China Glaze Unpredictable: Swatches and Layering with HITS

This beauty is China Glaze Unpredictable, the third multichrome polish I bought from their recent Bohemian Lustre collection.

China Glaze Unpredictable

It is predominantly blue/green/gold with extra colour shifts too, here are LOADS of photos to show the changes!

Unpredictable: Showing gold in the middle, green shading to blue along the edges. Inside lighting 🙂

These swatches were three easy coats plus Kleancolor Fast Dry top coat:  it’s sheer, but builds nicely, and it’s not streaky. I found it didn’t leave brushstroke marks at all – that shimmer takes care of that.

slightly blurred to show the shimmer!

It dried really fast, and stayed unchipped for a goodly length of time on my nails.

Love those deeper green colour flashes – outside lighting

Showing that gorgeous green on a side angle, inside lighting:

And the whole-hand photo 🙂


Then, because I felt like an extra bit of sparkle, I created two accent nails on each hand with Hits Phenomena Borealis. This is a pretty, gold/green colour shifting glitter in a clear base.

It went on super easily, dried fast, and set like concrete. I topped that all off with Kleancolor Fast Dry top coat.

I actually preferred Unpredictable on it’s own. I like Borealis, but the colour shift in the glitter got completely dominated by the colour shifts in Unpredictable, so I should have just enjoyed the first on it’s own, and fired my inner magpie for the day.

Hehehe, it was still pretty though.

Have a great day!

Ami 🙂


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  1. Pretty! I wore Unpredictable yesterday :3 I’ve queued up my post for today and now I’m dithering over what to wear tonight >_<
    I'm jealous about that Hits polish – I've wanted some of theirs for a while but haven't gotten around to getting any yet D:
    P.S. It's weird for me when you don't post every day, I started taking it for granted 😉

    • yay for wearing Unpredictable! The Hits were on special when I did my Llarowe order, so I got two, which I do love 🙂
      I know! It was weird for me, too, I kept trying to post things and WordPress wouldn’t let me save anything, upload photos, and half the time wouldn’t even open for me. Waaah. However, here we are, weirdness shall now UNHAPPEN! 😀 Can’t wait to see your post..

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