OPI I Only Drink Champagne and Daring Digits Spooky

Just a super quick one here! I’ve had these pics floating around in my to-be-posted folder for ages, and keep missing it out. Dunno why. But here, in all it’s ‘glory’, is OPI I Only Drink Champagne.

Which I do NOT. It’s ok, but I prefer a nice wine, beer, or vodka, really. Sadly, I prefer Peppermint tea most of the time. This is an older OPI, one which Mr Husband found for me at a garage sale. It’s pretty in the bottle, but frosty and pretty horrible on me. This is three coats, dry time was pretty quick which was nice. The ding in the polish of my little fingernail was all my fault 😀

Gives me the terrible red hands of doom. Lobster Hands with your Champagne, Ma’am? Sure!

And then I added two layers of Daring Digits Spooky – a hallowe’en themed polish.

Pity the glitter was so sparse, it was quite a nice combination!

I didn’t like it over this polish though. I’ll have a think about a better base for it, and possibly layer it up with another top coat glitter, too. I know I can make it work!

Have a great day


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  1. That is an absolutely gorgeous combination! I love that!

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