Ozotic 506 and 526 – Wowza.

Here are two gorgeous Ozotic polishes that not only look amazing, but also look even more amazing together. First up, here is Ozotic 526, a stunning holographic black polish. In the shade it’s a lovely inky black colour with silvery appearing shimmer.

Ozotic 526

But in the sun.. check out that shimmer now!

Ozotic 526

I’d say this is a linear holographic polish; the rainbow forms a definite line. However, the particles are larger than the intense holographic polishes out there (eg Layla, Jade) – so you can see every shimmer particle as a rainbow floating in the black. Just stunning.


And the best bit? It’s a true black. Not a dark grey. BLACK.


These photos show two coats, no top coat. Dry time is on the faster side of average, and the formula was nice to deal with, not thick at all, a tiny bit runny but not uncontrollable.


I then taped off a diagonal section, and added two thin coats of Ozotic 506 to the tips, finished with China Glaze Fast Forward. And then proceeded to knock my little finger against the chair when going to get my camera.. hence the three fingered photos. Yeah. Whoops 😀
Ozotic 526 506

Anyway! 506 is a gorgeous multichrome – blue to purple to a bronze colour that I could only photography on an extreme angle.


That extreme angle showing the bronze shift…


Yep, I fixed my little nail up here – I freehanded the tip, and added some dots. Just because. You can see the blue, which seemed to be the dominant colour, but it is changing to the purple on my index fingernail.


And purple, glorious purple.


And a whole hand photo in the shade (which is normally when the purple peeks out)


And another one using flash – so shiny, pretty! Duochrome over holographic… I really liked this! It did seem a bit chippy to me, not majorly so, but it had some chips by the next day. For these perfect party nails though, it’s all worth it, and someone with less soft nails than I have will get a much longer wear time from it.


You can buy Ozotic polish from the pIcture pOlish website here, or check out their lists of international distributors, like Gracie Lou here in NZ 🙂

Have a great day



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