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Movember nail studs from Born Pretty Store – review

Another review from Born Pretty Store – this time I chose some gorgeous little nail studs – rhinestones and all – which I thought would be perfect for Movember 😀 And they ARE, see?!

BPS movember 1

They are little faces, with black pupils 😀 I think they are hilarious.

BPS Movember 2

Pretty, but utterly entertaining.

BPS movember shade

The other nails have a navy blue and mid blue plastic wrap mani (painted first with navy , then splodged the lighter on top with a scrunched up piece of plastic wrap). And I really loved that effect too, in fact I want to try it again soon, I have IDEAS. The little studs are held on with nail glue, and should last for a fun night out. They do stick out from the curve of the nail, but are ideal for an evening or temporary bit of fun and super easy nail art. Highly recommend!

BPS movember

You can get these ones here, and my coupon code is below, for 10% off.

BPS code

Have a great day!


Born Pretty Store Review: Geometric Metal Nail Studs

The second of my reviews for Born Pretty Store, this is for these cute geometric nail studs. I have a few studs (nails! Sorry, my life isn’t quite that interesting hehehe), but these have to be some of my favourites now. Just so versatile!

born pretty studs

There are 200 various sized studs here (according to the title, I didn’t count them), and they are either silver, gold or red. So I combined them in this skittles mani over some yet to be released Star Kin polishes, and it ended up making a (very accidentally!) patriotic combo 😀

born pretty studs 2

These are easy to work with: get the stud you want, and plonk it on your still-slightly-damp nail polish. With the smaller studs I tend to use a little skewer or a nail dotting tool which I dip into a bit of water in order to pick up the little things, and with the bigger ones I use tweezers.

born pretty studs 3

Once on and in the right place, add top coat if you want them to last awhile. The red star was too large for my ring finger, it looks fine in the photos but the edges stuck over the curve slightly, and then they get lost during the day. Great for thumb nails though 😀

born pretty studs 4

Like most 3D effects, this would be great for a fun day, or night out. I really quite liked this combo, and I made it through most of the day before losing a few studs here and there, though most I just removed and put back to reuse at a later stage.

born pretty studs 5

I may go have another look through Born Pretty Store, they have loads of goodies 😀 If anyone is thinking of doing similar, my coupon code can be found on the widget at the bottom right hand task bar, click it or any of the links in this post, and feel free to use my coupon code AJBQ10 for a 10% discount 😀

Have an awesome day


Pointy Spikey Nail Stud Review for KKCenterHk

yay! I’ve wanted to try these little guys out for awhile… they just look a bit punk, you know? And while I will put them on for a night out and report back on wear time, I had a great deal of fun with these nail studs sent (free for honest review) by KKCenterHk.

nail studs 1

Black pointy studs! You can find the link here, they come in a pack of 10 in a awesome little pottle.

nail studs

And because I just felt like trying something new… here is one of them, in some very quick and simple (and silly) nail art 😀

nail studs 2

A rhinoceros! I hope it looks like a rhino to you, I quite like it, but then I know what I was trying to achieve 😀

nail studs 3

The background is Kolt Golden Chip with a topping of China Glaze Angel Wings, and the rhino was freehanded with a medium brush and black and grey nail polish (Boe Beauty Black Noir and a Star Kin custom grey holo, Judgement Day).

nail studs 4

hehehe makes me laugh. I buy them because they are spiky and funky, then turn it into a rhino horn. It kept twisting a bit off center though, next time I’ll use nail glue. 😛 Pretty fast postage to NZ from KKCenterHk, and if you use the code EVERYSENSORY, you can get 10% off your order 🙂



Have a great day!


Star Stud review from KKcenterHk

Good afternoon!I am back, with the review! I was recently sent a few more products to review from KKcenterHk (still doesn’t roll of the tongue, but they have some lovely stuff), and one of those were these gorgeous silver laser cut stars. They come in this blue foil bag, and there is a decent amount of them!

hkk star 3

They are 8mm, so BIG. The edges do stick out slightly where my nail (and most peoples) curve, but with glue it was pretty strong, and these are special occasion type decorations, and so much fun 😀

hkk star

The laser etching gives it a pretty holographic effect, so I snapped a blurry shot to try and show this off!

hkk star 2

The nail polishes were some of our Star Kin ones, and it’s nice to have a focal decoration to add the bling to the skittle manis, it’s one of my favourite things to do, quick, easy, effective 😀

hkk star (2)

I might at some stage experiment with shaping these slightly around a curved object, and see if that helps with the wearability, but I will definitely be wearing these again for a night out.

hkk star

You can buy these studs here, and if you have some time have a look around KKcenterHk’s website, they have an amazing amount of goodies, not just nails either! Wigs, makeup, eyelashes… just lots. They’ve given me a coupon to use, if you put in EVERYSENSORY at the checkout you can get 10% off your order 🙂


Have a great day