Todays Exciting Stuff Haul and Nail Mail!!

Today, I went to town. And went to town buying stuff for me! I should feel embarrassed about it, but I don’t. And I’m not going to force it 😀

I bought  a Natio foundation (no pictures, may review later!) and a mini sized Orly In A Snap topcoat from Farmers – the Natio was on sale for $19. Yay! I find it so hard to get a good colour match with foundation, but this looked pretty good, and animal friendly too!

L to R: Retro Green (that’s not green!), Neon Fuschia, Concrete Gray. Neon Sapphire. One of these colours is NOT LIKE THE OTHERS!

Then I bought these Kleancolor nail polishes and another Kleancolor lipstick from the $123 Store – well, actually, it’s the exact same lipstick, I’ll put photos up of that later, too. What happened to the first? My eldest son ate it. All. Man, I can hardly get him to eat his dinner, but he’ll eat ALL of my lipstick. *facepalm*

Aqua Minerals Mud Soap

I also bought a face soap from a very earnest saleperson – the brand used to be called Seacret – one of those Dead Sea Mineral ones. I actually really liked the brand (but not the ‘ocean’ scent) – she desperately wanted me to buy a $60 face scrub but I don’t have that kind of money. So I went for the soap instead. I do need something deep cleansing, and this mud soap with pretty good ingredients may do it – esp when paired with my beloved LUSH Angels on Bare Skin scrub.

Then, when I got home, there was my Beauty Joint nail haul in the mail! *happy clappy hands*. Not pictured is the Seche Restore, because I put it down and forgot it when I took these photos – just imagine a clear nail polish bottle if you will. And done. I’m VERY excited about that, though – resurrecting some old favourites! (Esp the OPI Burlesque glitters I have that wow.. I could walk on those.)

Kleancolor Metallic Set:

Metallic Orange, Green, Aqua, Sapphire, Fuschia, Black. Does anyone else get the feeling that Kleancolor only knows a few names for colors, and just changes the finish? 😀

I DIDN’T buy the Kleancolor Metallic Red I saw in the $123 Store, because I thought it’d be in this set. It’s not. It’s pretty. It will be mine, just not today. I am glad I’ve got a Metallic Aqua too – that one’s for my mother 🙂

Glitter Addict Animate, Kleancolors Chunky Holo Scarlet, Gold Bright, Jazz Olive. I wanted a gold gold! Anyone know a great Kleancolor true gold polish?

Then some other Kleancolours, and L.A Glitter Addict – oooh look at the red sparkle!

Kleancolor Jazz Olive

This is Jazz Olive, I picked it for my sister as a present – I can’t wait to see it on, it’s almost a green with gold at some angles, close to duochrome-y in the bottle. I wonder if it translates on the nail? Close up for you, Sister V!

Then my China Glazes… yay! Can’t wait to try all these on!

Ride the Waves (on Beauty Joint its called Wide the Waves hehe), Rare & Radiant, Swanky Silk, Unpredictable.

Have a great day, everyone- I know I am! 😀


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  1. Nice! I am awaiting the arrival of my CG Duochromes. Also, I’d really like to get my hands on some of Kleancolor’s holos myself.

    • Thanks! I’m so excited about them, and ‘Wide the Waves’ hehehe. The holos are great – I like all of them, although they’re all quite similar. I definitely recomment Beauty Joint though – reasonable prices, arrived on other side of the world in 7 days!!

  2. Squee what an epic day!!! Super jealous!!!! *sways* Can’t wait to see all your swatches! I have Jazz Olive but haven’t gotten around to swatching it yet. Hmm. It’s lovely!! Also all the KC metallics are amazing, I have the whole set *wiggles*
    Enjoy your awesome hauls!!!
    -Del xx

    • Thank you! I love Spoil Me Days, just not those Guilt Thoughts. I enjoy them thoroughly, perhaps because of their rarity (the spoilage, not – unfortunately – the guilt.). OOh you should so swatch Jazz Olive for me! Save me waiting for my sister 😀 Right, that’s it, I’m SO going back for the red.

  3. you are an awesome daughter, and it was sooo nice to see my pretty present when I got home, it is beautiful.

  4. ooh fun haul cant wait to see some swatches 😀

  5. All i can say is: OMG! Those China Glaze polishes look incredible! Must have! 😀

    • Thanks! I’ve just put on CG Rare and Radiant… holy moly. LOVE! I’ll be blogging that one soon, but yes, you must have! 😀 Try if you want, they are fast and really affordable. Head2toe also have cheap CG polishes, Color Club too 🙂

      • Oh thanks for the tip, i will def check out those sites 🙂
        Would you say CG Rare and Radiant is a good dupe to Chanel Peridot?

      • From all the comparison swatches I’ve seen, it’s pretty close to being dead on dupe to the Chanel, OPI Just Spotted the Lizard, Jessica Iridescent Eye and all those. I’ve just taken heaps of photos of it, and it’s a LOT more multi-chrome than I thought, bronze, gold, green, blue, and all combos in between! Not frosty either with some care, more metallic. I’m so in love with this polish right now! 😀

      • lol oh yes i can tell you are excited. Thats great! enjoy wearing it!

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