Up Colors Azul Arco Iris & Ninja Polish Alexandrite.

I’ve taken my time posting this, for sentimental reasons. This was the mani I wore for our family get-together on the one year aniversary of my aunt’s death. For some reason, I associate her with the flower Iris, and bought this polish in her memory in the immediate grief-stricken ‘buy things to feel better’ phase just after her passing. This polish arrived broken. I’m sure you could guess how I would feel about that, in light of the reason for purchase. Ninja Polish though (who I purchased it through in the first place), belatedly found out about it and replaced it, plus extras, which made my day – especially as it arrived 3 days before the 1st year sadiversary. Funny thing, life.

Anyway! Here is it, on it’s own, Up Colors Iris.


Stunning polish, a bit lighter than the swatches I saw, but a lovely pale blue with diffuse but present linear holographic effect.


Dry time was fast, and application was very easy. This is three coats, two was enough but I really liked the depth of colour better at three.


Sun shine




I loved the way this looked with the jeans I was wearing 😀


And then I layered one coat of Ninja Polish Alexandrite over my ring finger as an accent. Alexandrite is an amazing color shifting glitter in a clear base – the colours seem predominantly green – blue. I’ll do a full post on Alexandrite in the future. I wanted to wear this on that day because one thing Karla was great about, was changing her opinions and her mind. She never forgot the previous argument, but she was super open to changing things, sometimes just for giggles. And when she was in the mood, she’d argue white was black and black was white just to stir things up. 😀


Dim sunshine…


Macro… all those little colour changing glitters…


I miss my aunt!

Have a lovely day



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  1. Love the polish, fine choice for Karla too – exactly the colour I always imagined on her “One day I’ll have a” Mercedes Benz 🙂

  2. Beautiful color….and although I am sorry for your loss…I personally think the reason behind you purchasing this color was a great one. 🙂

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