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piCture pOlish Demeter: Goddess of Chocolate – swatches and layering.

What’s that? Demeter wasn’t the Goddess of Chocolate, you say? Check out this polish!

picture polish demeter

Chocolate, right? With shimmer? Yeah, I thought so too. 😀


These photos show two coats of Demeter, in the early morning sunlight, no top coat.


I did find that the brush was  a bit floppy, but the formula here (and so far on all piCture pOlish polishes that I have tried!) is so good that it didn’t matter.


Look at that gorgeous holographic shimmer. I do like the irregular shape and size of the shimmer, it gives a fine scattered holographic effect in part, and also the appearance of a fine glitter, but it is completely smooth to touch.


The most difficult thing about this polish was reducing the numbers of photos I took down to a manageable amount to post here!


Then, going with the glitter theme, I added one easy coat of Hits Golden Disco (6ml), topped with a (thinned down!) coat of China Glaze Fast Forward.

Hits golden disco



I  like this combination, the more subtle shimmer of Demeter is still peeking through quite noticeably, the fine glitter in Golden Disco increases the effect, and the holographic mid sized gold and silver glitter hexes give a bit more sparkle.


It also helps extend the wear time of the base polish; my nails are moderately bendy – which means polish tends to fire off at the tips, and a glitter coat is often thick enough to prevent that from happening for longer.


I like this combo! I love brown polish, especially rich chocolate browns, so Demeter is a show-stopper for me; the addition of holographic shimmers and glitters only enhance the appeal. I also think some copper, gold, or bronze toned glitter polishes would look lovely teamed with Demeter.


You can buy piCture pOlish lacquers from their website here, or check for distributors closer to home. I bought the Hits polish from Llarowe, and Demeter from Gracie Lou here in New Zealand.

Have a sparkly day

Ami 🙂

My attempt at Christmas Tree Nails

My nubbins! They are growing, slowly. I can’t wait to be able to do justice to swatching those gorgeous polishes that have been sent to me for review, but in the meantime, I made some pretties – Christmas tree nails!

This is China Glaze Thunderbird, two coats, no top coat.


It has a lovely formula, very easy to apply and moderately quick drying, and one of my all time favourite red shimmer polishes.


Then I added a mountain shaped blob  (for the tree!) of China Glaze Running In Circles, which is just gorgeous. Wow. One thick coat here.


Love that green!


Then I added a thin layer of  Darling Diva Polish Holiday Lights to the ‘tree’ for.. well, lights, and then  Kleancolor Metallic Yellow for tinsel: basically I got rid of all the polish except for what was on the tip of the brush, and used that for the line. Finally I added an iridescent orange star to the top, using nail glue. Topped off with a super thick coat of Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter Food and Misa BREAKneck.


I had a few comments on these today, which was nice! 🙂


These were lovely and easy, too!




Have a fantastic day… one sleep until Christmas, and my birthday! Whoop!

Ami 🙂

China Glaze Ride the Waves: Swatches and Layering

This is China Glaze Ride the Waves, from last years Summer neons collection. These swatches are all three coats, no top coat. Check out that shine!

Ride the Waves is a gorgeous blue jelly which has some streaks initially, but they level out by the third coat. The only thing is… it wasn’t the bottle colour! waaah! I’ll layer this next time, see if I can get it to bottle colour and keep the gorgeous depth and shine. I like this colour; dont get me wrong, but I really want one the colour that it is in the  bottle – that true blue. I don’t know if these photos show it properly, but its a bit more teal than it looks in the bottle.

Whole hand photo…

Then I played around with glitter (again! I know! But, they’re new and gorgeous and saying ‘Ami…. use me….put me on your nails… over that gorgeous blue…’ and I’m weak. Weak, I tell ya, when it comes to refusing glitter.) This is accent and tip with Hits Speciallita Golden Disco:

…which is a very cute large gold and holographic glitter, tiny gold glitters in a clear base. This was quite thick: it was easy to apply, but took a while to dry. I finished it all off with Kleancolor Fast Dry top coat.

And another whole hand photo..

Have a wonderful day


China Glaze Unpredictable: Swatches and Layering with HITS

This beauty is China Glaze Unpredictable, the third multichrome polish I bought from their recent Bohemian Lustre collection.

China Glaze Unpredictable

It is predominantly blue/green/gold with extra colour shifts too, here are LOADS of photos to show the changes!

Unpredictable: Showing gold in the middle, green shading to blue along the edges. Inside lighting 🙂

These swatches were three easy coats plus Kleancolor Fast Dry top coat:  it’s sheer, but builds nicely, and it’s not streaky. I found it didn’t leave brushstroke marks at all – that shimmer takes care of that.

slightly blurred to show the shimmer!

It dried really fast, and stayed unchipped for a goodly length of time on my nails.

Love those deeper green colour flashes – outside lighting

Showing that gorgeous green on a side angle, inside lighting:

And the whole-hand photo 🙂


Then, because I felt like an extra bit of sparkle, I created two accent nails on each hand with Hits Phenomena Borealis. This is a pretty, gold/green colour shifting glitter in a clear base.

It went on super easily, dried fast, and set like concrete. I topped that all off with Kleancolor Fast Dry top coat.

I actually preferred Unpredictable on it’s own. I like Borealis, but the colour shift in the glitter got completely dominated by the colour shifts in Unpredictable, so I should have just enjoyed the first on it’s own, and fired my inner magpie for the day.

Hehehe, it was still pretty though.

Have a great day!

Ami 🙂