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PANZ week 4: Brights! (Giving Winter the Finger/s) :D

First thing, a warning: these photos are really bad, and I apologise, I do!


For this weeks challenge, we went with Brights – after an online discussion about who wears bright colours in winter (which it is here, brrrr), and ignores the seasonal ‘rules’. Which, it turns out, are most of us. Although that said most of my brights aren’t technically bright – these were the only three semi-neon bright colour creme polishes in my collection (of 580+ polishes).


So… the three I used were Mode Say Cheese (yellow), Color Club Screamin’ Fuchsia (um, very LOUD pink, brilliant name for it), and Color Club Abyss (blue). I used a white base – Kleancolor White – and used striping tape on all nails except the accent nail, so the white showed through when I took the tape off. I sponged on the three polishes in a gradient (messy!) and Abyss and Say Cheese combined nicely to make the green.


On my accent nail I used the same three polishes over the white base, but watermarbled with them. All were topped off with Misa BREAKneck top coat.



And my seldom photographed right hand… gak, in terrible condition, too. But shows I did have it on both hands, and the watermarble on that side 😀 Please, please excuse the mess, I had minus 10 mins to clean it up, and as I had cleverly tried to use PVA glue on my cuticles to protect them and it wouldn’t peel off, then the glue stopped the polish remover working, and it was all swears and cusses at my house that morning! sorrrry!


I had more compliments on this mani then almost any other, I guess wearing brights in winter really does help people notice! And luckily from arms length the mess wasn’t so visible. 😀

Have a great day

Ami 🙂


piCture pOlish orbit and pshiiit – nail art.

There they were, these beautiful nail polishes, crying out to me: “use us together! In some form of nail art! For we are beautiful!”

And as it shall never be said that I ignore nagging nail polishs, here is what I did! 🙂

On my thumb and little finger I had one coat of Color Cosmetics 115 as a base, then 2 coats of pshiiit (amazing). Then I made a sunburst-type pattern with striping tape, and put one coat of orbit over that (one coat is all it needs, just perfect coverage), and topped it (and all fingers!) off with one coat of Orly Sec ‘n’ Dry.

My index and ring fingers again have one coat of 115, and two of pshiiit, then I dotted on orbit. I think these were my favourites, orbit is amazing to dot! Because it stays where it’s put it makes lovely raised dots, and the sparkle is unreal. Like tiny sapphires on my emerald ocean nails.

Then, piece de resistance, I attempted my first ever fishtail braid, using Mary’s technique (posted here) from Swatch and Learn.

I loved that tutorial, easy to follow! Although, in my addle-brained way (I have a fairly nasty headcold. I can’t think properly because I have phlegm where my brain should be), I did put a stripe on in the wrong place, but it can all be painted over.

The polishes I used for the fishtail braid effect were a base of 115 and then one coat of pshiiit, then alternating stripes of orbit, pshiiit, and NYC Filthy Rich. I chose Filthy Rich because it has both silver and gold in it, to try and pull together the silver and gold tones in the piCture pOlish lacquers. I really like the effect! 🙂

Have a great day, everyone, and stay well 🙂