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Born Pretty Store Review: French tip sticker – zig zag

Another gorgeous free for review product from Born Pretty Store, this is a simple yet fun sticker that acts as a stencil. The one I got is a zig zag. The first design I tried was this:

bps stickers

Which was an attempt to use it as a french tip stencil. It didn’t work out that well for me, especially in the combination of polishes I used, so I tried again.

That one didn’t work either, again because of user error – the polishes I used were fine, but then I stamped over it and the french tip line wasn’t visible. If at first you don’t succeed … sky diving isn’t for you. Polish is though, so I kept on trying 😀 And came up with this:

bps sticker 2

Which I did link through to my Facebook page, because I was quite happy with it! See my nails? All long and stuff? Yeah, totally not my nails. Thanks to Jessie from Nailed It NZ for my acrylics, they lasted 2 weeks beautifully and were a lot of fun to play with nail art designs with 😀

BPS sticker (2)


And finally I wanted to play with another colour scheme, and I was really getting into these stickers 😀

bps sticker

With the glitter over the top I could get away with the naked nail underneath, which is nice! Also, yep, short again 😀 So only one sticker fits.

bps sticker 1

In summing up – these took me a bit of getting used to. I think they are awesome though, but I would probably go for a curved, easier one next time, especially if I wanted to use it as a french tip guide sticker. Born Pretty Store has lots of awesome things out,  and free shipping. My coupon code (AJBQ10) is along the side there, which gives 10% off the price.

These stickers can be found here, and were provided free in return for honest feedback 🙂

Have a great day