Things to do with nail polish if you don’t want to paint your nails…

Ok, strange title, I know. But not as strange as this! Some previous homeowner of this house decided to put tiles in the middle of our benches. Small tiles. And grout in between. Badly. Oh, grout gets stained and you can’t get it looking clean? Didn’t think about that, huh?! Well, thanks.
But… brainwave! My husband, through much elbow grease and Magic White Sponge useage (I really should tell you guys about the Magic Sponges one day) got these clean. To this level. I.e. they ARE clean, but don’t look it. And that’s pretty disheartening.

And I thought… ooh NAIL POLISH! Which, yes, I do frequently. But for the bench this time.

Here’s what I did. Painted a couple of coats of white nail polish over all the grout.

Put some glittery silvery white in the places where the ingrained stainage was still peeking through.

A layer of sparse silver holographic polish, and a final coat of varnish/sealer.

Why? Because enamel should seal the grout, and keep it easy to wipe down. The varnish should seal the polish. White looks clean. I love glitter and holographic bling, and it’s my kitchen too 😀

Close ups! Before…



teeny bottle, and why I couldn’t use much of it – it would have been nice to use loads of this, I think. Shinier…


So, there you go! House detailing with nail products. Just another reason to have them around…

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  1. You’re all class 😀

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