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April 29th and 30th – Last of the photo’s.

Sunday was super busy, and Monday was Migraine Day, so I’ve finally compiled the last two photos for Photo-A-Day April:


April 29th: Circle

Setting sun through a ring. Two circles!

April 30th: Something that makes you sad

These are the cows from the surrounding farm, and they make me sad. My neighbours are farming people, and they are GOOD farming people. They look after and care about their animals, and that shows. No, what makes me sad is that the current dairy system requires the cows to be pregnant almost constantly, and their calves are taken off them at birth. The boys (bobby calves) are usually surplus and sold to be slaughtered straight away, and the girls are usually kept to sell or repeat the cycle. To make it sadder, I have heard that cows are very careful not to step on the nests of birds that make nests in their paddocks. The COWS care more about the babies of another species then this farming system does.

I know not every house (or one in every thousand houses, let’s be honest) could have it’s own little goat or cow or sheep to sharemilk with the baby animal, but wouldn’t it be nice? Then the calf/kid/lamb could grow to adulthood and then be humanely slaughtered for meat, or sold, or bred. Or even if there were places to buy shared milk from – and we could all just drink a bit less milk. I don’t have any answers. I just have sads.

April 28th: 1pm

Photo-A-Day April: 1pm

Photo from my kitchen window at 1pm – it’s raining! Yay! We were almost out of water.

April 27th: Somewhere You Went!

Photo-A-Day April: Somewhere you went…


This is my guitar. A great Birthday present. I didn't even play this guitar, I played my mothers. That's how crap this photo is 😀


I didn’t take my camera anywhere I went today. So, here’s a photo representation on me, going to my mothers, and playing some music. Badly, but it was fun. 😀

April 26: Black and White

Photo-A-Day April: Black and white

Full moon from my bedroom window..

April 25: Looking Down

Photo-A-Day April: Looking down…

Blue Orpington pullet.. Ms Tanzanite

So here I am, on the rotten back deck, looking down at my chickens. And got this cute photo of Tanzanite, one of my blue orpington girls, scrummaging through the weedmat looking for insects and things to eat.

April 24th: Something You’re Grateful For

Photo-A-Day April: Something you’re grateful for.

This was tricky, there are so many, many things I am grateful for. So I wandered outside with trusty camera and took a few photos then picked my favourite. Even tricky things can be simplified if I’m lazy enough.. rule 104.a


This is the view from my drive, looking out over my gate across the valley. It sounds simpering, but I honestly don’t think a day goes by without me being grateful for being able to live in such a beautiful part of the world. Except if I have a flu.. in which case well. I’m grateful for NOTHING. I’m too busy being a self-pitying pain in the glutes. 😀

Gorgeous autumn day here, makes me happy to be able to share it with you! So happy, that here’s another photo. I’m always happy when I can look up at the sky through a tree’s leaves..

Tree what lives in my backyard. He's beautiful, and annoying. Drops twigs in winter, flowers in spring, seeds in summer and leaves in autumn. Lucky he's pretty, eh 😉

April 23: Vegetable

Photo-A-Day April: Vegetable

Small, but mighty. Like two of my cousins. *wink*

Making up for lost time, I think I’m on top of it now! These are some of the Hungarian Peppers Mr Husband has grown in his vege garden this year. As I’m half Hungarian he loves to find things that have “Hungarian” in the name – then pass judgement on it. So far we know that wiring looms in the car made in Hungary are to be avoided at all cost, and Hungarian Peppers are extremely good. Very spicy, very tasty.

April 22 – The Last Thing You Bought

Photo-A-Day April: The last thing you bought

Weelll, the 22nd was yesterday. And I had every intention in the world of posting this yesterday, it was all set up bar the actual photo… and then the fact that I had 7 hours of driving and several hours of fun with my sister and her family.. and I was shattered tired. But here are the three things I bought from the last shop I was in: toy articulated snakes for my boys and I, a packet of bead things for nails for Del from Domestic Minxes if she wants them (I know what it’s like to hunt high and low for something and not find them!) and a rubber chicken for my husband. I know, I know, he’s sooooooo lucky to have me hehehehehe 😀

April 21 – Bottle

Photo-A-Day April: Bottle

So.. yeah… I didn’t post this on the right day. Ooops. But here’s a bottle! Its a nail polish bottle (I know folks, cover your gasps of surprise hehe) and its shaped like a heart! I love it. I have no idea what brand, name, anything – there are no stickers on this bottle. But its  a nice polish (the red jelly shimmer) and its such a different shape. 🙂

April 20th: Something You Drew

Photo-A-Day April: something you drew

So… this is the sketch I made for my mother to explain what a hen with newly hatched chicks looks like. I thought it was funny. Joke was on me, all her hens were lovely once they had their babies, it was only mine who attacked at eye level. Sigh.