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Purple Glitterbomb time with OPI DS Temptation – pic heavy

My mother bought OPI Designer Series Temptation, and let me try it on. Temptation is a mixed purple and blue glitter in a blue base. This is three dabbed coats, and you do have to dab it, it will not spread on like normal polish, even though the glitter is quite fine. After the careful dabbing it was still sheer in places at tips, you can see the blue base in patches in these photos. I added one coat of Orly In A Snap topcoat, this was still a bit gritty after that. Dry time was moderately good.



One coat Kleancolor Starry Purple ($3 from Coin Save, utter love!)

Bottle shot of Starry Purple..

One coat Rokk96 Sequin

One coat Kleancolor Chunky Holo Purple; this is so hard to photograph. In real life the colour shift is really strong, but I could only show a glimmer of green in this blurry photo.

One coat Australis Speck-tacular

One coat Orly Sec’n’Dry

Super smooth and blingy now! Photos are pulling much more blue – this is PURPLE. red/violet purple. A heap of depth (actual physical depth, these are thick polishes all layered up like this) and interest – sort of Orly Fowl Play-ish, but much lighter purple.

This photo was the closest to the real colour I could get.. so pretty. I did like how blingy it was, that was appealing! It took me a year to take off though, but I was expecting that with all the glitters 🙂 I did like the DS Temptation much better with the glitter overlays, even just the Kleancolor Starry Purple.

Color Cosmetic 19 – Swatch and Nail Art

CR nail polish (from the Dollar Shop for $2 each) is a weird little brand. You can never guess what colours will be there, and what it will actually look like on the nail. More fun, says me. Lately there has been a run of shimmery metallic almost foil finishes, and number 19 here is no different.

It’s an apple green with a gold oversheen (they call this oversheen ‘flip’ in car paint. I think I’ll call it that, it has less letters than ‘oversheen’ hehe). It’s not a duochrome, you see both colours at all times. It’s a very spring-esque colour, I think. I also don’t follow trends – by choice as well as by budgetary necessity – so I’ll wear seasonal colours whenever I want 😀 These swatches are two coats over Revlon Color Stay base coat – and they dried fast, with only a few bubble on my pinky nail. No top coat here.

Please ignore the splitting nails! I dealt to them shortly after taking this photo – didn’t notice until the macro. Argh! 😀

I liked this colour on my far more than I thought I would! Something very fresh about it, and it didn’t give me lobster hands at all.

And… in a nice coincidence, the dotting tools I ordered off Ebay turned up! I blame Sugarmitten – she does magic with dots, and I think I’m hooked. I thought I’d try this with a variety of top coat effects, and see which I liked best.

So.. pinky nail had the Rokk96 Emerald shimmer – this was very subtle but had a nice effect (one coat). Then ring finger had rows of dots with Dreamy – the holographic top coat from Darling Diva Polish – this was also very subtle, but I really liked it too.

Then middle finger was Sticks and Stones by Cover Band (from Ninja Polish) – love love LOVE this – esp as the black bar glitter formed a twig pattern! There’s no way I could make it do that, but cute! Then I used ye olde dotting tool again to make flowers on my pointer nail – two goodish flowers and one Chernobyl Rose hehe. I think I liked this one best of all, talk about Spring-y! Its a nice day today, but we’re certainly falling into winter at great speed: this nail art makes me smile. The petals were China Glaze Make Some Noise, and the centres were Anna Sui 803. Ironic using a rose scented polish to make flowers with…

What are your favourites? I enjoyed this nail polish (and mucking around with the nail art) quite a lot. More than $2 worth, probably!

Layla Magneffect Purple Galaxy – Swatch

The final in the haul my sister C and mother bought me.. and it’s a beauty.  I’ve never used a magnetic polish before, and boy was I looking forward to this one!

Ooh blurry, sorry!

So easy! Ok, I *may* have touched the magnet to two nails on my right hand, but hey, it was my first attempt. And some of them I didn’t get as close to, so the lines aren’t as strong but… that had better not be complaining. If anyone is complaining I’m pulling over this blog RIGHT NOW and waiting until it stops, ok?! OK!


My cuticles are beyond horrible – I moisturise a million times and I can’t get on top of them, lately! Sorrrryyy!

This was two coats, they were moderately thick but applied really well. I did the first like a normal mani: paint-paint-paint, done. Then I went back for the second coat, did the little finger on my right hand, then immediately held the magnet (in the lid, you have to scrape off the polish on the brush well first or it runs down into the lid, no biggie though) and wait for 5 seconds (because I read instructions. It says 5 seconds on the back :D) and then move onto the next finger, so on. Yes, it took a fraction longer than a normal polish, but it was heaps of fun and had quite a dramatic result.

Look at the awesome blurry stripes!

I really like the effect! You can change the orientation of the lines depending on how you hold the magnet too. This slightly diagonal horizontal stiping makes my nails look long! Whoop! I’m so getting more of these.

Almost looks like a feather, seen up close.

Then of COURSE, I had to put something on the top, so I chose the ROKK96 polish with the purple and silver shimmer. One coat of that over the Purple Galaxy (awesome name, Layla!) and I really, REALLY liked this.

There was no top coat over this (scared of top coat now, after the Layla Ocean Rush fiasco), but this dried SO fast. Within 6 minutes I was around doing normal household stuff, and there are no dings. There is some tip wear today, so it won’t be a long wearing polish on me, but wow I love it.

These kinds of purples are my all time, hands down, favourite. They just suit me so well! Thanks heaps, my awesome family, for these gorgeous polishes. Whheeeeee! 😀

Quick Rokk96 on Black Swatch – bad photos!

My fantastic mother brought me two Rokk96 polishes back from her holiday, and I had to put them on straight away. I also knew that these were fairly sparse glitter in a clear base, and would take approximately 8,767,609,826,874,255,343 coats to become anything like opaque – at which point my hands would weigh 5 kgs each. So, when this happens, do you despair? No! You do not! You rejoice, as you have in your hands the perfect layering polish.

My camera is sad. It won’t focus properly. I apologise for the terrible photos, and I’ll make it up later I promise! I used China Glaze Liquid Leather as the base colour (two coats), and it ended up with tip wear overnight. Sigh. Beautiful black, cr*ppily short wear time. Then I put one coat of Sequin (the magenta polish) and Emerald (um, yes, the green!) over each other, on top of the black, and a top coat – L’Oreal Quick Dry.

And thats when I noticed – these aren’t a glitter polish at all, it’s a SHIMMER. The particles are very fine, very smooth, and very small. Not a microshimmer, but much smaller than I was expecting. I love this colour combination, it’s almost galactic over the black. The dry time was quick. Sequin also has fine silver shimmer, though it is predominantly purple – just gorgeous.

I can think of so many things to layer these over! How awesome. Thanks again, G, love you heaps and thank you for thinking of me on your holiday, and bringing me presents! Wheeee!

Awesome Australian Nail Haul from my Wonderful Family

My camera isn’t co-operating at ALL! However, here are the presents my mother bought me from Australia (she recently went to see Sister C in Melbourne) – so exciting!

See? What a haul! I’m so spoiled 😀

These are two nail polishes from Layla, which Sister C bought from me. Aren’t these completely awesome? The blue holographic is Ocean Rush, and the purple is Purple Galaxy, a MAGNETIC! Squeeee! I’ve wanted to try these for ages, so happy to get a chance to, now. 😀 Thanks heaps, C!

Then these two awesomeness’s are from my mother, and are a brand called Rokk96,  which I’ve never heard of. Fitting, because I haven’t seen polishes like these, either! They are both really fine shimmer/glitter (much more like a shimmer than a glitter) in a clear base – very very pretty. The green is called Emerald, and the magenta is called Sequin.

Then there was a gorgeous pair of silver earrings, they remind me of a waterfall. Stunning – and also from my gorgeous mother.

And a buffer – came with the Layla hologram effect polish, and a silver tube of glitter, which I have on my eyes today.

How exciting! I am really looking forward to trying all these, and feeling very happy to have family that know me well enough to get me nail polish, and to get me ones that I have NOTHING similar too. Big hugs, gorgeous girls, and thanks so very much.  🙂