Day 17: Glitter

Day 17 of the 31 Day Nail Polish Challenge: Glitter

Whoop! I love glitter. I am also scared of glitter, because of the removal. BUT… this is (drumroll please!) my first time of using a PVA glue base for my nails. And it worked beautifully. I could peel all this glitter off easily, no damage to my nail at all, and no scrubbing for 1o mins!


Anyway, this is OPI Bring on the Bling, which I bought 2 days after our wedding day. It was kind of a present from my husband, really. So it’s a special polish to me, and I’ve been so disappointed that I haven’t been able to use this, or my other glitter from the Burlesque collection, because they thickened up so badly. I thinned this with the Seche Restore in order to be able to put this on – but I have to thin it more. Much more. Sad!

But, still, so blingy with it’s bronzey gold and multi coloured glitters. I just wish there was some sun anywhere so I could take a photo of THAT! Sorry, indoor lighting will have to do. This is two coats, and Orly In A Snap topcoat.

Have a great day

Ami  🙂


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  1. Gorgeous and Happy Belated Anniversary! 🙂

  2. oh my gosh all the wonderful sparkly glittery goodness! ^_^ where can I find this PVA glue base? how does it work? I’d love to have it for when I use glitter on my nails(I just got this amazing glitter polish that took *forever* to remove >.<)

    • Oooh I’ll see if I can find that link! Basically, some wonderful bloggers realised that the peel-off base coat that has come out is PVA glue (and water, if your glue is too thick!). I had an empty polish bottle which I cleaned out by soaking polish remover in it – and then filled it up with 90% PVA and added water until it was a nice texture. Then paint it on as a base, let it dry (goes clear when dry) then glitter up! To remove, just scratch a bit (I use my other nail, not damaging) and peel off. Google it, maybe, there’s HEAPS of tutorials and it’s 100% amazing 😀

  3. This is one of my favorite glitters in my collection! Looks gorgeous on you 🙂

  4. Can never have too much glitter!

  5. gorgeous glitter! love shiney things and glitter!!

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