BPS review: Snake Print Water Decals

Another item to review from Born Pretty Store, and this is one of my favourites! These are snake print water decals, but for a full nail, rather than an image. They come in a little packet like this:

bps decals

plus, you can stick them on your foes πŸ˜€ And ye shall know my enemies by their attractive nails…. πŸ˜›

And have the instructions on the back, and the actual decals look like this. You do need to cut them to shape, but fret not!

bps decal 1

First – how the finished product looked…

bps decals 4

Hnngh. I loved these. O.K – details. First off, I painted my nails a mid grey. These decals are translucent, so a base colour is important. Secondly, I roughly shaped the rectangles to my non-rectangular nails, and placed them in water, then slid them off onto the chosen nail. (Neo. You are the Chosen Nail. cough). I did these one at a time, because I only have two pairs of hands ;).

bps decals 3

Then, once they were all on I top coated them. Which made them look even better, so glossy! Here is my discovery. Top coat sort of eats these decals, but in a mostly very good way. I took the top coat over the tip of my nail, and when I pressed down on the jagged decal edges (I can’t anything in a straight line. It’s one of my skillz), the jagged edges came off, leaving a nice smooth edge! Yay! However: I went back over a bald top coat spot, and it took a tiny little circle of decal right off. So, lots of top coat, lay it down once and move away.

I covered the little missing circle with a loose glitter – and then added one to a few other nails so it looked like a design feature πŸ˜€

bps decals 5

To repeat myself, I totally loved these decals. They were sent for review, but I WILL buy more. They are just so pretty. They wore moderately fast on me, but everything does, I’m the opposite of gentle on my hands.

You can get these from Born Pretty Store, and there is a coupon on the right side of my blog here with a 10% discount voucher should you wish to use it πŸ™‚

Have a great day


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  1. These are so cool! love the grey underneath. Must try these. P.s is that Green Calcite your pretty nails are posing with??

  2. I think you did an amazing job and they look awesome

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