Nail Mail Sads from Ninja Polish… :(

I was really looking forward to this nail mail! Really, really, looking forward to it. I am looking for a holographic that’s as awesome as the Layla holographic I have (one post here), but preferably a bit more affordable, and there were two neat colours on Ninja Polish that I was really excited about.

They arrived! Yay! Rivka Vanessa was so super pretty – cats eye greenish gold – double yay! Up Colors Azul Arco Iris – however – was broken. Smashed right off at the neck. So not yay. Unyay. Unyay to the max.

All the pretty blue? That’s the only bit of bubble wrap, and the invoice.

half a brush – and the neck of the bottle still sticking out the side.

So, what do I do? There was about 1ml of polish left in the bottom, still not dried up because of the plastic wrapping, so I grabbed the brush from my almost empty top coat (after I had dumped all the remnant top coat in the hopes of salvaging ANY of the polish – but noooo) and painted my nails. That didnt really work either, I managed to get three patchy coats on the fingers of my left hand, but only 2 half coats on the right. 😦 Still, I tried.

And here are the sad photos I managed to get on a sad nail mail day.

Indoor, dim lighting, pretty patchy huh?!

I tried to contact Ninja Polish through their website, but the contact form wouldn’t accept ANY of the prove-you’re-not-a-spam-computer codes, even though I got them all right. After half an hour of that frustration, I sent a reply to the email I got when they shipped it – haven’t heard anything back yet though. I do know someone in the website is taking a holiday, and I was so happy they got this to me as fast as they did (in about a week, pretty good going), but they really didn’t package it well enough. The bags a bubble bag, but the two polishes were just wrapped in another – thin- bubble bag and taped. Cardboard is needed, or packaging fill, something. I am sad I wasted so much money on a polish, and although I am happy with the Rivka, and the two polishes I recieved prior, I don’t know if I’ll go back to Ninja Polish. Especially as I haven’t heard from them. 😦

But.. enough whinging, and back to the swatches I managed to get!

Setting sunlight – shows the sparkles, but makes it look greener than it is 🙂

More rainbows..

Whole hand photo..

I found some sunshine this morning! And a sticker for my index nail, as I dinged it while making dinner.

This has a top coat on, and three patchy coats. I can’t really comment on application as I was digging it out with a L’Oreal brush from a broken jar, frantically trying to scrape enough out of the bottom. However… I think I’ve been spoiled by the Layla polishes. I’m just going to bite the bullet and get those or the GOSH ones, they are just so much MORE holographic. This was really pretty though. Rest In Pieces, pretty blue holo polish.

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  1. I like the side shot! Very cool.


  2. Awww that’s so sad! I’m glad that Beauty Joint and Head 2 Toe always package so well, I’ve never had a broken bottle delivered to me. Now I’m nervous about Ninja Polish! It really doesn’t look like they package well enough, which is a shame because they have heaps of polishes I can’t get anywhere else! My wishlist for Ninja Polish is huge XD
    It’s a shame that bottle broke, because the colour looked amazing!
    -Del xx

    • The colour was great – although the Layla’s have completely spoiled me now. Yeah, having 1 of 4 polishes broken…. argh. Not good. I’m more concerned about not hearing from them, or being able to use the contact form, that’s scary! If they listen and package better in the future, that would be awesome, because they have an AMAZING range. (you reading this, Ninjas? PLEASE?!)

  3. Ninjas here!!!!! OMG We felt SO horrible about this!!!!!!! This email was buried and I totally missed it 😦 We have contacted you and sent out your replacement!!!! This post breaks my heart and is totally not the norm for us!! ❤

    • I know its not the norm, that’s why I was so sad … and I was SO happy to hear from Rhonni the other day, and am lining up another post to say that all had been resolved. Now that my sign-in is working again, I can’t wait to get more of your gorgeous polishes. Thank you so much for making me One Happy Camper once again – and a replacement is coming? Thank you! That wasn’t expected, and now I’m even happier 🙂

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