Daring Digits: Mango Square – Swatches and Layering

Daring Digits Mango Square, over Kleancolor Black. One coat of Kleancolor Black, two of Mango Square, no top coat.

Simple, pretty, and effective! I love the matte teeny white squares, and the larger yellow ones. The yellow is almost translucent, very pretty. Zero application issues, it’s a bit more sparse than it looks, so the two coats were needed.


Then, because I have my replacement Essie Matte About You, I used it.

Really loved this effect! It dried quickly (thanks, Essie!) and was pretty smooth to the touch.

And,of course, the whole-hand photo!

Have a great day



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  1. Ooooh! *rushes to check out Daring Digits*
    I feel so behind on the whole indie thing, I only really have Sticks n Stones and Floam. Though impressively, I placed an order for Daily Lacquer Makoto yesterday… *swoon*

    • Makoto is beautiful and VERY good to layer over anything, you’ll love it! And the good thing about Indies are there are so many… but the bad thing is there are so many, and they’re COMPLETELY addictive. Daring Digits are GREAT!

  2. Very cool combination, I like it!

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