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Peacock Pie Polish SUPER SPAM POST :D

The awesome Serra from Peacock Pie has been super busy making polishes … polishes that I can’t resist πŸ˜€ I have a whole bunch of them to share today – please excuse the short nails, I removed the acrylics. Full disclosure, most of these were bought by me (I regret NOTHING!) some were sent because she is a sweetheart, and we bounce polish back and forward to each other. So, not free for review per se, but just because I am a lucky sausage πŸ˜€

Astrella: Mint, purple, teal matte glitter, lilac metallic hexes in a clear base with a lovely sprinkling of spectraflair for added rainbows πŸ™‚

peacock pie astrella 1

I have layered it here over Color Club Wild Cactus – one coat of Astrella over all nails except the pinky nail, which has two coats.

peacock pie astrella

Next is Midnight Dreary – one from her Fairy collection, based around some gorgeous artworks by…This has periwinkle, red and black glitter and large holo silver dots (for the moon!) in a deep jelly base. I thought this would be sheer, so I layered it over Miki no 29 – just one coat… check this out, I left my index nail bare of Midnight Dreary for this photo so you can see how dense this polish is.

peacock pie moonlight dreary

Gorgeous! It would be opaque on it’s own in 2 coats, I think, but I do like layering them over creme bases, it just makes the edges a bit tidier looking sometimes.But seriously, any colour underneath would work, this puppy is so dense and awesome.

peacock pie moonlight dreart 2

Pet Storm Dragon – over Black

peacock pie pet storm dragon 1

This is another holographic glitter topper in a clear base, but I think she made this one for me πŸ˜€ Dragon in the title, blue, purple, holographic? Yep, made it for me.

peacock pie pet storm dragon 2

One coat over the middle two finger nails, two coats over index and pinky. So pretty! After swatching I put this combo back on πŸ˜€

peacock pie pet storm dragon shade

Royally Sparkled – 3 coats on it’s own

peacock pie royally sparkled 1

I love this polish, and am sad I couldn’t get better photos of it!

peacock pie royally sparkled 2

This is one I should have layered, though it is plenty opaque on it’s own, just to tidy the edges up because I can’t paint straight πŸ˜€ I love the copper, gold and silver mix of glitter, and the way it pops against the purple!

peacock pie royally sparkled

and last for today is Seaweed – 3 coats

peacock pie seaweed 1

this is an interesting polish!Mid green crelly base and a mix of periwinkle and white glitters with a sprinkle of navy. I will layer this one next time too, to tidy up the edges, but it’s a very nice, slightly subdued polish.

peacock pie seaweed

Love these! You can check out Serra’s blog here, and I think she is changing her shop sites too, but in the meantime you can find her Etsy shop here πŸ™‚

Have a great day


Peacock Pie Polishes! Locket, Butterfly Juice, Inki-Winkle & Courage

Serra from Peacock Pie, she of the gorgeous polish jewellery, has branched out into making nail polishes! And very lovely ones, too. I bought two, and she was gorgeous and popped another two in with those for me to swatch and review. I’m just sorry my nails are so short, but these are pretty even on my nubs, and I do believe in showing polish even on short nails (they need love and colour, too!)

Firstly, and purchased by me, is Courage. These photos show two coats, and top coat.

Courage, sun

Courage, sun

Courage is a lovely candyfloss pink with grey, white, black, and periwinkle glitters, including triangles. I love triangle glitter. πŸ˜€ This one has a nice reason for existance, too, celebrating and supporting several friends who have gone through traumatic life experiences with dignity and courage.

Courage shade

Courage shade

Then Butterfly Juice – 2 coats and top coat

Butterfly Juice - sun

Butterfly Juice – sun

I love the depth of this orange base, and the squishyness! I did think about layering this, but I actually like the effect with some VNL, it’s like looking into a liquified butterfly. Although that sounds gross now I write it, and this polish is PRETTY. Not gross. Sigh. More coffee, methinks.

Butterfly Juice - shade

Butterfly Juice – shade

And thirdly, Locket. 3 coats and top coat

Locket - sun

Locket – sun

This is gorgeous – and not one I bought, what was I THINKING? I would buy it though. I love the depth to the crelly, and the base colour, but especially the contrast between the turquoise base and the neon yellow and copper glitters. Yes. I like. A lot.

Locket - shade

Locket – shade

And lastly, and one I did buy, Inki-Winkle. 2 coats and top coats.

Inki-winkle - sun

Inki-winkle – sun

Hahaha everyone should buy this one! This is my favourite of the bunch, which is saying something because I like them all. It’s just gorgeous, and I can see me wearing this one heaps. Maybe even with some nail art? πŸ˜€

Inki-winkle - shade

Inki-winkle – shade

You can check out Serra’s blog here, and her Etsy page is here. Facebook here!

Have an awesome day


NB: Inki-winkle and Courage purchased by me, Locket and Butterfly Juice sent for honest review. ❀



Too Many Untrieds 6: OPI and OPI Designer Series

My little stash of OPI untrieds have grown to a stage where I think they have earned their own post πŸ™‚

The Color To Watch- 3 coats no top coat, ring finger has one coat over Kleancolor Black

OPI the color to watch

Some colours just scream out to be layered, and I’ve started listening. Pretty dusty grey purple with blue shimmer, yes, but over black it’s stunning. Sorry about the mess, my chicken was sleeping on me and when I went to get up and take the photo, he flapped his wing and took out a goodly portion of the polish. My patch job was inadequate.

OPI the color to watch 1

My Pointe Exactly – jelly, very sheer. 3 coats

OPI My Pointe Exactly 1

Very sheer, as you can see. If your nails are in better condition than mine this would be a nice soft neutral look, glossy and squishy. But why do I like it? Well..

OPI My Pointe Exactly

it makes a perfect jelly sandwich polish πŸ˜€ This is one coat over Crown Me Already πŸ™‚

OPI My Pointe Exactly Jelly Sandwich

OPI Crown Me Already – 1 coat over My Pointe Exactly

OPI Crown Me Already 1

This is a destashed polish, and it’s so thick it’s almost unworkable (even after about 15 drops of thinner) but I’ll add more, it’s super sparkly and would easily be opaque in two coats. Nice!

OPI  Crown Me Already

Peace, Love & OPI – 2 coats, very close to being a one coater!

OPI Peace Love & OPI

Predominantly shifts between grey, green and purple. It is quite chrome, so brushstrokes can show, though they mostly dry out. My recommendation is to finish each nail with a brushstroke down the very centre of each nail, even up the lines πŸ˜€

OPI Peace Love & OPI 1

Muir Muir on the Wall – 2 coats

OPI Muir Muir

This looked like a darker version of Peace, Love & OPI in the bottle, but on the nail they are completely different. Not as colour shifting, but a more flattering colour base, this looks to me to shift between a maroon red and gold, catching a glimpse of green around the edges. Me likey!

OPI Muir Muir 1

An Affair in Red Square – 1 coat. Not sure if this would be a one coater normally, it’s an older polish and has thickened a lot. Took a whole eyedropper of thinner to become workable.

OPI an Affair in Red Square

Pretty, deep shimmery red.

OPI an Affair in Red Square 1

Blue My Mind – 2 coats

OPI Blue my Mind

I was expecting this to be a pretty wishy washy colour for some reason, and it’s not. It’s gorgeous. That purple duochrome just sneaks around the edges, though I couldn’t capture it here.

OPI Blue My Mind 1

Divine Swine – 3 coats, one coat over Kleancolor White on ring finger.

OPI Divine Swine

I think I’ll choose another layering option next time, but the sparkles are pretty.

OPI Divine Swine 1

Pink Yet Lavender – 1 coat over Kleancolor Black, three coats along on ring finger

OPI Pink yet Lavender

Can’t see any lavender πŸ˜€ Love this though, so girly and sparkly, but I like it over black best πŸ˜€

OPI Pink yet Lavender 1


Temptation – 2 coats, no top coat

OPI DS Temptation

You could leave this with no top coat for a textured look, or top coat it for maximum bling. There’s a lot of glitter here though, I’d recommend a couple of top coats if you want smooth. I like the little turquoise glitters in the red toned purple.

Extravagance – 2 coats. Very close to being a one coater.

OPI DS Extravagance

Love this one, too! A plum coloured polish I can wear! Yay! πŸ˜€

OPI DS Extravagance 1

Magic – 3 coats.

OPI DS Magic

I want to layer this over black! The duochrome (blue to purple) does show, but I want to see how much it pops over black sometime.

OPI DS Magic 1

What a pretty polish!

DS Classic

OPI DS Classic

Two coats. oooooh. ahhhhhh. LOVE!

OPI DS Classic 1

And… the sunlight just disappeared. Maybe they weren’t joking about those thundery rainstorms on the weather forecast. Regardless, I can’t show you (or see!) the holographic shimmer, but looking at the particles here, even in dim light, I think it will be awesome. Dries fast!

DS Reflections – two coats, almost a one coater

OPI DS Reflections

Perfect summer colour! Pink, slight coral hue, nice thick holographic shimmer flakes

OPI DS Reflections 1

And that’s all for now!

Have a great day


Notoriously Morbid Haul :D

I went back for more. I have no guilt πŸ˜€ Carrie from Notoriously Morbid has some GORGEOUS eyeshadows and lipbalms, and some amazing customer service too. What’s not to love?

NM haul

and… lollies!!!! πŸ˜€

Quick swatches! In all of these pictures, the middle section is over Dark Hearts primer. The tops and bottoms are over bare skin. Primer seems to make these stay on my eyelids longer, but these shadows are super pigmented even without primer, as you can see πŸ˜€

The green/golds: from left to right: Rain on Cold Glass, Andorian, and Kilgharrah. I know I’ve swatched Kilgharrah before. But it’s so pretty, I wanted to swatch it again πŸ˜€

NM greens shade


NM greens sun

Rain on Cold Glass: VEGAN. Lovely cool toned gold, with what looks like silver and lilac/pink shimmer. Can’t wait to pair this with Kilgharrah!

NM Rain on Cold Glass

Andorian: VEGAN.Β  Very pigmented green with a teal blue undertone, and a lighter leaf green interference shimmer. I think this will be an amazing eyeliner.

NM Andorian

The darks: from left to right, shade: 13 Black Rainbows, Hearts of Black Lace, Velvet Hammer

NM purples shade


NM purples sun

Velvet Hammer: VEGAN – plum base, looks deep purple in the packet. However, on the skin that amazing lavender interference shimmer dominates, so a much brighter purple overall.

NM Hearts of Black Lace

Hearts of Black Lace: NOT VEGAN. Wow. I need to get a full size of this, too! The overall effect is one of a deep copper toned brown, but.. no, not quite! When I was applying it I noticed a very blackened base, and the pigment was duochromatic red and gold – when blended it looks copper chocolate brown. I adore this!

NM Velvet Hammer

13 Black Rainbows: VEGAN. Estelle gave me a little sample of this, which I decanted immediately into a small plastic pottle, and bought another sample to top up that pottle πŸ˜€ Looks plain dusty black in the bag, but mixed in with the pigment is plenty of teeeny tiny iridescent blue/purple /green / orange (the glitter I buy for my polish they call it a rainbow mix) flakes. I mean tiny, too. So, this is not a glitter, it is out and out stunning.

NM 13 Black Rainbows

I also bought a full size of Mystique – Carrie sent a free sample of that with my last order, and I knew I needed a larger version πŸ˜€Β  Also two lip balms (coffin kissers) – Vanilla Veil (deep smooth vanilla scent – with a floral note??) and Strangely Charming Cherry – which is cherry scented and yes, charming. Not strangely. It’s just lovely πŸ˜€ The moisturising qualities of these last a long time on my lips, the shine doesn’t so much, and they aren’t sticky at all, but the slip and smooth lasts for ages. (about an hour at a guess? Goodly long time!)

Here is what my arm looks like now. Every time I do one of these I want to keep my arms all stripey and colourful all day. There must be a way we can do that πŸ˜€

NM all of the pretties

Have a lovely colourful day!


Disclaimer: I bought all these, or they were free samples as she does because she is lovely, there is no kickback for me for writing this, or in saying check out her shop! So… check out her shop, ok? πŸ˜€

More Notoriously Morbid Swatches :)

A quick post! I went back and ordered some more goodies from Carrie at Notoriously Morbid – not included in these swatches is Kilgarrah, as I had that in the last post (here). I did need a full size of this, and I’m glad I got it πŸ˜€

As before, these arrived promptly (to the far corner of the globe, how a globe has corners I don’t know but regardless), and well packed. Carrie also added a few free samples which is always lovely and surprising… but, CHECK THIS OUT!

NM lot 2.3

She wrote a little thank you on this note, for the last review I did, and said she’d noted my comments about the vegan shadows, and only sent me vegan samples. This totally blew me away! That’s some amazing attention to detail, and incredible thoughtfulness right there. I just hope my comment didn’t read like I was complaining, because I wasn’t. πŸ˜€

Swatches! These are over Dark Heart Designs primer, and smudged on with my finger. I do find though, that these swatches are pretty indicative of the pigmentation levels on the eye, too – i.e, very. πŸ˜€ All descriptions are my own, she has better on her site πŸ˜€

left to right – Belle’s Bounty (gold), Stake of Holly (green with blue overlay), Stripper Zombie (green with gold shimmer)NM lot 2.1

Left to right – The Doctor’s Wife (deep blue), Mystique (deep aqua blue with teal shimmer), No Warmth Could Warm (light blue shimmer with lilac duochrome).

NM lot 2

And all together now…

NM lot 2.2


I have do have one complaint. I just put in another order, and I didn’t swatch these before I did. I did order Mystique in a full size, but I should ALSO have got No Warmth Could Warm, The Doctors Wife, and Stake of Holly. ARRGH! She is too good at this!! πŸ˜€

There is a new webshop, too, nicely laid out and easy to find things, and another Coffin Kisser (don’t let the name put you off if such things tend to, they are pretty much the best lip balms I have EVER tried, and I’m not being paid to say so) – it’s cherry, which is exciting. Plus, as noted about, Carrie is just a lovely person, so I’d doubly recommend her products πŸ˜€

Have a great day


Skydiving Nails :D

Saturday a week and a bit ago, I went skydiving with my mother and Sister V. My mother had gone the week before and was so hyped about it she wanted to go again (as in, immediately!) and offered to take my sister and I with her. Sister V leapt at the chance. I took a night to think it over and do the research .. .which all came back with, if something happens and I die in a tandem jump, it’d be a miracle. A nasty one, but none-the-less, miraculous (which I call Terry Pratchett’s Miracle, as it was one of his amazing books that pointed that pointed that concept out to me) πŸ˜€

So… after that angst, next came the nail angst! (ok, and the have a shower / straighten hair / shave legs angst because hey, if you’re going to fall out of a plane, might as well feel like you made the effort should someone have to lever you out of the ground, right?). But THEN came the nails πŸ˜€ I tried a few different combos, and they failed. The polish themselves worked, but little things like my eldest son bumping them etc etc.. so I went another option.

EdM Hole in the Sky

This is – mostly – Emily de Molly Hole in the Sky. My Sister C bought this for me (wheee!) and it is STUNNING. Perfect pale periwinkle blue with silver holo glitters including mid size silver holo dots. Just gorgeous.

EdM Hole in the SKy 4

The accent nail is Star Kin Cashmere as the base, stamped with Star Kin Green Shift (from the Bundle Monster plate) to make the earth, I filled in some more with a small brush and Green Shift, and then used the brush to fill Star Kin OhNo! around the edges for the space / starry sky. I feel like I could have done a better job, but I liked it overall. πŸ™‚

EdM Hole in the Sky 3

And I LOVED Hole in the Sky. One, it’s the perfect name for going skydiving. Two, I got to say ‘I am wearing this so I can make a Hole in the Sky, and NOT a Hole in the Ground’ – which is the kind of thing I really enjoy saying πŸ˜€ I am sad, yes. But I have fun with my type of sad πŸ˜€

EdM Hole in the Sky 2

And how was it? Amazing. I’m NOT a thrillseeker – I’ve been on one rollercoaster and hated it. I went for the experience, I wanted to know what it was like, I’ve always wanted to fly, and to take a ride in an open helicopter or something (ok, maybe I just don’t seek all the thrills but there are a few…). And I’ll admit, those first five seconds before the stabiliser parachute opened were the most terrifying thing. My tandem jump guru took me through a nice barrel roll during that time so I did get to look up at the plane as we fell backwards, sort of. I may have been quite busy screaming and trying to turn us over into a proper falling position πŸ˜€ BUT once I was in the proper flying position, it was amazing. We were still freefalling, we did 10,000 feet in 60 seconds, but there was some purchase (especially once the stabilizer chute opened), the view was amazing, and it was just wow. Then the main parachute opened and it was surreal and serene and glorious and I wish that I could parachute everywhere, every day. I didn’t want that to end (though I did tell him off every time he tried to spin us – I don’t like that feeling, plus I wanted the float down to last forever) :D. So, yes. Amazing. I’m not sure I’ll do it again. O.K, I’m pretty sure I’ll do it again.. but may leave it for when I need a life reboot. Because man it does that. YAHOOOOO! πŸ˜€

Parachuting over Lake Taupo with Liam, the tandem jump guy :)

Parachuting over Lake Taupo with Liam, the tandem jump guy πŸ™‚

Have a great day, and may you find your own life reboot when you need one!

Ami πŸ™‚

Too Many Untrieds 3: Indies – Hare, Smitten, Candeo,

Getting through these now, so they can be on the main shelves where they should be, and used! πŸ˜€ Weather is warm but overcast, not good for holographics but nice for glitters, although you won’t see the full glittery effect.

CANDEO LACQUER Jellybean – 2 coats, and top coat

Candeo Jellybean

Pretty soft yellow base colour, this was a mad lemming of mine for some time, but … it’s pretty, but I’m not overwhelmed with polish love πŸ˜€

Candeo Jellybean 1

Oceania over L.A Girl Sandy Beach (2 coats, my bottle of Sandy Beach isn’t textured but it is a pretty blue).

Candeo Oceania 1

Nice subtle matte hex glitter combo!

Candeo Oceania

SMITTEN POLISH Confection – 3 coats and top coat

Smitten Confection 1

Pretty! Slightly sparing on the glitter, which gives it a white look overall. I love the little matte lilac squares πŸ˜€

Smitten Confection

Hocus Pocus – 3 coats and top coat – this is not a top coat optional polish – it needs the gloss to look it’s best.

Smitten Hocus Pocus 1

This and the next polish I have had, waiting to swatch, for over a year. SHAME ON ME. I wanted to do them justice, and ended up doing nothing. Wah. Anyway! Looks like holographic orange glitters in a purple jelly base to me, and it also looks very pretty. A really good example of how sometimes the ‘simplest’ polishes can be the prettiest πŸ™‚

Smitten Hocus Pocus

You’re Turning Violet, Violet – 3 coats and top coat

Smitten You're turning violet, Violet

And then sometimes the not so simple are also the prettiest. I mean, wow. I’m going to try this layered over a really dark purple too, sometime πŸ™‚

Smitten You're Turning Violet


Return to Nature – 3 coats no top coat

Hare Return to Nature 1

Wow. Just a perfect nude tan base, with gold and silver small glitters and tiny gold shimmer. I love this. Truly love it.

Hare Return to Nature

Asteroid Turf – 3 coats no top coat

Hare Asteroid Turf

Simple, but not subtle! Grassy green jelly with metallic purple hexes.

Hare Asteroid Turf 1

Have a great day!


Too Many Untrieds 2: Zoya, W7, Nubar etc


W7 Pink Suede – 1 coat, no top coat

W7 Pink Suede

no sunlight! But this is a very pretty deep pink, and I’d imagine top coat brings out that silver shimmer.

W7 Pink Suede 1

W7 Metallic Jupiter – 2 coats, no top coat

W7 Metallic Jupiter

Oh, wow. I love glass fleck shimmer, and multi-chromes, so no surprise that I adore this. I was surprised at how opaque it was at 2 coats! And the pink/purple/blue shifts were gorgeous.

W7 Metallic Jupiter 1


Toasted Marshmallow – 2 coats, no top coat

Nubar Toasted Marshmallow

This is a very jelly polish, but it became opaque at 2 coats. Strange! Also, it reminds me of baby poo. Not good. But a nice flattering colour, and for me, a good base for some of my other glitters πŸ˜€

Nubar Toasted Marshmallow 1

Nubar On The Radar – 2 coats, no top coat

Nubar On The Radar

Crelly, and just a gorgeous colour. My camera wants to show all these as much lighter than they actually are, argh! But it was a flattering deep terracotta orange,Β  looking almost red in the sunlight. This polish had been sitting for a good few months, and some of the pigment was separating out, but a good shake got it all mixed back up again.

Nubar On The Radar 1

Nubar Contempo – 1 coat no top coat.

Nubar Contempo

Matte!Β  Surprise! Lovely deep raspberry, blue toned pink.

Nubar Contempo 1

Nubar Reclaim – 2 coats, no top coat.

Nubar Reclaim

I’ve been wanting to try this for ages, and I’m sad I waited so long, it’s gorgeous. Deep emerald green, and even though there was no direct sunlight, you can see the holographic shimmer still. Sorry I couldn’t get a better photo!

Nubar Reclaim 1

Peripera Rose Nail – 3 coats, no top coat.

Peripera Rose

Pretty pink jelly with scattered white hex glitters. Quite sheer, nail line is still visible after the three coats.

Peripera Rose 1

SpaRitualΒ  Greenhouse – 3 coats, no top coat

Sparritual Greenhouse

Very pretty! Needs three coats for opacity, but has a lovely gold shimmer. I still love their bottles…

Sparritual Greenhouse 1

NYX Girls 131 – 2 coats, no top coat

NYX 131

Almost a one coater, and a very pretty deep red with pink and gold shimmer. I do LOVE these shades!

NYX 131 1

Have a great day

Ami πŸ™‚

Notoriously Morbid Eyeshadows: Swatches and Review – VERY Picture Heavy

So many pretty colours! Once again Estelle from Serenity blog let me know about something worth drooling over, in this case, makeup from Notoriously Morbid. We chatted a bit on Facebook to Carrie, the owner / creative wizard behind Notoriously Morbid, so I can say that not only is her range good value, large and awesome quality; she is also a very lovely person.

Anyway! Haul!


Full Sized eyeshadows: all swatches are the eyeshadow, dabbed on with my finger, over Dark Heart Designs primer.

NM 1

Goodbye Sweetie (sniffle). Ok, the sniffle was my add-on πŸ˜€

NM Goodbye Sweetie

Swatch: Shimmery pale off white, with a slight gold tone.

NM Goodbye Sweetie Swatch

Snow Queen’s Return. Looks similar in the pottle to Goodbye Sweetie, however…

NM Snow Queens Return

Completely different in swatch. This is almost a very, very pale ice lilac, with tonnes of beautiful shimmer.

NM Snow Queens Return Swatch

Lycan’s Revenge

NM Lycan's Revenge

Gorgeous russet red. Not vegan. I’ll admit, I didn’t check, and a fair few of these contain carmine. Which I normally steer clear of, but hey, I have these now. They are beautiful. I won’t buy more with carmine in it, and I’ll note all of these which do – but the ingredients are clearly listed on her website (as I said, she’s amazing), so just read a bit more carefully then I did, if it’s a concern of yours πŸ˜€

NM Lycan's Revenge Swatch

Look Upon Me (not vegan)

NM Look Upon Me

Sorry Swatch is blurry, but I think the blue shimmer which shows so beautifully throughout is still visible. This is stunning.

NM Look Upon Me Swatch

Shadow of Things

NM Shadow of Things

perfect name! A gorgeous grey base with teal shimmer, which is the predominant colour on the skin. Very pigmented.

NM Shadow of Things Swatch

I also got one of her lipbalms, called Coffin Kissers (chortle). This one is Rotten Rainbow, which is apricot, and…. there is a scent, I can’t pick it, but it’s not your average straight apricot/fruit scent. No, not rot! πŸ˜€ A nice, deep tone. So, nice aroma, goes with the theme. And it’s one of the nicest balms I’ve tried, so silky!

NM Rotten Rainbow

You can see by the label that there was a tiny bit of leakage, but it’s High Summer here, so this is nothing. AND she’d separately bagged it,Β  so worse comes to worst there would be no damage to anything else. That’s thinking ahead. πŸ˜€ Also, the shape of the tube is different than normal, is a flattened oval, and the twist up dial is in the center of the base. Very stylish!

NM Rotten Rainbow 1

Samples now. These come in the standard little baggies with name and ingredients on the label, and have a really decent amount in them. I bought these ones πŸ™‚

Nudist – not Vegan. This is almost matte, and darker than it looks in the baggie. This may be a prefect crease colour!

NM Nudist

Tenorman’s Tears – very pretty, though sheer, seafoam shimmer. I bet this would also look gorgeous layered.

NM Tenorman's Tears

Melancholy One – Not Vegan. Lovely shimmery grey.

NM Melancholy One

Crimson Horror – Not Vegan. Really nice vampy red

NM Crimson Horror

Snow’s Fury – brown base, but with a super pretty purple shimmer that changes the whole look to a blackened purple.

NM Snows Fury

These samples were part of the blogger pack I also bought (I wanted the rainbow of colours, I got it! YUS!) and a couple of free samples Carrie popped in there, too. Love! πŸ˜€ I’m not sure which are which, so here they all are!

Lizard on a Window Pane: Not Vegan. Very pretty light shimmery tan with strong green shimmer. Not as sheer as the photo makes it look, that’s mostly the reflection off that shimmer πŸ˜€

NM Lizard on a Window Pane

Kilgharrah – doesn’t know if it’s green or brown! Brown base, deep forest green shimmer, I’d put it, but man, I’m buying a full size of this. It’s STUNNING is what it is.

NM Kilgharrah

More Weight – deep chocolate brown with an icy blue/green shimmer.

NM More Weight

Spirit of All Three – looks like mustard powder in the bag, has the most beautiful gold shimmer. I’m sorry, I had to swatch this on my hand (hence the bumps, tendons!) it deserved better than that! I’ll be wearing this today, this is not your standard gold eyeshadow (though I do like gold eyeshadow, but I have plenty), this has a depth and edge that is new to me.

NM Spirit of All Three

Pornographic Priestess: Not Vegan – pretty dusty rose with shimmer – and I LOVE the name πŸ˜€ Makes me giggle like a fiend :D:

NM Pornographic Priestess

Tempest: Not Vegan – bright pink with deeper pink shimmer. Didn’t get a good photo of the label, whoops

NM Tempest

13 Black Rainbows – this is CRAZILY intensely pigmented! And super pretty with the multicoloured shimmer in the black base.

NM 13 Black Rainbows

Close up swatch, hopefully catching some of the shimmer, though in real life it’s at least 4 times are pretty.

NM 13 Black Rainbows 1

And there we have it! Kudos to anyone still reading πŸ˜€ I’d definitely recommend Notoriously Morbid, they are excellent quality and very good value, I got these during her last big sale, which made them ridiculously inexpensive. So, I’d say check out her website, like her Facebook page if you are so inclined, and have fun!

Have a great day


Small Fyrinnae Haul and Swatches

I bought my first ever cosmetics from Fyrinnae not too long ago! I’ve had them bookmarked for a long time, but never really got around to buying from them, and their little blurb saying how long the wait could be was a little off-putting. But clever EstelleΒ  from Serenity blog told me it was just a worst case scenario, and she was right. I think it took a little over two weeks from order to arrival, from the other side of the planet, traversing oceans, braving our post system, and sidestepping holidays. Go, you good parcel. Go. Or rather, stay, I like you πŸ˜€

This is my haul! Pixie Epoxy: the main reason behind the purchases. With the sudden and dramatic increase in the number of amazing eyeshadows I have (thanks, Estelle, you ROCK), and the onset of the summer makeup slide, I really wanted something to hold them in place. And this DOES. It is sort of like sticky aloe vera, then sets like glue. And the eyeshadow stays right where you put it. Nice.

Fyrinnae 1

The shadows are, from left to right, Winter, Again – which was a free sample, which is ALWAYS exciting. Middle is Digital Faerie, and the brown is Serendipity. Estelle said Serendipity was worth getting and she, of course, was right πŸ˜€

Fyrinnae 3

They look pretty in the containers, but on skin (over Pixie Epoxy), they just look amazing. They look like that on the eyelid too, I haven’t taken photos but I wore Serendipity today, with Digital Faerie as a sort of eyeliner, and they are pretty. Serendipity, especially, is the best kind of neutral – one with heaps and heaps of gorgeous shimmer πŸ˜€

Winter, Again - Digital Faerie, Serendipity

Winter, Again – Digital Faerie, Serendipity

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