Peacock Pie Polishes! Locket, Butterfly Juice, Inki-Winkle & Courage

Serra from Peacock Pie, she of the gorgeous polish jewellery, has branched out into making nail polishes! And very lovely ones, too. I bought two, and she was gorgeous and popped another two in with those for me to swatch and review. I’m just sorry my nails are so short, but these are pretty even on my nubs, and I do believe in showing polish even on short nails (they need love and colour, too!)

Firstly, and purchased by me, is Courage. These photos show two coats, and top coat.

Courage, sun

Courage, sun

Courage is a lovely candyfloss pink with grey, white, black, and periwinkle glitters, including triangles. I love triangle glitter. πŸ˜€ This one has a nice reason for existance, too, celebrating and supporting several friends who have gone through traumatic life experiences with dignity and courage.

Courage shade

Courage shade

Then Butterfly Juice – 2 coats and top coat

Butterfly Juice - sun

Butterfly Juice – sun

I love the depth of this orange base, and the squishyness! I did think about layering this, but I actually like the effect with some VNL, it’s like looking into a liquified butterfly. Although that sounds gross now I write it, and this polish is PRETTY. Not gross. Sigh. More coffee, methinks.

Butterfly Juice - shade

Butterfly Juice – shade

And thirdly, Locket. 3 coats and top coat

Locket - sun

Locket – sun

This is gorgeous – and not one I bought, what was I THINKING? I would buy it though. I love the depth to the crelly, and the base colour, but especially the contrast between the turquoise base and the neon yellow and copper glitters. Yes. I like. A lot.

Locket - shade

Locket – shade

And lastly, and one I did buy, Inki-Winkle. 2 coats and top coats.

Inki-winkle - sun

Inki-winkle – sun

Hahaha everyone should buy this one! This is my favourite of the bunch, which is saying something because I like them all. It’s just gorgeous, and I can see me wearing this one heaps. Maybe even with some nail art? πŸ˜€

Inki-winkle - shade

Inki-winkle – shade

You can check out Serra’s blog here, and her Etsy page is here. Facebook here!

Have an awesome day


NB: Inki-winkle and Courage purchased by me, Locket and Butterfly Juice sent for honest review. ❀




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