April 29th and 30th – Last of the photo’s.

Sunday was super busy, and Monday was Migraine Day, so I’ve finally compiled the last two photos for Photo-A-Day April:


April 29th: Circle

Setting sun through a ring. Two circles!

April 30th: Something that makes you sad

These are the cows from the surrounding farm, and they make me sad. My neighbours are farming people, and they are GOOD farming people. They look after and care about their animals, and that shows. No, what makes me sad is that the current dairy system requires the cows to be pregnant almost constantly, and their calves are taken off them at birth. The boys (bobby calves) are usually surplus and sold to be slaughtered straight away, and the girls are usually kept to sell or repeat the cycle. To make it sadder, I have heard that cows are very careful not to step on the nests of birds that make nests in their paddocks. The COWS care more about the babies of another species then this farming system does.

I know not every house (or one in every thousand houses, let’s be honest) could have it’s own little goat or cow or sheep to sharemilk with the baby animal, but wouldn’t it be nice? Then the calf/kid/lamb could grow to adulthood and then be humanely slaughtered for meat, or sold, or bred. Or even if there were places to buy shared milk from – and we could all just drink a bit less milk. I don’t have any answers. I just have sads.


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  1. well turn that frown upside down! There are alot of people waking up in this country to the over reach of the government in telling us what we can eat and drink! I will drink raw milk if i want to if they dont like they will have to pry my cold hands from my chilled mason jar!!!

    • mwahahaha! I also drink raw milk – I buy it from a organic farm down the road, yay for freedom of choice. There does need to be a heck of a lot more thought put into the welfare of the animals though, I’m certainly not one for ‘don’t drink milk / don’t eat meat” – but ethically. That’s my drive. 🙂

      • yeah cant wait to have my own milk source, animals do get a raw deal atleast some of us can raise them humanely and give them a life that is closer to what they deserve. Hopefully others will follow suit i understand raising chickens is really taking off in the US hopefully that is a good sign of things to come

      • I would LOVE to have a housecow, or a couple of milking goats. No land, though. One day! Raise the offspring well, and you could have ethical meat, too. If enough people did it, the surplus could be sold to people without their own land – like farmers markets do with veges. Could be a neat filter down effect – if only the mega corps and governments would stop trying to shut it down – e.g. Food Bill! Argh! Chickens are the BEST. Food, security, entertainment. Love that trend!

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