Layering fun with Dollish Polish, Ozotic and More…

I have been trying to get a blog post out for days now. And I couldn’t! BUT I have now upgraded my browser to Firefox, and it’s working! WHOOP! Here is the long worked on post – a real mish mash it is, too! 😀

First up, the base colour coat. Because the star polish here was Dollish Polish Toad-ally Awesome, I chose a deep charcoal black to really make those glitters pop. This is Color Club After Hours – two coats, no top coat


Then one coat of Toad-ally Awesome, which is actually totally awesome. Look at the patriotic colours! For about half the world. Anyone else think its funny? Where are the silver and gold flags? The pink and magenta ones? Khaki green? Why so much blue/red/white?

totally awesome!

Anywho, this is lovely – all matte glitters except for a sprinkle of blue sparkle glitter in a clear base. Easy to apply, almost no glitter placement required.


Then, Essie Matte About You. I do like matting glitter. Yus.


This looked very nice matte, everything stood out against the background really nicely.


And because it was lying around, I grabbed the Ozotic 509 and free-handed a diagonal stripe, so half had the holographic top coat, and the other half was still matte. Quite liked this effect, too.


Though… maybe not freehand next time. And I may build up the Ozotic a bit more, it’s a gorgeous super holo polish that needs more time to shine 😀


Have a great day


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  1. I really liked the all matte nail, super super pretty!

    • That was my favourite too! I was wandering all bored and just couldn’t stop myself from adding a holo, and it was fine, but I did prefer the matte. Thanks for reading, and having great taste! 😀

  2. Love! Looks amazeballs matte 😀
    How many Dollish Polishes do you have? I don’t have any but I’ve been eyeing some up lately…

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