China Glaze Prism – Swatches

Short and sweet post, I have places to be!

This is China Glaze Prism, the one that appealed to me the most from their Prismatic collection – multi glittery duochromatic goodness. Oh yes, please.

This goes on like a highly glittery lilac – this is three coats. It needs three, and is very gritty. But also very pretty and blingy.

no topcoat, sunlight

This is with added topcoat, and also here I have added one coat of Darling Diva Polish Dreamy to see if it would make it holographic. It did, but as you can see, the overall glitter hides the finer holographic almost completely. I put a clear nail polish on top of this, and then the top coat, which evened it out somewhat, but it was still not close to being smooth. Just a heads-up for those who like super smooth nails 🙂


Close up – pretty much the only way you could see any holographic. Ah well, worth a shot!

Then, it changes colour. On the extreme angle, and in the right kind of light – it goes silver. An almost ice blue silver. Very nice!

It peeled off very fast though, within half an hour. I was adjusting the kids car seats however, that tends to do a lot of my nail polish in!

And here are two photos, showing the two colours next to each other, so hopefully you can see the shift! Its moderately strong in real life 🙂

Thanks for reading, have a great day!

Ami  🙂


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  1. I’ve got one of these coming at the moment, but I chose Optical Illusion because I rather fancied it. It’s the greenish one 😀
    Great swatches of Prism! I’m the kind of weirdo that will probably cave and get the whole collection 😉
    -Del xx

    • oohh looking forward to seeing your swatches of that! And hopefully it lasts better than mine did, I’ll have to try mine again on a less hectic day. And, thank you! 🙂

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