About me….

Hi, I’m Ami! Welcome to my blog – my everyday adventures and misadventures trying to make ethical decisions in the real world. Here you may find a bit of a everything: utilising every sense ( sight, taste, smell, touch, hearing, un/common and sixth). If you have the time – read, share, enjoy – I hope we find common ground.

More about me:  I’m a working stay at home mother of two gorgeous boys, married and living in rural New Zealand. I have a mostly female family (sisters, cousins, mother) whom I adore, and who amuse me no end. I don’t farm, I have many chickens, love creating things, and love to write. I am a secondhand trader, a qualified aromatherapist and massuese, and have a love of nail polish, art, jewellery, beauty goodies, animals and natural products. I strive to find ideas to simplify my life, and wonderful, ethical products which are affordable and effective. 🙂

All reviews (unless stated otherwise) are written by me, and are completely my own personal opinion: all products have been purchased by me for my own personal use. However, if someone would like me to review their products – feel free to contact me at everysensory@gmail.com, or through Facebook or here. (I’m particularly fond of gemstone jewellery. I’d love to review your opals, tanzanites, diamonds and ceylon sapphire jewellery… just send them over! hehehe)

  1. Hi. Thank you for looking at Storyteller. — Ray

  2. I have nominated you for Versatile blogger award. Please, visit Pursue Natural: List of sites – Nomination and Honorable mention, to see the rules of this blog award.
    Happy Blogging, and please, stop by at Pursue Natural often.

  3. Hi Ami,

    Love your blog gives me something to read on my lunch break everyday, especially love the non nail projects too! I have started decorating my crappy laptop thanks to your inspiration! 😀

    Anyhow I have nominated you for the Liebster award here…


    Have fun with it,

    Amanda xo

    • Aww, sweetest note ever! Thank you! I’ll check that out later , probably this evening, super busy day today – but thanks again! Have a wonderful day, and oooh photos of the laptop when done, please! 😀

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