Small Fyrinnae Haul and Swatches

I bought my first ever cosmetics from Fyrinnae not too long ago! I’ve had them bookmarked for a long time, but never really got around to buying from them, and their little blurb saying how long the wait could be was a little off-putting. But clever Estelle  from Serenity blog told me it was just a worst case scenario, and she was right. I think it took a little over two weeks from order to arrival, from the other side of the planet, traversing oceans, braving our post system, and sidestepping holidays. Go, you good parcel. Go. Or rather, stay, I like you 😀

This is my haul! Pixie Epoxy: the main reason behind the purchases. With the sudden and dramatic increase in the number of amazing eyeshadows I have (thanks, Estelle, you ROCK), and the onset of the summer makeup slide, I really wanted something to hold them in place. And this DOES. It is sort of like sticky aloe vera, then sets like glue. And the eyeshadow stays right where you put it. Nice.

Fyrinnae 1

The shadows are, from left to right, Winter, Again – which was a free sample, which is ALWAYS exciting. Middle is Digital Faerie, and the brown is Serendipity. Estelle said Serendipity was worth getting and she, of course, was right 😀

Fyrinnae 3

They look pretty in the containers, but on skin (over Pixie Epoxy), they just look amazing. They look like that on the eyelid too, I haven’t taken photos but I wore Serendipity today, with Digital Faerie as a sort of eyeliner, and they are pretty. Serendipity, especially, is the best kind of neutral – one with heaps and heaps of gorgeous shimmer 😀

Winter, Again - Digital Faerie, Serendipity

Winter, Again – Digital Faerie, Serendipity

Have a wonderful day



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  1. Nice haul! I’m glad you love Serendipity – I don’t have Digital Faerie yet but I’m definitely going to have to add it to my wishlist now! Don’t you love how much product comes in the mini jars? Will last ages 🙂 Great review, and thanks for the mention ❤

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