Orly Pink Brilliance – layered with Daring Digits True Love.

Two coats Orly Pink Brilliance: a frosty metallic, very soft and flattering colour. Although I wouldn’t say this is VERY pink, there is a touch of pink in it!


Whole hand photo…


You do have to be quite careful with how you apply it, or the streaks will get revenge. If you load the brush up with polish and move along quite quickly, in a straight line, you should be alright.


And, like most solid polishes, any lines or imperfections can be disguised with a glitter top coat, if  desired!


One thick, dabbed coat True Love: added the glitz that poor Pink Brilliance was missing on it’s own, though I think I prefer it without the red hearts! Easy enough to pop them back in the bottle though.


Topped off with one coat Misa BREAKneckk, but even with fast dry topcoat this took quite a while to dry, thanks to the thick glitter coat, but was nice and smooth when it was done.


Have a nice day

Ami 🙂


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  1. Frrrrossssssst! True Love is so cute 🙂

  2. I love the gold glitter with the red hearts! so very pretty! I just love shaped glitter!

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