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Blue and Gold Mani for Autism Awareness

Hi All!

This is my blue and gold nails for Autism Awareness month. 🙂

China Glaze Water You Waiting For

The blue is China Glaze Water You Waiting For, and the gold is imitation gold leaf. Two coats Water You Waiting For, no top coat.


The interesting thing about Water You Waiting For is that the first layer is REALLY sheer, but the second one makes it completely opaque. Awesome! It’s a proper China Graze though (their glitter are really, seriously, sandpapery), just a heads up.


Then on my non-accent nails I added a coat of Dollish Polish Spank You Very Much, and Misa BREAKneck topcoat – and topcoat on the gold foil.


Why did I choose these polishes? Water You Waiting For is not just blue, it’s blue and purple. In my experience, people with autism are incredible multi-faceted people. Spank You Very Much is also blue and purple, but not the same colours, so none are hidden. And gold? Because people on the spectrum, and those who care for them, they are solid gold. *Hat tip*


Have a great day


Polish Elf Nail Haul :D

I recently joined a Facebook group which was created for NZ Nail Polish Addicts. Not all of us are bloggers, but all of as ARE addicts. And enablers as it turns out – which is just wonderful. We also started a Polish Elf system – like a Secret Santa, basically. We posted stash lists (eek!) and wish lists, and went shopping for our designated elflettes!

And this is what my Polish Elf, Danielle of Domestic Minxes, sent me.

In order, L - R: Jordana Pink Hearts, Jordana Red Hearts, Dollish Polish Spank You Very Much, Up Colours Azul Disco, and Jordana Red of Hearts

In order, L – R: Jordana Pink Hearts, Jordana Red Hearts, Dollish Polish Spank You Very Much, Up Colours Azul Disco, and Jordana Red of Hearts

Look at the pretties! Love….

I had asked for any of the Jordana hearts polishes, she sent them all.


from L-R: All the colours, Red of Hearts, Lilac Hearts, Pink Hearts

And all of the heart colours on one nail.. the base colour is L.A. Girl Disco in Groovy – awesome polish but sadly so thick and old it was pretty unworkable.  No top coat on these!


And the other two are Dollish Polish Spank You Very Much (love the name! hehe!) and Up Colors Holographic Azul Disco.

Here is two coats of Spank You Very Much over bare nail.. it actually looked less bare than I thought it would, though the camera is picking up the patches. But this will be a lovely layering polish, in fact I have already done one accent layer with it, which I’ll show later.


It’s a gorgeous mix of turquoise and purple, which are two of my favourite colours 😀 Thank you, Danielle!


I haven’t shown you Azul Disco, because there was no sunlight, and I have no intention of just doing a quick swatch with this. This puppy is going on and STAYING on for awhile.  There’ll be photos when that happens, of course 🙂

I thoroughly enjoyed the Polish Elf experience… the nervousness of buying polishes for someone else, the anxious ‘will they like it’ wait, and, of course, getting nail mail! Just brilliant 😀

Layering fun with Dollish Polish, Ozotic and More…

I have been trying to get a blog post out for days now. And I couldn’t! BUT I have now upgraded my browser to Firefox, and it’s working! WHOOP! Here is the long worked on post – a real mish mash it is, too! 😀

First up, the base colour coat. Because the star polish here was Dollish Polish Toad-ally Awesome, I chose a deep charcoal black to really make those glitters pop. This is Color Club After Hours – two coats, no top coat


Then one coat of Toad-ally Awesome, which is actually totally awesome. Look at the patriotic colours! For about half the world. Anyone else think its funny? Where are the silver and gold flags? The pink and magenta ones? Khaki green? Why so much blue/red/white?

totally awesome!

Anywho, this is lovely – all matte glitters except for a sprinkle of blue sparkle glitter in a clear base. Easy to apply, almost no glitter placement required.


Then, Essie Matte About You. I do like matting glitter. Yus.


This looked very nice matte, everything stood out against the background really nicely.


And because it was lying around, I grabbed the Ozotic 509 and free-handed a diagonal stripe, so half had the holographic top coat, and the other half was still matte. Quite liked this effect, too.


Though… maybe not freehand next time. And I may build up the Ozotic a bit more, it’s a gorgeous super holo polish that needs more time to shine 😀


Have a great day