Awesomest Nail Mail from Megan :D

And an apology – sorry folks, my computer hasn’t been very well, and I haven’t been able to do more then read my comments via email. But it’s going now, so blog time!

Remember those butterflies I was making for the talented Megan from Two Lacquered Girls? The post was here, and their blog is here (awesome polishes and swatches, plus polish information, well worth a read!). We swapped butterflies for polishes, and this is what she sent!

Oooh! Look!

And the individual items:

First and definitely the most exciting to me, is a franken polish she made in, oh, about 5 seconds flat while we were chatting on Facebook. And WOW.I am looking forward to putting this on – and being me I’ll try everything else first, so I can leave the best till last. 🙂

Look at that beautiful blue, with all that gorgeous glitter!

This is Butter London Teddy Girl, and I’ve heard so much about this brand (and really can’t afford to buy them here) that I’m very excited to try this one, too. 3 free and not tested on animals, very very cool.

Julep Polishes…

And two Julep polishes, Anne and Melissa. Love!

But wait, there’s more!

AND a whole heap of different coloured holographic glitters, oooh I’m going to have fun with these! Just wait! I can’t hehe

All tucked up in a Julep bag, with a sample of Pedi Creme. 😀

You should have seen my happy dance as I was opening all this, it was a sight to behold 😀

Thanks, Megan, these are beyond awesome and I’m looking forward to trying them all out. I have Anne on at the moment, I’ll post those swatches very soon!


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