OPI Don’t Touch My Tutu: Swatches, Layering, and many, many photos!

My family got me a nail polish voucher from Candy Girl for my birthday, and I spent it so fast there were scorch marks across the computer screen 😀 One of the polishes I snagged was OPI Don’t Touch My Tutu, a sheer jelly from the New York Ballet Collection, and one which I have seen on my bloggers nails in many combinations. I love a versatile polish.

OPI Don't Touch My Tutu

This is two coats of Don’t Touch My Tutu. For those of you who love a glorious, glossy, clean nude nail look, this right here might be a good option. Even I liked it! (side note: you see my wonky nail line on my ring finger? I was feeding a horse some grass and it bit my finger. And held on. And tried to drag me over the fence, because I was screaming and it got scared, but regardless, HALFWAY OVER THE FENCE. Luckily, it eventually let me go, but the skin under my nail fell out and never really regrew. Motto: Horses Bite Hard: When Feeding Them Keep Your Hands Flat. And plus, if they bite you, try not to scream. It’s ok, I was about 11, I’ve mostly gotten over it hehehe)


So shiny, so bright. So… needed to be layered. I went with two lovely coats of Lush Lacquer Seas The Moment. Mmmm love this, it just looks really fresh!




And then one more coat of Don’t Touch My Tutu. It softened it all down, sort of water colourish.




More layering ideas! This one inspired by a combo of DTMT and Crows Toes Maxxed Out (which I desperately want), from (here). But, as I don’t have Maxxed Out, I used a franken of mine on the tips.




The trouble is, I think that the yellow base to this franken makes me look like I have the worlds most sparkly snot on my fingers. Sorry for any mental image distress that may have caused, but it was back to the drawing board for me!


Now I decided to layer two dabbed coats of Nail Pattern Boldness’s Bitches Brew over two coats of DTMT.


Sun. I quite liked this, but it just looked too patchy for me to be totally happy with it.


So, one coat of DTMT. The great thing about DTMT is that even though the first coat can be a bit streaky, for some reason it doesn’t look that streaky layered over another polish.


I did NOT expect the gold to look yellow. My mother bought some lycra in the 90’s, which she made all sorts of things out of. This combo REALLY reminds me of that material 😀


Macro. Mmm 90’s aerobic wear. 😀


Sooo…. back AGAIN to the Maxxed Out concept – this time I layered a few different polishes to try and achieve a similar effect. Two  coats of DTMT again, followed by one coat of OPI Servin’ Up Sparkle, and one coat of Nabi Gold Big Ball. Topped off with China Glaze Fast Forward.


Well, I called this a moderate success.


I left it on for more than five minutes, anyway!


Have a great day

Ami 🙂


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  1. I am in love with the last one!!! but add some bar glitter..lolol beautiful!!!!

  2. Glitter tips is a great idea!


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