Rocking The Holiday Nubs: aka Festive Nail Polish for Super Short Nails

Yesterday, whilst in the middle of a Swatch-a-Thon, my nails gave up. I had broken my pinky nail down to the quick, and fixed it with nail glue and teabag paper. Then my index nail broke – I just glued that together. So, painting and swatching was loads of fun: every time I removed a polish the teabag had to be buffed flat again.. and I was GRUMPY. I’m waiting on some polishes to review, AND I have been really looking forward to a whole month of glitzy, blingy, holiday nails. And I couldn’t keep them fixed, not really.

So, I chopped them all off, and pouted a bit. Then thought, how ridiculous! If I want glitzy nails, I’m going to have them, and more to the point, I’ll show them! Instead of making it seem like only those with longer nails can have polish or pretty colours, I’ll rock my nubs instead :D. Here is my first super short nail post, and this is for those people with super short nails, who want to have the holiday nails without necessarily drawing TOO much attention to the length of their nails.


These are my nails. I’m glad I could trim them before they tore the whole way through. I put one coat of Revlon Catty over them. Nice coverage in one coat, and good fast dry time, Revlon. But why you go test on animals, Revlon! WHY! I got this in a sale. My ethics voice was drowned by my greedy voice. Stink. If you are super self conscious of your nails, you could just put another coat on of this, and call it done. It has a lovely little shimmer to it, and is a festive nude shade. The nail polish should also help protect your nails so they grow faster (SCIENCE: they won’t grow faster, they just don’t break as much. hehehe sorry).


But, glitzy nude wasn’t what I wanted, and I’m tired of feeling like I should be ashamed of my hands if the nails are stubbins. So, here is one coat of a franken I made – I really wanted Crows Toes Maxxed Out, but need to stop the buying of polish. This is a conglomerate mix of loads of different silver, gold, and holo glitter polishes. It works for me. 😀


Added to this was one coat of Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter Food, and one coat L’Oreal Quick Dry (same sale, same shame). Thanks to the Glitter Food this dried smooth as well as fast.


This is lovely and blingy, but still in a good tone range for my skin: I think silver would stand out more, but I wanted a bit of a disguise. The mid sized hexes piled up help give an optical illusion that my nails are a bit longer than they are too. And best of all, it’s FESTIVE!!


So, I think my middle two fingernails look fine with this polish at this length. My index nail is scraping by, and my poor pinky is horrible. But it’s horrible with BLING on it, so that makes it allll ok.

Micro Macro!! :D

Micro Macro!! 😀

I have quite a stash of previous manis to post, so you probably won’t see my nails this short again. Rest assured I’ll be painting them all holiday-like though, so if you do want to see more super short nails all dressed up, just leave a comment.


Have a great day, regardless of mishaps!


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  1. I saw the first picture and thought “less festive, more frosted” and not in a good way. Kudos on the outcome, I’m impressed.

  2. not everyone can have long nails, and I too think that nail polish should not only be for the long nailed. I love the short nails, yeah, your pinky looks a bit munted, but not too much and the nail polish actually hides it well. You’ll have no problem playing the guitar now, will you. 🙂

    • When you’re right, you’re right! And you, you’re always right. 😀 Pinky is a bit too munted for guitar playing, actually, it hurts! But give it a day or two and I’ll be back playing as badly as before heh heh heh

  3. acetonehuffingcougar

    I have short nails due to my profession and wear the heck out of some glitter. I think yours look fab!

  4. Ain’t no shame in nubbins! The only reason I have such long nails is because I’ve not been working lately. Nail polish is for eeeeeveryone!! Love the bling 😀
    Besides, nails grow :3

    • You rock – and you’re right 😀 I find it hard not to fall into the ‘gotta try to be as perfect as possible’ trap, so this is a nice break for me. Plus, hopefully they’ll grow back stronger and healthier 😀 ❤

  5. Awesome, awesome, awesome! Shorties can be blinged for sure! Good job! 😀

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