Star Kin

I’ve added this name to my blog title! Yes! Why?

Well, I have recently decided to open an Etsy shop, stocked with very small amounts of handmade nail polishes that my mother and I have been making. At this stage we are only shipping within New Zealand, due to postage restrictions, but possibly in the future we may expand this.

The prices are in the middle-upper range of the ‘normal’ Indie polishes, due to the extremely high cost of importing the ingredients to make it, and this is compensated by the postage-within-the-country prices, which are much cheaper 🙂

The link to Star Kin on Etsy is here

And another blog site that I have set up, Star Kin Nails, is here.. where I’ll be posting swatch photos etc as well 🙂


Whale Farts, 3 coats, on it’s own.

Please feel free to ask any questions!

Have a wonderful day

Ami 🙂

Fog People (2)

Fog People, 3 coats, on it’s own

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