Nail Mail WOW’s from Ninja Polish, plus other Nail Mail Stuff :)

I received an almost-unexpected surprise in my mail today, a parcel from Ninja Polish! I didn’t order it, there’s a back story. The first, not-so-good part can be found here, but it’s not big drama. Basically, almost a year ago, a polish I bought was broken in transit, and I emailed to tell them. Breakages happen, we all know this. It’s sad, but it’s life. A few weeks ago, after many attempts on my part to communicate, I heard from Rhonni, in a really sweet email. My emails were lost in transit, but now found – and she was wonderful to talk too. Great customer service. She mentioned a few days ago that she was sending a replacement polish to the broken one, which I really did NOT expect: all I wanted was to alert them to the issue. And today, in the mail, was this:

Up Colors Iris, Ninja Polish Eye Candy, Ninja Polish Alexandrite

OH WOW. Replacing Up Colors Azul Iris was over and above duty, as far as I was concerned. But there is Ninja Polish Eye Candy, and Alexandrite! Sqquuueeeeeeeeee!!

So, people – go buy stuff from Ninja Polish. They’re good people. Thank you, good people. And thank you, Rhonni!

Also in todays exciting mail was my recent splurges from Gracie Lou:

Ozotic 506 and 504, and Orly Rock-It. I had to. They’re being discontinued. And they’re beautiful.

A few days ago I received my purchases from Head2Toe Beauty:

China Glaze Make a Spectacle, CG Cast A Spell, CG Kalahari Kiss, and Essie Matte About You (how I’ve missed you, Matte!)

China Glaze and Essie – I accidentally clicked on two Kalahari Kisses, when I wanted the Lion named glitter one. Brain has just died. Can’t recall name. argh. But, anyway! Pretttyyyy! And Color Clubs, including some of the new Halo Hues collection, SQUEE!

Color Clubs: Ho Ho Holly, Holo-Graphic, Blue Heaven and Harp On It

Wow, right? But notice something? Color Club Harp on It, and Blue Heaven, are IDENTICAL. And they shouldn’t be, from all the swatches I’ve seen.

Which is which? One does look a bit different here, but in real life they’re both silver…

I’m pretty sure these bottles were mis-labelled at the factory, because the labels are right..

I’ve emailed Head2Toe, because I really wanted Blue Heaven, and not sure how to sort it out.

And over the weekend was this haul – a really guilty splurge from Darling Diva Polish. She had a limited run of 5 polishes for US $25 – mystery bottles. This is how much I love her polishes, I took the chance and bought one.

Darling Diva Polishes: Vetiver, X-Rated, Penny!!!Penny!!!Penny!!!, Cherry Jubilee, and Queen of Hearts

I am SO glad I did.

Well, actually looking at all of these is giving me palpitations: I have SO many I have yet to try on! I’ve been steadily going through them, and have a large backlog of partially completed blog posts, but I NEED to wear and appreciate all of these, I can’t just swatch them and be done. It may take me some time, be patient with me 🙂

However, if anyone out there in internetville has anything they DESPERATELY want to see soon, let me know and I’ll see what I can do! My nails for you, gentlebeings.

Have a great day


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  1. I would be in polish HEAVEN!!! I love getting polish orders in my mail box – but to find one that I wasn`t expecting….awesome! Enjoy 🙂

  2. how awesome and exciting, wow, they are gorgeous. envy envy envy….

  3. WOW! WOW WOW WOW! You are having some EPIC hauls lately!!!! I can’t wait to see all your swatches, and I hope the Color Club weirdness gets sorted out soon :O

    • They are, hey! I have to keep pinching myself that I own these polishes! Argh! 😀 I haven’t heard back from them yet, but hopefully soooon… thanks for reading, and I’ll get the pics out as soon as I can, sanely 😀

  4. She really is awesome! You are going to LOVE Alexandrite!

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