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Born Pretty Store Review – 3D nail decoration – Leaf

The lovely folks at Born Pretty Store sent a few more things to review, and here is the first – a gorgeous 3D nail decoration in the shape of a gold leaf with sparkly embellishment 😀

bps leaf 1

I have it here over Dance Legend Mars, and I like the way the colours complement each other, very autumnal to my eye

bos lead

You can find them here on the Born Pretty site, US$3.06 for two, and they are reusable. I have used top coat to press this on, but if I was wearing it for longer (which I will, hopefully tomorrow night!), I’ll use nail glue to make sure they stay on. They don’t have much of a curve, so don’t lie flat against the edges of my nail, but as these are for special occasions I don’t mind one bit. 🙂

bps leaf

I do enjoy these little leaves, they aren’t so big that they won’t fit on my actual nails, and it’s nice to have another way of adding jewellery. Yes, I am a magpie 😀

bps leaf 2

Born Pretty Store have loads of things on their site, not just nail art related (though a huge amount of that), and free shipping; I do have a code for 10% off on the right hand side of the page here, or codes can be found all over the internet 😀 (if mine is used 10 times they’ll sponsor a giveaway, I think, I don’t get a financial kick back from it, I pinky promise).

Items provided free for honest review 🙂

Have an awesome day


BPS review: THE most awesome metal fox nail decorations!

I was contacted again by the friendly Daisy from Born Pretty Store to ask whether I’d like to review a few more products for them, and um yes, yes I would 😀 They are so much fun! I went for a few new-to-me items, like these metal fox nail decorations (find them here) and waited with anticipation.


bps fox

These are amazing. I am wearing one here over a Handmade by Kyleigh Starry Starry Knight. I haven’t top coated, relying on the polish (which was damp and I just pressed Mr Fox down into the polish) to hold it in place, and it seemed very stable. I would use glue if I was going out wearing these, though, I couldn’t bear the thought of losing it 🙂 You get three in the packet 🙂

bps fox 1

They have a decent weight to them but are not heavy and do not stick up too much, no danger of an inadvertent eye gouge here.

bps fox 3

And, of course, they are SUPER pretty

bps fox 2

Then I integrated another one into another mani, and I think it worked even better…

bps fox 4

This is a skittlette mani: left – right: Lyn B Designs Double Bluff (amazing polish, post coming later), a purple jelly I made with Double Bluff dots over the top, the purple jelly with Mr Fox decoration, and purple jelly with Star Kin Dainty over the top.

bps fox 6

These little foxes are gold with clear sparkly stones and black eyes – Born Pretty Store has heaps of others to chose from, too 🙂 My code for 10% off is AJQB10 , or you can click the Born Pretty Store icon on the right side of this page to go to their site and use the coupon – or any other 🙂

bps fox 5

Usually, items from Born Pretty can take a goodly length of time to arrive – this time, they arrived within 9 days. That is right up there with the quickest arrival from China, and I’m really impressed, and hoping that will be the new trend 🙂 I have a few other reviews to show shortly, and a few other items that I have bought myself, so yes, I do buy their products as well as being sent them 😀

Have a wonderful day


*Fox nail decoration sent for review. All other items bought by myself, opinions my own 🙂

KKCenterHK Review: Hexagonal Silver Nail Studs

*Press sample alert! Press sample alert!* heh (if you are wondering, Press Sample is the new way bloggers are letting people know that they didn’t buy this product, but it should not affect the review given).

I was recently contacted by KKCenterHK, who asked if I would be interested in reviewing a few of their products. I went and had a look at their site and my brains kinda exploded, there is so many things to look at! Argh! And all so interesting! So, well, duh, I said yes please! And they let me choose two products. This was my first choice, these 5mm silver hexagonal nail studs, retailing for US$5 for approx 50 pieces.


For this initial manicure, I used two coats of China Glaze Haunting, then taped off a triangle and put China Glaze Liquid Leather to make an upside down V shape. I just pressed the stud into the sticky polish, and took these photos.


Even though these weren’t attached very securely, they still stayed put very nicely despite the several hand position changes, and I really liked the look! I think they would be far too large for my little finger nail, and my ring fingernail is possibly too curved, but I have plans for the rest, yes I do.


So next, to provide a fair review, is a wear test! For this one I wanted it pretty simple, I have 2 coats of Revlon Royal on all nails, and on my middle fingernails I put on two of the studs. Yep, two studs *wink*


I pressed them down pretty firmly into the polish, then completely slathered them in top coat (Misa Breakneck) to keep them in place. I could have glued them, but my glue has stuck the lid to itself, so my fall back of wet polish + heaps of top coat it will be.


You can see on this angle how the edges of the stud stick out laterally where my nail curves down; I can feel that free edge, but so far it’s not annoying, just something to be cautious of to avoid it getting caught on anything, and pulling off the decoration.


And, can I say, I LOVE this look? I love blue and silver together, and the dimensional quality of this silver and the crispness against the perfect blue of Royal is giving me jawdropitis every time I look at my nails.


I will finish this post tomorrow, with a report of how this lasted, in my day to day life of children, cleaning, cooking, crafts, chickens, and other things which hopefully don’t all start with the letter C.


Postscript! I lost the two studs from my right hand about 2 hours after I put them on, by accidentally scraping them off on a lid. The ones on my left hand stayed on all evening, and I lost one in the morning, and one just now, 24 hours after applying. So, given that I didn’t glue them on, that’s a really good effort I think. I’d definitely recommend these for an evening out look, or something fun and funky for a few hours.

Thanks to KKCenterHK for the chance to play with these pretties, and I’ll be back shortly with a review of the soft stamping plate.

Have a great day

Ami 🙂