Gritter Rescue with Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter Food. Features Indie Polishes :D

Remember how I mentioned that Ador Beauty’s The Universe polish was a gritty glitter? Or gritter, as I want to call it? This is what The Universe looked like the next day, after it had merrily eaten my Kleancolor top coat:

The Universe… pretty gritty glitter!

And lets be fair to this gorgeous polish; it’s not the only glitter polish I own like that. In fact, so many China Glaze glitters are gritty that Sister V calls them China Graze. heh heh heh. But, fear glitter no more! Introducing, again, Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter Food. In the bottle it looks like milky gel. But what a difference this makes to a gritter polish!

Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter Food. I love the brand name, too. Makes me grin 😀

Here I have one coat (it’s thick, but goes on very smoothly) over The Universe, on my ring fingernail (one the left!). The little fingernail is as it was… can you see the difference in texture? Click the pic to see better!

Glitter Food dries satiny – not matte, but not shiny. You do need to put a top coat over this for shine. But, super bonus, it dries super fast. Then, when you add the shiny topcoat, which I did to all nails, its super pretty, and they all come alive again, but the one with the Glitter Food is glass smooth, and the others are not. Smoother, yes. Slippery smooth, no.

And to test it Glitter Food’s other use (except I just read you can use it as a base for Holographic polishes! I’m so DOING that soon) – which is to add to glitter polishes with sunken glitter, and resurrect it. I chose Pretty & Polished Hearts & Daggers, added a few drops, and it did work!

Hearts & Daggers – such a pretty polish!

After – 30 mins after! Much easier to shake up, and I didn’t even use as much Glitter Food as recommended (because I’m stingy, ok?!)

Then, I used Hearts & Daggers on top of The Universe.. one coat is all I needed because I could GET the glitter out now! YAY!


These photos show one coat of Glitter Food and finished with one coat of Kleancolor Fast Dry. This did dry fast (thanks, Glitter Food!) and was as smooth as a very, very smooth thing.

LOVE. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I can see myself buying backups of this polish, it’s blimmin incredible. And if it DOES work as a base for the amazing but evil super-holos, I can see me buying backups like RIGHT NOW.

Macro to show it off.. I love that it really shows why Pretty & Polished called it Hearts & Daggers 😀

Have an exceptional day!


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  1. “…and was as smooth as a very, very smooth thing.”

    That line legit made me giggle XD
    Glitter Food! Methinks I needs it!

  2. For Hearts & Daggers, did the glitter remain suspended, or does it settle back down after a while?

    • It did settle back down again, but I guess the difference was that I could shake it back up: without the Glitter Food I had to stir it with a needle, and even then it sunk. 🙂 I store it, and my other polishes like it, upside down now.

      • That’s good to know! I know exactly what you mean about stubborn glitter polishes refusing to move even when I shake the bajeesus out of them. I went ahead and bought a bottle of Glitter Food – thanks for the awesome review!

      • Squee, thank you! I honestly adore Glitter Food, I’d love a vat of it. To just turn up, right there. It does need the shiny top coat though, but even without it the satin effect is pretty – so, more options than before. I kind of expect some shaking with the bigger glitters, but… that one, in particular, and there are a few others, are just plain evil. Pretty, but should come with a warning label :this isn’t JUST a polish, this is an arm workout. Ready?’ 😀

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