OPI DS Magic – toned down a bit :)

My mother did have one complaint about OPI Magicย – she loved the colour, but found it “too bright”.

I can sorta understand… ok, lies, no I can’t. The third nail polish I ever bought was a bright electric blue, and the fourth was an emerald green. So I’ve always been drawn to the in-your-face colours, while appreciating the lighter ones too.

However, she found it too bright, and it’d be sad if she never wore it because of this. Or, maybe she’d give it to me…. hmm. *ahem*

My first idea was to put my Dreamy (spectraflair holographic topcoat) over it – as it has a silvery sheen and tends to mute the colour under it a bit.

I like this, a lot. Pretty, pretty, pretty.

And see, if I put my left hand (with the Dreamy top coat) and right hand (just DS Magic) together, you can see how muted it is, while staying pretty true to the colour. You DO lose the purple duochrome though.

how DID I take this photo? Mwahahaha

Next ideas – nail art-ish. I pit two coats of white polish (CR 58) on my pinky and ring fingers , then sponged a coat of Magic on top of that. I also did two sponge dabs on my pinky, which is why it’s darker. Boy, this was a bit trickier to clean up than just white. You see the sparkles on my skin? Smurfs Big Night Out…

Middle and pointer fingers I striped: two coats of L.A. Girls Color Addict Extreme, and then 4 strips of striping tape. I then put a thick coat of Magic over the top – it could have used two, though. ‘Twas a bit patchy!

Both together..

These were ok, I guess, but I wasn’t that fond of them. I should have gone a bit more contrasting for the stripes, and I didn’t really like the sponged effect at all. Still, they were both a lot more subtle than the Magic on it’s own, so maybe my mother might like something like this?

Any other ideas? ๐Ÿ™‚


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  1. I love the spectraflair top coat look ^_^ Another way to tone down a bright colour is to try a very sheer (white or nude) polish over top. Or even a matte top coat. Or wearing one coat over a plain black creme so you just get the pretty blue and purple flashes without being so in-your-face.
    Hmm that’s all I can think of >_<
    -Del x

    • All good ideas! I have a shimmery Julep (Melissa from memory) that might serve.. but I left the lid off my matte top coat just a bit and it evaporated (mega sad face). I’ll have to try the black creme idea! Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚ I might even try it over a softer grey, stop it being quite so dark… lead her into it gently ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Ahhh…. reminds me of a galaxy ^_^ very pretty

  3. I love the muted effect, thank you hon, I’ll wear that now, it’s very pretty, but of course you can borrow it anytime.

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