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Daring Digits Almandine & Amy’s Nail Howl At The Moon

The final of my polishes from Daring Digits polish; this is Almandine. Unlike the others, which have been glitter topcoats, this is a shimmer, and a pretty unique (to me, anyway!) colour too.

blurry, but it was the only photo I got that showed the subtle shimmer :)

blurry, but it was the only photo I got that showed the subtle shimmer 🙂

What colour is this? I’m not quite sure. Dusty purple brown, with super fine multi-coloured shimmer. This almost looked like a duochrome, but if it is (and it’s not meant to be) it’s pretty subtle.

Daring Digits Almandine

Daring Digits Almandine

This was two coats, they went on smoothly and dried moderately quickly.

photos are all in the shade - no sun to be found!

photos are all in the shade – no sun to be found!

And over that I put one coat of Amy’s Nail Boutique Howl At The Moon.

Amy's Nail Boutique Howl At The Moon - mini

Amy’s Nail Boutique Howl At The Moon – mini

Howl At The Moon is a gorgeous autumn glitter top coat, with small red, yellow and black hexes and what looks like super fine red and black glitters. All the glitter is matte, and the combination works really well together, and is packed in the bottle!


One coat over Almandine


Two coats over Almandine


Whole hand photo – I wore this mani to the first ever Art in the Woolshed exhibition locally, and had a few comments on how it looked like I had splatter painted this myself. No, no, this is easier! 😀


And with proper top coats – Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter Food, topped with a quick dry top coat for shine. It looks bumpy in these photos, but it wasn’t.




Have a colourful, easy day!


Indie Layering Fun with Daring Digits, Miki, and Amy’s Nail Boutique

I started with a base layer of Miki No 25, a rich buttery yellow which was moderately streaky.

Shown here is three coats to get it even, and it’s super pretty. Ding was my fault, streaks weren’t so much 😀 No base or top coat.

This polish is very glossy and moderately quick drying.

Then I  added one coat of Daring Digits True Love: gold glitter and red matte hearts in a clear base.

This was really packed with glitter – in a really good way. The formula was perfect, not too thick, nor too thin. This was just wiped on like a standard polish, with minimal placement fiddling required. Good heart payoff too, no fishing AT ALL required! Yus!

Then I added one coat of a cool polish called Kitchen Sink, by Amy’s Nail Boutique. Appropriately named, because, as Amy says in the write-up; it’s got every kind of glitter in it except.. the kitchen sink :D.

Normally I run a mile from these types of glitter, but the massive selling point for me is THIS IS IN A MATTE BASE.

Yep, you put this shiny glitter over something, and it mattes everything, leaving the glitter shiny.


Easy to apply, its very thick but not unworkable: I don’t know if normal thinner would work on this, so haven’t experimented.  Dry time is pretty quick, not as quick as a Essie Matte About You, but quicker than Kleancolor Madly Matte.

I really enjoyed playing with these cute polishes, and getting a differently, but not outlandish – and very wearable polish.

Have a great day!

Ami 🙂