Planet Earth Hand Cream: Frangipani & Vanilla Review

For my birthday last year, my gorgeous sister V bought me an amazingly huge basket of product by Planet Earth, all with the Frangipani & Vanilla fragrance. Talk about spoiled! There was two Intensive Repair Hand Creams in this basket of goodies, and I’m so pleased about that, because this is amazing. The packaging is gorgeous, simple with the black and white minimalist theme, then with that incredible luxe gold bling in places to really stand out. See?



Now, packaging aside, this is now my go-to handcream, for multi-times a day use. I do a fair bit of different kinds of work, some (gardening, creating DIY monstrosities, belt-sanding back coffee tables etc) tend to make my hands really dry, and then they split along the nail line and bleed and HURT. I swear. Lots. But this (along with my emergency handcream which I’ll talk about another time) has stopped all that. This is thick, and rich, but not at all greasy.


mmmm creamy hand cream. As it should be.


The scent is very light – I don’t know what frangipani flowers smell like, but I’d say that as this is a light floral smell, they probably smell a bit like this stuff does. I can’t really detect any vanilla, but thats ok. It’s a nice aroma but fades away quickly, so don’t worry about the smell, any manly men out there who are keen on not having split and bleeding hands.

Also, most excellently, the cream is free from artificial colours, mineral oils, parabens, PEGS, and SLES. They don’t test on animals, the packaging is recyclable, and they are made in Australia. Well, ok, thats not that local, but East Island isn’t that far away (waves to any suddenly annoyed Aussies reading this) hehe. You can check out more on their website When looking at the ingredient list you can see they have some great stuff in there – unfortunately, some in less quantity than the perfume. But hey, it’s there, and it really does help my hands. Try some if you can, next time you see some! (In NZ I have seen the product range in Farmers – they may well be elsewhere too).

Thanks for reading, have a nice night/morning (depending on hemispheric orientation)



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  1. Just got some of the Planet Earth products from work Christmas party. Just one thing: the products are not made in Australia, but in China. Only ‘designed’ in Australia.

    • heh, I checked and you are completely right. The good news is that doesn’t automatically mean animal testing, because they are allowed to export goods which haven’t been tested on animals, just not import any. The bad news is… argh I hate it when marketing people gimmick things like that! Thanks for pointing it out, and for reading 🙂

  2. I’ve just come across this review as I have a couple of planet earth’s hand creams too, however mine were all heavily fragranced to either sickly weird plastic (coconut + lime); baby powder (cocoa butter) or weird bathroom fresheners ( pear, berry and vanilla). It’s such a shame because I really like the texture of the hand creams, but they’re a little too scented for my liking – perhaps I should try this frangipani and vanilla…

    • Oooh, really? You might have a really sensitive sense of smell, perhaps find some and try it on first? I did find mine was quite light scented, and much more floral than vanilla-ery. Those others sound yuck, sorry to hear about your experience, but good to know!

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