Nail art using eyeballs from KKCenterHK

Yep. Eyeballs 😀

I was allowed to pick another couple of things to review (yay! Thank you!) and I chose these, and some decals you’ll see very soon. I absolutely adore googly eyes, and these reminded me of them, but green (and the pupil bit doesn’t move around).

kkcenterhk eyes

I made the top of a monster, using Cult Ms. Conduct and put in some rough hairy details with Kleancolor Black. The background green was Color Club Twiggie, with Kleancolor Holo Green on top. I stuck the eyes down into the wet polish, then top coated over them on my right hand. But the top coat made the eyes dull, so I didn’t on this hand 😀

kkcenterhk eyes 1

I’d recommend using nail glue as the website suggests, I’d hoped the polish would hold them firm, but I lost one after about an hour. It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye. Sigh.

kkcenterhk eyes 2

This was fun! Looking forward to wearing them again, nice to have something silly on nails to laugh at!

kkcenterhk eyes 5

You can check out KKCenterHK’s website here, and I think my code is still valid, EVERYSENSORY which gives 10% off 🙂

Have a great day




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  1. haha this is cute! The eye sticker things are kind of creepy lol

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