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Kereru Effervescent Bath Salts: Summer Breeze – Review

This was a birthday present – and it’s a goodie. Kereru Natural Products are based VERY locally to our house (in the middle of our street… EARWORM), and stock quite the range of essential oil based goodies – balms and lotions and oils: oh my!  They have been doing their thing since 1988, and have their formulations down pat. Website link at the end of the post!

So, this was a gift from Mr Husband Man – I think he was subtly telling me to stress-less, as the one he chose was Summer Breeze: De-stress and Be Happy. Don’t mind if I do. Look how pretty it is!

So pretty. It doesn't change your bath water colour, though - so no danger of becoming Smurfette!

The labels of Kereru Products are all handmade / printed looking, and super cute. I love it when the thought has gone into the product, not the packaging! I must say, mine has ‘Everescent Bath Salts’ on the label.. and Editor Ami thinks that’s a bit amusing – I’m not sure if it’s fizzy; or about to break into screechy emo song. Anyway!  This smells really, really nice, and works beautifully. The essential oils used are bergamot, grapefruit, lime and geranium – so they are SERIOUS about picking your mood up. I mostly smell bergamot (grapefruit and lime blend with that so nicely so aren’t as obvious to my nose), then a geranium note which adds a lovely floral tone.

Once in the bath it does the fizz thing nicely, and then releases the oils which sit on top of the water – and do some very effective aromatherapy skin softening. Plus, unlike some other products, this aroma lingers. It’s in the bath with you for the duration, seriously nice staying power!

I would recommend checking out their website ( – and seeing what they have there. Local, super eco friendly and dedicated to their work.

LUSH: Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser – review

Lush makes a series of face cleansers that are unlike any other I have tried – not a lotion, or a soap look-alike, but.. more like a soft oat scrub in a tub. And I guess that is exactly what this is! Angels on Bare Skin is “the Lush version of an expensive medieval skincare recipe. Rose oil and lavender oil were discovered to do wonderful things for the skin, too. Almost a thousand years later, you’d be hard pressed to find a better all round cleanser and exfoliator than Angels.” (

Personally, I can’t smell rose in this, it just smells lightly of lavender to me. There are blobs of lavender flowers throughout, which is really pretty. The texture is dry – you mix a pea sized blob with water (in the palm of your hand works best!) and gently rub it on your face and neck, then rinse off. I find it very gentle in its exfoliating, but very effective. It doesn’t make my skin dry, but it does make it bright red! (I’m so sensitive at the moment that almost anything does, though). I do moisturise afterwards, but my skin isn’t dry and screaming out for it, its more a preference of mine.

I really like this cleanser, and although it seems a bit expensive ($18.30 per 100g), it’ll take me at least 6 months to go through that amount, and thats using it everyday. I had a sample from Lush (they are great there, just go and talk to them! Shops in most cities around the world, I believe.. check online for shops near you) – and it was tiny, and lasted 2 weeks.

Lush don’t test on animals, and in this cleanser there is nothing bad for you, and heaps of things that are good for your skin. 🙂

Easy, cheap, effective DIY face mask

Heres a really quick recipe idea for making your own face mask! This was my go-to on Saturday, I alter the ingredients depending on a) what I have in the fridge and b) what my skin needs on the day.

So, Sat, skin was flaky, sensitive, dry and looked more wrinkly than normal. I know, the glamour, right? Egg white is my go-to product for dull and wrinkly skin – it tightens the skin temporarily (I found for about 8 hours), making pores look a bit smaller, and the shiny -ish taut look helps my skin look brighter. All this can be yours in a box from the shop for about $200 – or in your fridge for nada. Crack an egg, seperate, put white in a bowl.

You can use just egg white! However, I like to add extras… so I put some cream in it for that extra slippery softening feeling, plus it doesn’t have much lactic acid so it wouldnt aggravate the sensitivity. Mix it up with your fingers, put it on a cleansed face, leave until it goes tight (I normally wait 20 mins, but hey, whatever works!) then rinse off with warm, NOT HOT water. moisturise, and done!

oooh beautiful. But it works!

When my skin is more oily or breaking out (thanks Mr Hormones, I appreciate that you’re still giving me the odd pimple as well as the new lines), I’ll use plain yoghurt instead of cream, and honey. Or milk if I have no honey (the lactic acid works as a mild exfoliant – yoghurt, being fermented, has more.). Honey locks the moisture into the skin (humectant I believe is the term), and softens too. I’ll use honey in my next face mask, I need the boost!

So, overall, VERY effective, very cheap, very easy! And, hey, don’t waste the egg yolk, make custard from it. (milk, egg yolk, cornflour and sugar. heat, stir, eat!). One egg makes more than you can use at once,but put it on neck, chest, hands, wherever!

Honey’n’spice Complexion Bars Review

I purchased three ‘compexion bars’ (i.e facial soap) from Honey ‘n’ Spice for $12 (for three complexion bars)  from They have a write-up stating: “Every creation is made with only the finest ingredients and is a celebration of flavour and texture for your senses. All carefully handcrafted, in small unique batches. Proudly made in Otago NZ, completely free of SLS (chemical foaming agent found in facial cleansers, bubble bath, etc etc-toothpaste even!) and free of any other chemicals, preservatives, colours etc!  My complexion bars are designed to deeply clean your skin ( perfect to remove make up too) WITHOUT leaving your face horribly tight and dry! they last a very long time and are a fraction of the price of store bought facial cleansers.”.

Ingredients for Cocoa Cream Dream: Saponified Olive Oil, Cocoa Butter and Castor Bean Oil. “Perfect for face, baby, and sensitive skin.

Ingredients for Milk and Honey: Saponified Pure Olive Oil, Coconut oil, Fresh Goats Milk, Cocoa Butter, Manuka Honey, Castor Bean Oil, Beeswax.

Unsure on ingredients of the Tea Tree and Rosemary – does have small chunks of rosemary in it though, looks very nice!

Honey ‘n’ Spice can also be contacted on, and they make a range of other handmade products.

My thoughts:

Pros: Very, very cleansing. Wow. Only a tiny bit is used, so lasts a very long time. Great quality ingredients at a very reasonable price. Rosie from Honey ‘n’ Spice was friendly and professional. Not tested on animals, handcrafted, made in New Zealand.

Cons: When using gently, and only a tiny bit, makes my skin squeaky clean. Literally – and I don’t really like that feeling. I definitely needed a good moisturiser afterwards. They don’t make my skin feel dry, but it does make it feel quite tingly and tight. I have quite sensitive skin, and these complexion bars didn’t feel gentle enough for me.

Overall, I really love the concept, and I am glad I bought these, but would hesitate to purchase again. I think they are fabulous soaps, but even though the ingredients were wonderful, I just found them too strong for my face. That said, since a period of stress last year pretty much every cleanser has made my skin dry or tight or bright red, so it’s probably just me!I do think they would be great if you had oily skin, rather than super sensitive like I do.