Essie Sew Psyched – Swatches

This is Essie Sew Psyched, and my first experience with Essie. I bought this one at a big cosmetics sale for $8 – normally I wouldn’t buy Essie polishes because they are owned by L’Oreal who test on animals, but: a) the parent/child company and animal testing area is a bit of a grey one – PETA encourages us to spend money at the non-testing child company to prove a point to the parent company that testing is unecessary. See, I think that’s a touch naive, but…  then there’s: b) it was a really pretty colour. (shame.)

Sew Psyched has a really pretty silver microshimmer to it – which I can’t see AT ALL on my nail, but I think it does add a bit of depth to the colour.

These swatches are two coats, no top coat. This polish had a thinner formula than I was expecting, with the odd rampaging blob of polish – watch out for those. It self leveled well, and was nice and opaque in two coats. Good wear time, minimal tip wear the next day.  I’d describe the colour as a lovely blue based khaki green, and it was fairly flattering on me.

Sorry about the cuticles! Big day of swatching 🙂

Whole hand photo… it’s not a weak colour, but it is quite subtle.

Then for fun I used top coats of  Darling Diva Polish – Dreamy, Australis  – Speck-tacular, and Cover Band – Sticks and Stones over the Sew Psyched (little finger Speck-tacular, ring finger Sticks and Stones, middle and index fingers Dreamy). I really preferred Dreamy as the finish. The holographic top coats’ silver tone turned it into a very grey sage green, and Sew Psyched really amped up the holographic sparkle of Dreamy. ( I like it so much so that I’m wearing it as a pedicure…) Sticks and Stone looked nice, and would be great for a camoflage effect, and Speck-tacular just didn’t really impress me over this colour.

Shade photo

Shade – the flakies look so nice in the shade

Whole hand photo with the top coats.

Look how nice that holographic looks in the sunlight! And how invisible the flakies are… 🙂

After this first experience I’m pretty happy with Essie – it did dry fast, and removal was easy – it didn’t stain either. Unless its at a mega sale I won’t be racing out to buy more (apart from Smooth Sailing, maybe. I WANT that polish.)

I don’t think the big cheese parent companies give two figs about where they get their money from, as long as they get it. The concept of buying from the non testing child company would only work if we didn’t buy anything at all from the main company, and if they stopped selling in China (or China changed that animal testing pre-requisite).  I don’t know if that’s going to happen. But I do love this polish, yessir.

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  1. Good to know about L’Oreal. I wasn’t aware! Nice color on you.

    • They all keep it really quiet, and it’s really hard because a lot of previously ‘good’ companies, like MAC, now do test because of the selling-to-China deal. Makes it really difficult to make ethical consumer choices, but I guess we’re pretty luck we even have the option to try. Thanks, I do love this colour! Might have to find more along similar lines.. from another company 😉

  2. Totally hear you about the parent / daughter company thing. It is a constant battle for me, whether to buy or not to buy. I do still think our dollars have an impact when we choose only to buy from the “cruelty-free” sub-company of a bigger company. You’d think if gives the idiots a bit of a hint. If we all just bought from the cruelty-free subsidiary, then maybe they’d really get it?

    That said – I love Sew Psyched. It is one of my favourite colours to wear in between seasons, or when I don’t feel Iike wearing insane colours, but still want to look unique.

    • It is tricky! I think it’s infinitely better to buy Essie rather than L’Oreal, but…. eeeeek. If we all only bought Essie, I do think that would do it. But L’Oreal do so much, and Essie only the nail polish. Thats a good description of Sew Psyched! You should take some photos and post them…

  3. I don’t have many Essie polishes, but I do think I ought to have this one. It looks lovely!
    That said, nothing beats Smooth Sailing. I have it… and you don’t just want it. You NEED it.
    You really do!
    -Del xx

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