OPI Color So Hot It Berns – Swatch

This is an OPI mini from the Swiss Collection Mini Set – my sister V (yay! Sister V is getting into nail polishes! WHOOOOP! Come on, Sister C, it’s yoouuurrr turn!) bought the set and realised she won’t wear red, so she gifted this cute little bottle to me.  Twisted my rubber arm to take it. hehe

OPI Color So Hot It Berns

This is.. well, I’d call it a standard red creme polish. Nice shiny finish, self levels, easy to apply and this is two coats – no top coat. Only used a smidgeon out of the bottle for a full manicure too, so even the teensy bottle will last awhile.

Super cute teeny bottle!

Pretty colour! More to the primary/slightly blue toned red spectrum – not orange/pink/coral toned. Cool red. (oxymoronical, I know, but there you are).

So I put Dreamy (the holographic top coat from Darling Diva Polish – check them out on Etsy) and Australis Speck-tacular (the flakie top coat) on top, too see what that looked like. Now the nails with Dream on top are pink. Indoors, they are REALLY pink. Dreamy has a silver tone to it, because of all the different holographic particles, so be aware that it will affect the colour of the polish. Out in the sunlight it was a pretty red holographic, still pinker than before, but inside – very pink. Quite a cool effect, but I’m not sure how in love with it I was.

little finger and middle finger has Australis Speck-tacular, ring and index fingers have Dreamy – please forgive the too-much-swatching cuticles!

Shade – I love it how the Speck-tacular (terrible name!) flakies show up better in the shade – the opposite of most cool top coats. Adds interest in the lower light, which is a nice change. The flakies are also multi-coloured, so you’ve got the pops of orange or blue or green – the red obviously doesn’t show up as well against a red base, but the shimmer still shows.

Whole hand photo…

Invisible flakies in the sun, pretty holo sparkle! I might layer them up next time, see if I can get a all-light-level effect 😀

And there you have it! OPI So Hot It Berns from the Swiss Collection, with spinkles on top. Thanks, Sister V!

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  1. I love when you put the sparkles on top!

  2. I got one of my sister dabbling in nail polish 2 🙂 ❤ this!!

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