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Nail Mail in JULY! WHEEE!

I got some nail mail! Yay! It’s been quite a long time since I’ve got any polish in the mail, and it’s soooo exciting 😀

This was my haul from Harlow & Co. I love Harlow & Co, but I have noticed their shipping has slowed down a lot lately. Hopefully that isn’t the norm, and others have better stories. I still adore their polishes, and their site!

nail mail July


From left to right: Kolt High Definition – Golden Chip, models own – Beth’s Blue, models own – Little Lemon, KB Shimmer – Spring Training, Color Club – Kismet, Nubar – Jewel, Nubar – On the Radar.

Whhheee! I need to be able to wear my untrieds faster… need more nails 😀

Have a wonderful day (it’s all Springlike here and I’m HAPPY! SUN!)

Ami 🙂

Nail Mail and Birthday Hauls!

Some exciting new goodies for me to play with, some of which I already have been playing with and will be blogging about shortly.

Birthday Goodies! My birthday is on Christmas Day, which is fun. And this year my family happened to notice that I have a bit of a thing for nail polish. Possibly because I yak on about it a lot, or because I have half of them addicted to it, and am working on that other half (how about it, Sister C, Cousin F? It’s a lot of fun on the colourful side!)

Sister C bought me THESE amazing things: Nail Art Pens! But not just any nail art pens, these are super duper three-in-one beasts, two in each set (black and gold, silver/blue and pink)


They have matching rhinestone bling.


They have a thin nozzle

Nail Art Pen

AND they have a brush.


So far I’ve used nozzle and blingies, and they work AWESOMELY.

AND she got me these three cuties: from left to right: Boe Beauty Champagne, Face of Australia Mystic Iris (yay, Iris!, plus, Face of Australia  don’t test on animals! Whoop!) and Boe Beauty Purple Knights. Not shown is the Face of Australia lipgloss and WAH book of nail art she also got me, they are amazing 🙂


Sister V bought me these three stunners: Left to Right: Lush Lacquer Crusin 4 a Bruisin, Seas the Moment and Starry Nights. WHOA.


Simply gorgeous.


Then, nail mail! My order from Evil Shades finally turned up (I say finally because I ordered this on the 27th September, turned up just after Christmas). I have read that she has been very sick, and I hope she gets better soon. I thought these were lost, so am just happy I have them.


Little sample of Orbs sparkle stuff, cute little lolly things, nail polishes in Pumpkin Queen (orange) and Out of the Corner of my Eye. They both look complex and interesting.


And lipstick in Jenaveve! Funny little tube, intensely pigmented lipstick.

And because I find close up photos of my lips freaky, here are some lips on my hand! hehehehe

Jenaveve with flash... the Orbs sparkles are there above it, but washed out by the light.

Jenaveve with flash… the Orbs sparkles are there above it, but washed out by the light.

and more.. you can see the sparkles ( Orbs) just up the top there. Very cute.


And… my 365 Days of Color Mystery Christmas Bag! Wheeee!


LOOK at all the goodies! This was a serious bargain, $15 US for all this.


One of the main reasons I wanted to buy this was for the cuticle oil. I received Headless Horseman cuticle oil in the Halloween mystery bag, and loved it so much I wanted a back up, even though I’ve barely made a dent in it yet. And she sent Reindeer Poop, which is a very interesting scent indeed! Love the name 😀 AND two cuticle balms – Peppermint Bark: which smell divine. I love them all, and they all work incredibly well.


The two polishes: I Stole Christmas (apparantly I’ve been bad this year, heheheh, which is GOOD because this is the one I preferred!) and Chemical Romance. Pretty, and both full sized! And an assortment of other totally cute Xmas things. Thanks so much, Sunny! I’m so coming back for more mystery bags if you do anymore.


And finally, Ninja Polish recently released a bunch of discontinued Ozotics, and I KNEW my Sister V was craving some of them, big time. So I got her some as an early birthday present, and threw a couple of extras in for me (of course!)

I got her these gorgeous ones…


see? Unfortunately I waffled a bit deciding on mine, and one of her wants got cart jacked. But I got her another one instead! 😀 (whoops, sorry V!)


Ozotics: 505, 515, 526 and 532

And for me, I bought Jessica Cinnamon Kiss, and A-England Holy Grail (the new revamped version). WHOA. So pretty


Look at the lush glowing colours!


I feel so lucky! And on that note I shall go and look at my pretties some more 😀

Have a great day


Polish Elf Nail Haul :D

I recently joined a Facebook group which was created for NZ Nail Polish Addicts. Not all of us are bloggers, but all of as ARE addicts. And enablers as it turns out – which is just wonderful. We also started a Polish Elf system – like a Secret Santa, basically. We posted stash lists (eek!) and wish lists, and went shopping for our designated elflettes!

And this is what my Polish Elf, Danielle of Domestic Minxes, sent me.

In order, L - R: Jordana Pink Hearts, Jordana Red Hearts, Dollish Polish Spank You Very Much, Up Colours Azul Disco, and Jordana Red of Hearts

In order, L – R: Jordana Pink Hearts, Jordana Red Hearts, Dollish Polish Spank You Very Much, Up Colours Azul Disco, and Jordana Red of Hearts

Look at the pretties! Love….

I had asked for any of the Jordana hearts polishes, she sent them all.


from L-R: All the colours, Red of Hearts, Lilac Hearts, Pink Hearts

And all of the heart colours on one nail.. the base colour is L.A. Girl Disco in Groovy – awesome polish but sadly so thick and old it was pretty unworkable.  No top coat on these!


And the other two are Dollish Polish Spank You Very Much (love the name! hehe!) and Up Colors Holographic Azul Disco.

Here is two coats of Spank You Very Much over bare nail.. it actually looked less bare than I thought it would, though the camera is picking up the patches. But this will be a lovely layering polish, in fact I have already done one accent layer with it, which I’ll show later.


It’s a gorgeous mix of turquoise and purple, which are two of my favourite colours 😀 Thank you, Danielle!


I haven’t shown you Azul Disco, because there was no sunlight, and I have no intention of just doing a quick swatch with this. This puppy is going on and STAYING on for awhile.  There’ll be photos when that happens, of course 🙂

I thoroughly enjoyed the Polish Elf experience… the nervousness of buying polishes for someone else, the anxious ‘will they like it’ wait, and, of course, getting nail mail! Just brilliant 😀

Nail Mail Squeee’s…

I want to write Squeeze. But I wont. Today was an exceptional mail day: I got a brand new pair of grey ankle boots with heels, that I can’t walk in but look good in. I almost never wear heels. Black sneakers are my go-to ‘classy’ shoe. I like being able to run, or fight, and be comfortable. But lately… lately I kinda crave some looking nice stuff, too.
And… these.

LOOOK! From Nail Pattern Boldness…. four polishes! I find it so hard to resist a combination of clever names and awesome polishes, and succumbed hard for these.

There’s Bitches Brew, Hades, and Seppuku (with a frisbee) – the name which sold me on the rest. I mean, with a frisbee? That’s got to be VERY hard to do. Still chortling 😀

AND… glitter food topcoat! I’m going to do a post on this very soon, because as far as I’m concerned this stuff is the stuff of legends. Yes. I want a vat of it… right now 😀

Have a great day, full of fun things!

More Nail Polish, yay!

So the day after I finish writing a list of all my polishes for the lovely group on FB, more turn up. Whoop! 😀
My Nail Pattern Boldness Score…

Seppuku (with a frizbee. This name ALWAYS makes me grin), Hades, Bitches Brew and Glitter Food. In that order 🙂

Then my order from Head2Toe..
China Glaze’s (I LOVE CG!)

Ring In The Red, Hello Gorgeous, Angel Wings, I’m Not Lion (finally got it! Yay!), Gaga for Green. That one fills a gap in my green colour scale, and looks GORGEOUS.

Then the Color Club etc

Port-Folio – this has the meanest purple/green flick I’ve ever seen in a bottle. Hope it translates! And Ruby Wing Desert Valley. Pretty sure this is from the Color Club people (Forsythe Group) – and it changes colour in the sunlight. Yeah.


I hope that translates on the nail, too! Looking at the sheer base I think it may need to be layered, probably over a pale colour. White? Has anyone tried these polishes before? They were as pricey as the Halo Hues, but I’m a sucker for a good gimmick.

And last and definitely not least – here is a new Indie brand, Daily Lacquer. I saw her name pop up on Facebook so went and checked out her Etsy shop, and one of her polishes had my name on it. For real, it’s called Ami. AND it’s BLUE. So, yes, it came home with me, along with Makato, and she was super sweet and added a mini of her soon-to-be-released polish, Jovi.

LOVE the pink packaging:

LOVE the handwritten note:


LOVE the pink bag and ribbon:


LOVE the polishes, and the mini, and the ribbons – if this is what’s coming out, I’m STALKING her shop 😀

Maggie seems like an utterly nice person, go check out the polishes! I’ll get these swatched and reviewed soon. And doesn’t Gaga For Green look like the perfect base for Makato? *Runs off to try it out*

Have a fantastic day!

Nail Mail WOW’s from Ninja Polish, plus other Nail Mail Stuff :)

I received an almost-unexpected surprise in my mail today, a parcel from Ninja Polish! I didn’t order it, there’s a back story. The first, not-so-good part can be found here, but it’s not big drama. Basically, almost a year ago, a polish I bought was broken in transit, and I emailed to tell them. Breakages happen, we all know this. It’s sad, but it’s life. A few weeks ago, after many attempts on my part to communicate, I heard from Rhonni, in a really sweet email. My emails were lost in transit, but now found – and she was wonderful to talk too. Great customer service. She mentioned a few days ago that she was sending a replacement polish to the broken one, which I really did NOT expect: all I wanted was to alert them to the issue. And today, in the mail, was this:

Up Colors Iris, Ninja Polish Eye Candy, Ninja Polish Alexandrite

OH WOW. Replacing Up Colors Azul Iris was over and above duty, as far as I was concerned. But there is Ninja Polish Eye Candy, and Alexandrite! Sqquuueeeeeeeeee!!

So, people – go buy stuff from Ninja Polish. They’re good people. Thank you, good people. And thank you, Rhonni!

Also in todays exciting mail was my recent splurges from Gracie Lou:

Ozotic 506 and 504, and Orly Rock-It. I had to. They’re being discontinued. And they’re beautiful.

A few days ago I received my purchases from Head2Toe Beauty:

China Glaze Make a Spectacle, CG Cast A Spell, CG Kalahari Kiss, and Essie Matte About You (how I’ve missed you, Matte!)

China Glaze and Essie – I accidentally clicked on two Kalahari Kisses, when I wanted the Lion named glitter one. Brain has just died. Can’t recall name. argh. But, anyway! Pretttyyyy! And Color Clubs, including some of the new Halo Hues collection, SQUEE!

Color Clubs: Ho Ho Holly, Holo-Graphic, Blue Heaven and Harp On It

Wow, right? But notice something? Color Club Harp on It, and Blue Heaven, are IDENTICAL. And they shouldn’t be, from all the swatches I’ve seen.

Which is which? One does look a bit different here, but in real life they’re both silver…

I’m pretty sure these bottles were mis-labelled at the factory, because the labels are right..

I’ve emailed Head2Toe, because I really wanted Blue Heaven, and not sure how to sort it out.

And over the weekend was this haul – a really guilty splurge from Darling Diva Polish. She had a limited run of 5 polishes for US $25 – mystery bottles. This is how much I love her polishes, I took the chance and bought one.

Darling Diva Polishes: Vetiver, X-Rated, Penny!!!Penny!!!Penny!!!, Cherry Jubilee, and Queen of Hearts

I am SO glad I did.

Well, actually looking at all of these is giving me palpitations: I have SO many I have yet to try on! I’ve been steadily going through them, and have a large backlog of partially completed blog posts, but I NEED to wear and appreciate all of these, I can’t just swatch them and be done. It may take me some time, be patient with me 🙂

However, if anyone out there in internetville has anything they DESPERATELY want to see soon, let me know and I’ll see what I can do! My nails for you, gentlebeings.

Have a great day


Nail Mail Roundup!

So, thought I’d list the new polishes I’ve been lucky enough to grab over the last few weeks. I’ll be missing some out, probably, but these are the main ones 🙂

Here are some amazing polishes Mr Husband bought for me from a garage sale: some will need to be thinned, but WHEEEEE! HAUL! In this photo are, in no order, L.A. Girls Disco (no name but it’s purple, I’ll work it out before swatching time), L.A. Girls Disco: Turntable, CR Cracked 09, BYS Million Dollar Baby, Kleancolor Covalt (what? Thats really similar to Cobalt but this is purple with blue shimmer), Orly Candy Cane Lane mini, Orly Hottie Mini, OPI Nomad’s Dream, OPI It’s Totally Fort Worth It, OPI Cajun Shrimp, OPI Black Shatter, OPI Bubble Bath, and OPI I Only Drink Champagne.

Then here we have one package from Llarowe: This is Smitten Polish You’re Turning Violet, Violet; Jade Mystic Gold, Hits Borealis and Hits Golden Disco, and finally Pretty & Polished Hearts & Daggers.

Here are two from All That Glitters: Book Smart Beauty and Hole Hearted Remix

And look! They have their names on the bottoms AND on their label. That’s class 🙂

Two amazing polishes from Vivid Lacquer: Pumpkin Hangover and Waning Gibbous (awesome names, too!)

Ador Beauty Supplies Haul: The Universe, Starry Night, Maiden, and Harvest Lip Tint.

Two cuties from Polish Revolution: Vegan Zombie and Oh My Goth – a nice touch is that the font on the label matches the theme of the polish. 🙂

Two Pahlish polishes – Train Underwater and Slow Fade of Love (these both from Llarowe)

Also from Llarowe: Candeo Jellybean and Dollish Polish Toad-all Awesome

Daring Digits glitter topcoats: Tru Love, Spooky, and Mango Square

And colours: Almandine and Masta Shake.

Halloween Grab Bag from 365 Days of Color: Waking Up In Vegas, Cotton Candy and Soak Up The Sun (mini).

So, as you see, I have gone frothingly mad buying polishes – and these have to last me a long time. I have a few more on order but these will take me a good while to go through, swatch, admire and appreciate – as I do this I’ll show them off to you all too! 😀 At the moment I have Vivid Lacquer Pumpkin Hangover over OPI I’m Fondue You, and it is just gorgeous. Autumn in a bottle. Photos coming soon!

Have a lovely day

Ami *runs off to admire her pretties again*

New Nail Mail – Christmas!!

Ok, obviously it’s not, but it feels like it with these stunning goodies arriving – one good thing about waiting all year to buy polishes (generally speaking!) is that I REALLY appreciate the ones I get 🙂

First up was the package from Harlow & Co – that arrived fast. About 6 days? To NZ from Canada? That’s FAST.

Well packed, double bubbled and bubble bag, cute wee business card. And the polishes?

Glitter Gal Belgian Chocolate, Layla Ocean Rush (for my mother), Layla Flash Black, Barry M Magnetic Blue, Barry M Magnetic Dark Silver. Look at the cool magnet designs on the lid!


Next was an order of perfume samples from Dorian & Dahl on Etsy – I came across a review from Phyrra who highly rated their perfumes, and I love perfumes. Not the normal, alcohol based spray ones, but the ones with real oils and interesting blends – I like Lush’s perfumes, and I LOVE these.

Bag full of perfume vials and foam packaging, cute!

I’ve tried two so far, Sookeh and Perfect Lady – but sniffed them all and they’re different, and all very appealing. Sookeh I like on me, Perfect Lady not so much; it’s a very classic scent and I’m not that into it on me, but I am adoring trying these out. 🙂

Original Blends, Belle Blends, and Sookeh which was a free sample. YAY! I love free samples 😀

One thing I really liked about Dorian & Dahl was they sent a business STICKER, not a card. It’s just a little bit different, has a cute picture on it, and just shows they are thinking of how to step outside the box, and I love it. 🙂

Then finally was a package from piCture pOlish – 5 working days from order to delivery? WOW. Huge bag, well packed, lots of bubble wrap.

And the polishes…

piCture pOlish Kryptonite, Ozotic 517, 513, and 526 x 3, piCture pOlish Monroe. *happpy sigh*

Yowsa. I did get three black Ozotics, yes, but 1 was for me, 1 for my sister, and 1 for my mother. Was I tempted to keep all three? Why yes, yes I was. Wouldn’t you have been? 😀

Have a fantastic weekend!

Ami  🙂

Todays Amazing Nail Mail..

Look what turned up today! Four polishes from Darling Diva Polish, and a gorgeous Jordana polish from Del from Domestic Minxes (check out their blog!). So exciting – I *may* already have tried the Jordana on… watch this space for a quick swatch!

From left to right… DDP Bitches Have Birthdays, DDP Chrome Job, DDP The Opera House, DDP Mitochondrial Eve, and Jordana Silver Jewel.

Have a wonderful day

Ami 🙂

Todays Exciting Stuff Haul and Nail Mail!!

Today, I went to town. And went to town buying stuff for me! I should feel embarrassed about it, but I don’t. And I’m not going to force it 😀

I bought  a Natio foundation (no pictures, may review later!) and a mini sized Orly In A Snap topcoat from Farmers – the Natio was on sale for $19. Yay! I find it so hard to get a good colour match with foundation, but this looked pretty good, and animal friendly too!

L to R: Retro Green (that’s not green!), Neon Fuschia, Concrete Gray. Neon Sapphire. One of these colours is NOT LIKE THE OTHERS!

Then I bought these Kleancolor nail polishes and another Kleancolor lipstick from the $123 Store – well, actually, it’s the exact same lipstick, I’ll put photos up of that later, too. What happened to the first? My eldest son ate it. All. Man, I can hardly get him to eat his dinner, but he’ll eat ALL of my lipstick. *facepalm*

Aqua Minerals Mud Soap

I also bought a face soap from a very earnest saleperson – the brand used to be called Seacret – one of those Dead Sea Mineral ones. I actually really liked the brand (but not the ‘ocean’ scent) – she desperately wanted me to buy a $60 face scrub but I don’t have that kind of money. So I went for the soap instead. I do need something deep cleansing, and this mud soap with pretty good ingredients may do it – esp when paired with my beloved LUSH Angels on Bare Skin scrub.

Then, when I got home, there was my Beauty Joint nail haul in the mail! *happy clappy hands*. Not pictured is the Seche Restore, because I put it down and forgot it when I took these photos – just imagine a clear nail polish bottle if you will. And done. I’m VERY excited about that, though – resurrecting some old favourites! (Esp the OPI Burlesque glitters I have that wow.. I could walk on those.)

Kleancolor Metallic Set:

Metallic Orange, Green, Aqua, Sapphire, Fuschia, Black. Does anyone else get the feeling that Kleancolor only knows a few names for colors, and just changes the finish? 😀

I DIDN’T buy the Kleancolor Metallic Red I saw in the $123 Store, because I thought it’d be in this set. It’s not. It’s pretty. It will be mine, just not today. I am glad I’ve got a Metallic Aqua too – that one’s for my mother 🙂

Glitter Addict Animate, Kleancolors Chunky Holo Scarlet, Gold Bright, Jazz Olive. I wanted a gold gold! Anyone know a great Kleancolor true gold polish?

Then some other Kleancolours, and L.A Glitter Addict – oooh look at the red sparkle!

Kleancolor Jazz Olive

This is Jazz Olive, I picked it for my sister as a present – I can’t wait to see it on, it’s almost a green with gold at some angles, close to duochrome-y in the bottle. I wonder if it translates on the nail? Close up for you, Sister V!

Then my China Glazes… yay! Can’t wait to try all these on!

Ride the Waves (on Beauty Joint its called Wide the Waves hehe), Rare & Radiant, Swanky Silk, Unpredictable.

Have a great day, everyone- I know I am! 😀