used were fine, but then I stamped over it and the french tip line wasn’t visible. If at first you don’t succeed … sky diving isn’t for you. Polish is though, so I kept on trying πŸ˜€ And came up with this:

bps sticker 2

Which I did link through to my Facebook page, because I was quite happy with it! See my nails? All long and stuff? Yeah, totally not my nails. Thanks to Jessie from Nailed It NZ for my acrylics, they lasted 2 weeks beautifully and were a lot of fun to play with nail art designs with πŸ˜€

BPS sticker (2)


And finally I wanted to play with another colour scheme, and I was really getting into these stickers πŸ˜€

bps sticker

With the glitter over the top I could get away with the naked nail underneath, which is nice! Also, yep, short again πŸ˜€ So only one sticker fits.

bps sticker 1

In summing up – these took me a bit of getting used to. I think they are awesome though, but I would probably go for a curved, easier one next time, especially if I wanted to use it as a french tip guide sticker.Β Born Pretty Store has lots of awesome things out,Β  and free shipping. My coupon code (AJBQ10) is along the side there, which gives 10% off the price.

These stickers can be found here, and were provided free in return for honest feedback πŸ™‚

Have a great day


Born Pretty Store Review – 3D nail decoration – Leaf

The lovely folks at Born Pretty Store sent a few more things to review, and here is the first – a gorgeous 3D nail decoration in the shape of a gold leaf with sparkly embellishment πŸ˜€

bps leaf 1

I have it here over Dance Legend Mars, and I like the way the colours complement each other, very autumnal to my eye

bos lead

You can find them here on the Born Pretty site, US$3.06 for two, and they are reusable. I have used top coat to press this on, but if I was wearing it for longer (which I will, hopefully tomorrow night!), I’ll use nail glue to make sure they stay on. They don’t have much of a curve, so don’t lie flat against the edges of my nail, but as these are for special occasions I don’t mind one bit. πŸ™‚

bps leaf

I do enjoy these little leaves, they aren’t so big that they won’t fit on my actual nails, and it’s nice to have another way of adding jewellery. Yes, I am a magpie πŸ˜€

bps leaf 2

Born Pretty Store have loads of things on their site, not just nail art related (though a huge amount of that), and free shipping; I do have a code for 10% off on the right hand side of the page here, or codes can be found all over the internet πŸ˜€ (if mine is used 10 times they’ll sponsor a giveaway, I think, I don’t get a financial kick back from it, I pinky promise).

Items provided free for honest review πŸ™‚

Have an awesome day


Review for Born Pretty Store: 3D Nail Decoration – shield

The last of the items to review from Born Pretty Store are these very, very cool 3D nail decorations. They are filigree and have stones set into them – this one is silver with a clear rhinestone, but there are others to choose from too, and can be found here.

bps nail sheild 1

I kept this mani simple to let the decoration stand out, the base is Star Kin Moon Dark, and all that is needed is some nail glue, and press the shield onto the nail and hold for awhile.

bps nail sheild


My only complaint is that my nails all broke, and are shorter than this decoration! Wah! The measurements are on the page though, and would have fit my nail perfectly pre-break. And when they grow again, it’s going to be GREAT πŸ˜€ They are, however, a great width for me πŸ™‚

bps nail sheild 2

the reflection from the decoration is freaking my camera out πŸ˜€

I am looking forward to using these on a night out too, it’s great to have a selection of fun things to jazz up a simple mani with. Free shipping from Born Pretty Store, and feel free to use my coupon code (in the right sidebar) to get 10% off. Shipping times are a bit sporadic, this time they arrived very quickly (in about a week), other times it has been 5-6 weeks, usually somewhere in between. So, I’d recommend stashing one or nice pieces for future use, and not having to be concerned about that πŸ˜€ Stockpile like a squirrel! πŸ˜€

Have a great day


Note: Item provided by Born Pretty Store for my honest review

BPS review: Snake Print Water Decals

Another item to review from Born Pretty Store, and this is one of my favourites! These are snake print water decals, but for a full nail, rather than an image. They come in a little packet like this:

bps decals

plus, you can stick them on your foes πŸ˜€ And ye shall know my enemies by their attractive nails…. πŸ˜›

And have the instructions on the back, and the actual decals look like this. You do need to cut them to shape, but fret not!

bps decal 1

First – how the finished product looked…

bps decals 4

Hnngh. I loved these. O.K – details. First off, I painted my nails a mid grey. These decals are translucent, so a base colour is important. Secondly, I roughly shaped the rectangles to my non-rectangular nails, and placed them in water, then slid them off onto the chosen nail. (Neo. You are the Chosen Nail. cough). I did these one at a time, because I only have two pairs of hands ;).

bps decals 3

Then, once they were all on I top coated them. Which made them look even better, so glossy! Here is my discovery. Top coat sort of eats these decals, but in a mostly very good way. I took the top coat over the tip of my nail, and when I pressed down on the jagged decal edges (I can’t anything in a straight line. It’s one of my skillz), the jagged edges came off, leaving a nice smooth edge! Yay! However: I went back over a bald top coat spot, and it took a tiny little circle of decal right off. So, lots of top coat, lay it down once and move away.

I covered the little missing circle with a loose glitter – and then added one to a few other nails so it looked like a design feature πŸ˜€

bps decals 5

To repeat myself, I totally loved these decals. They were sent for review, but I WILL buy more. They are just so pretty. They wore moderately fast on me, but everything does, I’m the opposite of gentle on my hands.

You can get these from Born Pretty Store, and there is a coupon on the right side of my blog here with a 10% discount voucher should you wish to use it πŸ™‚

Have a great day


BPS review: THE most awesome metal fox nail decorations!

I was contacted again by the friendly Daisy from Born Pretty Store to ask whether I’d like to review a few more products for them, and um yes, yes I would πŸ˜€ They are so much fun! I went for a few new-to-me items, like these metal fox nail decorations (find them here) and waited with anticipation.


bps fox

These are amazing. I am wearing one here over a Handmade by Kyleigh Starry Starry Knight. I haven’t top coated, relying on the polish (which was damp and I just pressed Mr Fox down into the polish) to hold it in place, and it seemed very stable. I would use glue if I was going out wearing these, though, I couldn’t bear the thought of losing it πŸ™‚ You get three in the packet πŸ™‚

bps fox 1

They have a decent weight to them but are not heavy and do not stick up too much, no danger of an inadvertent eye gouge here.

bps fox 3

And, of course, they are SUPER pretty

bps fox 2

Then I integrated another one into another mani, and I think it worked even better…

bps fox 4

This is a skittlette mani: left – right: Lyn B Designs Double Bluff (amazing polish, post coming later), a purple jelly I made with Double Bluff dots over the top, the purple jelly with Mr Fox decoration, and purple jelly with Star Kin Dainty over the top.

bps fox 6

These little foxes are gold with clear sparkly stones and black eyes – Born Pretty Store has heaps of others to chose from, too πŸ™‚ My code for 10% off is AJQB10 , or you can click the Born Pretty Store icon on the right side of this page to go to their site and use the coupon – or any other πŸ™‚

bps fox 5

Usually, items from Born Pretty can take a goodly length of time to arrive – this time, they arrived within 9 days. That is right up there with the quickest arrival from China, and I’m really impressed, and hoping that will be the new trend πŸ™‚ I have a few other reviews to show shortly, and a few other items that I have bought myself, so yes, I do buy their products as well as being sent them πŸ˜€

Have a wonderful day


*Fox nail decoration sent for review. All other items bought by myself, opinions my own πŸ™‚

Born Pretty Store – Glowing Nail Stickers Review

I did these ages ago, then forgot to post them! Not good. But, here we are now – the last of the pretty things I was sent to review by the lovely Daisy at Born Pretty Store. These are nail stickers, with a beautiful image of mountains and the moon.

Born Pretty Stickers

They have many others, too, I want so very many! Very inexpensive too, and free shipping, yay πŸ˜€

Born  Pretty Stickers 1

So I thought, yay! I shall place this on my nail!

Born Pretty Sticker 1

Er. Problem. They are see through. No problem! I painted my nails white first πŸ˜€ And then, inspired by my subconscious reading the ‘glow in the dark’ part, I added some white glow in the dark nail polish underneath that. Waited until it dried, and tried again. I just trim them to fit, these were a good width for my nails, which is rare!

Born Pretty Stickers 2

Much better πŸ˜€ These nail stickers are sort of inbetweeners. They are not so thin that you can’t reposition them (obviously hehehe ooops), and not so thick that they stick up off the nail and grab all sorts of yummy things underneath.

Born Pretty Stickers 3

That said, they are stickers, not nail polish stickers, and so best used for one day or a nice night out. They do crease (you can see on my super short nails) but nothing too bad. Special effects for nails, the easy way! πŸ˜€

Born  Pretty Stickers 4

And then I charged my nails up (held them under a light) and hopped into a cupboard. Suffering for my art. And look! Glowing! Of course, because I didn’t CONSCIOUSLY read that these stickers are supposed to glow too, I cannot say if it was the stickers, the polish, or both glowing. Probably both πŸ˜€Born Pretty Stickers 4


You can find the whole range of stickers here, and the main page of Born Pretty Store here, and again, if you’d like a discount code, mine is on the right hand side of this page – it will give you 10% off (and points for me, apparently hehehe).

Have a great day!


Product sent free for review. Opinions and mistakes are all my own πŸ™‚

Born Pretty Store Review: Geometric Metal Nail Studs

The second of my reviews for Born Pretty Store, this is for these cute geometric nail studs. I have a few studs (nails! Sorry, my life isn’t quite that interesting hehehe), but these have to be some of my favourites now. Just so versatile!

born pretty studs

There are 200 various sized studs here (according to the title, I didn’t count them), and they are either silver, gold or red. So I combined them in this skittles mani over some yet to be released Star Kin polishes, and it ended up making a (very accidentally!) patriotic combo πŸ˜€

born pretty studs 2

These are easy to work with: get the stud you want, and plonk it on your still-slightly-damp nail polish. With the smaller studs I tend to use a little skewer or a nail dotting tool which I dip into a bit of water in order to pick up the little things, and with the bigger ones I use tweezers.

born pretty studs 3

Once on and in the right place, add top coat if you want them to last awhile. The red star was too large for my ring finger, it looks fine in the photos but the edges stuck over the curve slightly, and then they get lost during the day. Great for thumb nails though πŸ˜€

born pretty studs 4

Like most 3D effects, this would be great for a fun day, or night out. I really quite liked this combo, and I made it through most of the day before losing a few studs here and there, though most I just removed and put back to reuse at a later stage.

born pretty studs 5

I may go have another look through Born Pretty Store, they have loads of goodies πŸ˜€ If anyone is thinking of doing similar, my coupon code can be found on the widget at the bottom right hand task bar, click it or any of the links in this post, and feel free to use my coupon code AJBQ10 for a 10% discount πŸ˜€

Have an awesome day