Kleancolor Aurora over Butter London Teddy Girl

After the disappointing results with the Essie as base, I thought I would go for a girly pink to put Kleancolor Aurora on.

I put on two coats of Butter London Teddy Girl (thanks again for the polish, Megan!). It was still a touch streaky at two coats, so I added one coat of Kleancolor Love Is In The Air, and then as thin a coat as I could get of Kleancolor Aurora.  I added one coat of Orly Sec ‘n’ Dry, but when that dried a bit I noticed the stars edges were poking out a bit so I put another coat of Sec ‘n’ Dry over any nail with stars on it.

The outcome was a very, very girly glittery pink that reminded me of the dress of a princess barbie doll I had as a kid. Not like this one, but a very similar colour (image from http://ifitspink.blogspot.co.nz/2010/09/pink-barbie.html)

The dry time on this was loooong. But, again, as per my previous attempt I think the weather here is the culprit… it’s cold, and raining, and very humid. NOTHING is drying. Still, this went non-tacky in about 10 mins (with the quick dry top coats) but remained scrunchable and dentable for an hour afterwards. It did eventually dry though, which is nice! However, the very tips of the stars are still sticking out. That annoys me a touch because if I can feel them, then I know I will peel them. So far I’ve resisted…

I do like this though! It is borderline too girly and pink for me, I almost want to say it doesn’t suit my skin tone but I know that would be a lie. It does. I just.. sort of don’t want it to. So I’ll shut up, and show you this whole hand photo because it also shows a ring I bought off Ebay, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

Its a two finger ring.. and a huge dragon. I collect dragons. And nail polish. And chickens (but I’m getting the numbers of my flock down to something manegable now!) Actually, on a side note, I’m planning some nail art based on my different chickens.. heh heh heh

Have a great day!



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  1. Pretty combo, but yesss very girly! >_<
    -Del xx

    • hehehe come on, you pop by the Manawatu some time (on our way for our NZ nail bloggers road trip I think) and we’ll paint our nails like this, to match our Princess Barbie/Gypsy Wedding Dresses. You know you want too 😀
      Thanks! I love it too, and it was super cheap on Ebay 😀 I want more!

  2. Such a pretty mani! And that ring is BOSS.

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