Blue for Diabetes Day

So here’s the deal, right? By the time I hear about a ‘day of some import’ happening in the Northern Hemisphere, that day has gone for me. I read this morning about Nov 14 Diabetes Day, and the request for nail bloggers to show a blue mani. So, fair enough, it’s a good reason -but it’s the 15th for me. Ah well, here’s one I created this morning, just for this

This is L.A. Girl Disco Brites polish in Turntable, and its a quite green leaning blue polish. Or blue leaning green. More blue, to my eye. My camera would NOT pick up the green in it, and showed it as turquoise. So this first photo I changed the colour to try and show it close to true colour.

Turntable, colour adjusted to show the green tone in the teal blue more accurately 🙂

This is two coats – it’s quite runny, but covers well in two layers. Self levels well.

And then I added a coat of L.A. Girl Glitter Addict in Animate:I wanted red for blood. Diabetes is a huge disease – called, in the hospital system, the silent killer. It affects all areas of the body, and unstable blood sugar levels  (hence the red for blood) can affect all other  body systems. Some people I met during my nursing student days, especially those with Type 2 diabetes, took it lightly and didn’t try to control their blood sugar. I know it’s hard, but it’s imperative to do so; to eat well and check your levels – especially if you want to live a nice, long, happy healthy life with all your toes attached. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

One coat of Animate, I do like this red glitter!

And one coat of Daring Digits Mango Square – the yellow for the liver, sending healing thoughts to all those livers! And the white for strength and hope – it is a disease that can be controlled. A happy, healthy, long life with all digits attached is achievable. Stay strong, you are WORTH the effort.

Thoughts to all those who have, or are affected by diabetes.


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  1. Very pretty combinations

  2. love the nail looks! thanks so much for doing Diabetes day anyway . My bf is a type 1 diabetic and, honestly, any day you take to spread the word and help those be more educated about the condition is great. A lot of people are seriously ignorant about diabetes, especially type 1. You would be surprised. Thanks for this!

    BTW Please sign up for my giveaway if you have a chance!

    • Type 1 is a massive issue – there is very little information out there apart from in the health care, it’s not well known, and can have super serious consequences. Luckily most of the people I’ve met with Type 1 are really smart, on to it people the majority of the time! Thanks for reading 🙂 Ooh I’ll check it out, thank you! 🙂

      • I totally agree. I think a lot of people are seriously ignorant about it. They just don’t understand the fundamental diff. between type 1 & 2. People often tell my bf that if he just lived a healthier lifestyle he wouldn’t be diabetic, but if you know anything about type 1, it’s something you’re born with or that’s triggered at a young age. It’s completely hereditary and has nothing to do with eating healthy or not – it has to do with having a pancreas that produces little to no insulin whereas type 2 produce insulin, but are resistant or their body is nt utilizing it properly. eegh. Lol. I’m glad some people are learning more about it though and becoming more aware. xx

      • Yep, thats exactly right! There’s no choice with type 1, and so far no cure, though I think there’s some progress. And the risks are huge, quite a lot are the opposite risks to type 2. Type 1 is MUCH more likely to not have enough sugar, and have the hypoglycemic crash/coma – whereas that almost never happens with type 2. I’d love it if they talked about it more in schools!

  3. such a thoughtful mani I love how each layer meant something, beuatiful mani and so glad you are bringing awareness to a very serious problem!

    • thank you, Amanda! That means a lot 🙂 When I was doing my nursing I was made aware of just how serious a disease it is, and how most people just did not take it seriously enough. It’s enough to make me get my nag on 😀

      • Hehe well its a great post! My grandfather essentially dies from this disease several years ago he got so sick and didnt manage properly… 😦 its bery serious and dangerous

      • oh no! Thats so sad, I’m sorry to have brought this up for you 😦 Happy to educate where I can, but I dont want to make anyone have sad memories…. (hug) It is very serious, and very dangerous. I know how hard it is to look after ourselves, we start thinking ‘I cant eat any yummy food forever!’ and thats where people start eating badly again. I understand and yet… anyway, I could lecture about it all day and I won’t, but I’ll give you another internet hug for your sad loss (hug).

      • No its good memories and thankfulness that people are wanting to share the awareness 🙂 thank you so much

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